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the board of education shall hold the office of secretary of the board of education for the remainder of the term for which he was elected clerk. The treasurer and the four commissioners shall hold their several offices for the terms for which they were respectively elected treasurer and assistant directors. The president, secretary and treasurer shall hold their respective offices for three years. The commissioners shall hold their respective offices for two years. SECTION 6. The board of education shall Powers of the have power to fill by appointment any vacancy cation. that may occur in its own number. The person appointed to fill a vacancy shall hold the office to which he was appointed until the next annual meeting. The office of any member shall be declared vacant and the board of education shall proceed to choose a successor to any member who shall be absent from regular meetings of the board four successive months without a satisfactory excuse. The members of the board shall take the official oath. A majority of the members of the board who have duly qualified shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but a smaller number may adjourn from time to time.

of committees.

SECTION 7. It shall be the duty of the board Appointment to appoint such committees as it may deem necessary for the convenient transaction of business, and define the duties thereof.

school books.

SECTION 8. The board of education shall Adoption of have power to adopt for use in the several publie schools in the district, suitable text-books, which shall be uniform, and when the board shall have adopted for use in the public schools for the district, any text-book or text-books, the same shall not be changed by the board for three years next thereafter; and the board shall require that the system of instruction in the seyeral public schools of the district shall be as nearly uniform as possible.

SECTION 9. The board shall adopt at its discretion, modify or repeal by-laws, rules and regulations for its own government, and for the or

board to alter laws, etc.

Powers of the

or repeal by

Appointment of superintendent of schools.

Powers and duties of the

ent defined.

ganization, discipline and management of the public schools of said district, and generally adopt such measures as shall promote the good order, uniformity of instruction and public utility of the said schools; provided, that such bylaws, rules and regulations shall not conflict with the constitution or the laws of the state.

SECTION 10. The board of education may ap point the principal or some other person superintendent of schools in said district; provided; that if the principal shall be appointed superintendent, he shall receive no salary for his services in addition to his salary as principal.

SECTION 11. The superintendent of schools superintend shall, under direction of the board of education have a general supervision of the public schools of the district, and the manner of conducting and grading them, and of the teachers. He shall in connection with a committee of the board, examine teachers, and grant certificates of the first, second and third grades according to law, which certificates shall be countersigned by the president and secretary of the board of education; and he shall also, by and with the consent of the board, classify and transfer teachers. Certificates issued under this section shall legally qualify the holders thereof to teach in the schools of the district. The superintendent shall also, in connection with a committee of the board, and subject to confirmation by the board, dismiss them for incompetency or inattention to duty, and he shall do and perform all such other duties as may be required by the board; provided, that in case of disagreement between himself and a committee, the school board may determine the matter by vote of the majority of all its qualified members.

Salary of superintend

by the board.

SECTION 12. The superintendent, if any other ent to be fixed person than the principal of the schools shall be so elected, shall receive a salary to be fixed by the board of education. Any person feeling himself aggrieved by any act of the superintend ent, may, within twenty days after the time of such act, appeal to the board of education, which

shall dispose of such appeal as may be deemed right.

ent may be

SECTION 13. The superintendent may be re- Superintendmoved from office for misdemeanor in office, in- removed by a competency or inattention to the duties of his majority vote. office, by a majority vote of the members of the board; provided, that notice in writing of charges against him and of the time and place of hearing and acting upon the same shall be served upon the accused, at least five days before the time of hearing and before any action shall be taken by the board thereon. And the accused shall be heard by himself or counsel, and either party shall produce witnesses, who shall be sworn to give testimony subject to the pains and penalties of perjury.

his duties,

SECTION 14. The secretary shall act as secre- Secretary, tary of the board of education and shall receive salary, etc. a salary, not exceeding one hundred dollars per annum, to be fixed by the board. It shall be his duty to attend the meetings of the board, to keep a record of the proceedings, and a full and fair account of all receipts and expenditures of the board, and to do and perform all such other duties as shall be required of him by said board. The secretary shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, execute a bond to the district in such form and penalty, and with such conditions as the board shall prescribe, with sureties to be approved by said board, which bond shall be filed with and kept in the office of the district treasurer. The secretary shall also take the annual enumeration of the children of school age in the district required by law, and shall at the same time collect such further statistics and information relating to schools and to the population entitled to school privileges in said district as may be directed and required by the board, and he shall receive for such service a compensation or fee of not to exceed two cents per capita upon the entire enumeration of persons between the ages of four and twenty residing in said district, to be audited by the board

Treasurer, his duties, etc.

Security may be required for faithful performance of duty.

Present high school to be maintained.

Rules and regulations

of teachers

and paid out of the funds provided for the support of the schools.

SECTION 15. The treasurer of the district shall, within ten days after his election, execute to the district and file with the clerk, a bond with sufficient sureties in double the amount, as nearly as can be ascertained, of all the money to come into his hands annually as treasurer, during his term of office, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office, and ap proved by the president and secretary.

SECTION 16. And the school board may require security to be given for the faithful performance of his duties by any officer or employe of the board, in such form and amount as the board shall deem best, and may at any time require of any officer or employe additional bonds and sureties, in its discretion.

SECTION 17. The board of education is hereby authorized and it shall be its duty, to maintain the high school now established in said district, as a free high school, and said high school shall in all respects be governed by the general laws of this state now in force relating to free high schools, excepting as otherwise herein provided.

SECTION 18. The board of education shall for government have power to make rules and regulations for and students. the government of teachers and students of all public schools within the district; to prescribe terms of admission; to determine the text books to be used; to fix the number of classes and the conditions of graduation, and all other matters relating to the management of said public schools. The board of education shall report to the district, at the annual school meeting, the amount of money required for the support of all the public schools in said district including the high school, for the next fiscal year.

Money to be paid to the district treasurer.

SECTION 19. All money received by, or raised in the district for school purposes, shall be paid over to the district treasurer to be disbursed by him on the orders of the secretary of the board, countersigned by the president. The board of education shall be governed in all things by the

school laws of the state, except as they are altered or modified by this act. They shall report at the annual meeting the amount of school moneys raised or received during the year, and from what sources, and the accounts allowed by them against the school fund in detail, together with such other information as they may deem useful. Said board of education shall also have and exercise all the powers conferred by law upon school district boards which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this act.


SECTION 20. All acts and parts of act contra- Repealing vening the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.

SECTION 21. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and publication.

Approved April 16, 1897.

No. 582, A.]

[Published April 17, 1897.


AN ACT to amend section 788, of the revised statutes of the state of Wisconsin, relating to special town meetings.

The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows:

special town


SECTION 1. Section 788, of the revised stat- Relating to utes is hereby amended by adding to the end of meetings, what said section the following: No matter voted may be acted upon or decided at any such special town meeting, shall be acted upon in any subsequent special town meeting held in such town prior to the time for holding the next annual town meeting.

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