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[No. 9, S.]


Resolved, by the senate, the assemby concurring, that the regents of the university of Wisconsin be requested to furnish to the legislature, as early as practicable, the number of professors, assistant professors, instructors and all other people employed by the university, together with the salaries of each such professor and employe. Also the number of students receiving instructions from each professor, the number of recitations each one hears, and hours of instruction given, together with the total receipts and expenditures of the university item by item and for what purpose made, for the year ended December 31st, 1896.

[No. 11, S.]


For the appointment of a joint committee to investigate and report on the condition of the executive mansion. Whereas, In pursuance of chapter 324, laws of 1885, the state purchased an executive residence which has since that time been occupied by the governor, and

Whereas, Such residence is in a very bad state of repair, and absolutely needs expenditures for improvements, in order to make it suitable for the purposes intended, therefore;

Be it resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring: That a joint committee of five, consisting of two on the part of the senate, and three on the part of the assembly be appointed to take the subject matter of this resolution into careful consideration by an inspection of the prem ises, to the end that the legislature may be informed as to the needs and necessities of the executive residence. and the improvements and expenditures necessary to be made to render it a fit abiding place for the governor and his family, and to report their conclusions to the legisla ture at as early day as practicable.

[No. 14, S.]


Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring: Whereas, The Torrey bankruptcy bill has already passed the house of representatives of the United States, and now awaits the favorable action of the senate to become a law; and

Whereas, We believe this measure if enacted will in all respects afford adequate relief and protection which the nation at this time stands greatly in need of; and

Whereas, We also believe that a national bankrupt law is a great necessity to the business interests of our country, and that the enactment of such a law will, to a great extent, militate against the present unsettled condition of financial and commercial affairs, and will bring about a stability in such relations which will be hailed with universal approbation; and

Whereas, We further believe that a failure to enact this measure will involve indefinite delay in the adoption of a general bankruptcy law, and will operate disas trously upon trade, commerce and business generally;

Therefore, be it resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, that the representatives of Wisconsin in congress of the United States, be and they hereby are respectfully requested to use their best efforts to secure the passage of the Torrey bankruptcy bill now pending in the senate of the United States, at the earliest possible time; and

Resolved, further, that copies of this preamble and resolutions be forwarded to each of the representatives from Wisconsin in congress.

[No. 22, S.]


Whereas, A bill has been introduced into the senate, providing for an appropriation for the erection of additional buildings at the Wisconsin Veterans' Home at Waupaca, and

Whereas, Another bill has been introduced authoriz ing the board of directors of the Wisconsin Veteran's Home, at Waupaca, with the approval of the governor, to lease the Downer college property at Fox Lake, for the purpose of establishing a branch Veterans' Home, therefore,

Resolved, by the senate, the assembly concurring, that a joint committee, consisting of three from the senate and four from the assembly, be appointed with instructions to visit the Waupaca Home and the Downer College prop erty at Fox Lake, without expense to the state, and to carefully inquire into the present necessities and condi tion of the home and its probable future necessities, and to make such recommendations as to an additional building at Waupaca, or about the advisability of leasing the Downer college property, as in their judgment may best provide for the deserving veterans of the war and to best. protect the interests of the state.

[No. 10, S.]


Whereas, At the biennial session of the legislature of this state for the year 1895, an amendment to the consti tution of this state was proposed and agreed to by a midjority of the members elected to each of the two houses.

which proposed amendment was in the following language: "Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring: That section 7, article VII., of the constitution of the state of Wisconsin relating to circuit courts be amended so as to read as follows: 'Section 7. For each circuit there shall be chosen by the qualified electors thereof one circuit judge, except that in any circuit composed of one county only, which county shall contain a population, according to the last state or United States. census, of one hundred thousand inhabitants or over, the legislature may from time to time authorize additional circuit judges to be chosen. Every circuit judge shall reside in the circuit for which he is elected, and shall hold his office for such term and receive such compensation as the legislature shall prescribe.""

Resolved, by the senate, the assembly concurring, that the foregoing proposed amendment to the constitution of the state of Wisconsin be and the same is agreed to by this legislature.

[No. 21, S.]


Relative to the semi-centennial of the admission of Wisconsin into the Union.

Resolved, by the senate, the assembly concurring: That the governor be and hereby is requested to issue his proclamation recommending to the people of the state that they suitably celebrate the admission of the state of Wisconsin into the Union; such celebration to be held in their respective counties, on the 28th or 30th day of May, A. D. 1898; and to form societies in each county for the collection and preservation of all documents or matters of historic interest, and all statistical information of value concerning the growth and development of local educational or industrial interests.

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Whereas, Since the last session of the legislature, death has removed from our midst General Lucius Fairchild, who departed this life on the 23rd day of May, 1896, therefore,

Resolved, by the senate, the assembly concurring, that in the death of this eminent citizen, the state of Wiscon sin sustains the loss of one of her noblest sons and the country one of its bravest defenders. His gallant service as a soldier is forever linked with our proudest memories of the late civil war. His services to Wisconsin as secre tary of state and governor are a record of unsullied honor, unfailing devotion to duty and commanding executive ability. His services to the United States as a represen tative to foreign countries, as consul to Liverpool, as consul general at Paris, as minister-resident at Madrid,reflected honor upon his countrymen, for in his high character, his loyalty to duty, his kindness of heart, and winning personality, he exemplified the nobility, frankness, and dignity of the American gentleman.

Resolved, That we tender to the bereaved family of the honored dead, our most earnest expressions of sympathy, assuring them that all the people of Wisconsin mourn with them the loss of one so universally known and loved.

Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions, signed by the presiding officers and clerks of the senate and assem bly, be presented to the family of General Fairchild.

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