Acts of First- Philippine Legislature

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1908

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Página 169 - The officer may break open any outer or inner door or window of a house, or any part of a house, or anything therein, to execute the warrant, if, after notice of his authority and purpose, he is refused admittance.
Página 144 - After said assembly shall have convened and organized, all the legislative power heretofore conferred on the Philippine Commission in all that part of said islands not inhabited by Moros or other non-Christian tribes shall be vested in a legislature consisting of two houses — the Philippine Commission and the Philippine Assembly.
Página 53 - Islands by purchase under the provisions of sections sixty-three and sixty-four of the Act of Congress approved July first, nineteen hundred and two...
Página 147 - Constitution providing for the election of United States Senators by direct vote of the people, and we favor direct legislation wherever practicable.
Página 169 - It may be issued upon either of- the following grounds : ' 1. When the property was stolen or embezzled ; in which case, it may be taken, on the warrant, from any house or other place in which it is concealed, or from the possession of the person by whom it was stolen or embezzled, or of any other person in whose possession it may be ; 2. When it was used as the means of committing a, felony...
Página 169 - CD (or in the house situated , describing it or any other place to be searched, with reasonable particularity, as the case may be) for the following property: (describing it with reasonable particularity); and if you find the same or any part thereof, to bring it forthwith before me at (stating the place). Given under my hand, and dated this day of , AD eighteen [nineteen] . EF, justice of the peace (or as the case may be).
Página 165 - ... who, having organs of sense, can perceive, and, perceiving, can make known their perceptions to others, may be witnesses. Therefore, neither parties nor other persons who have an interest in the event of an action or proceeding are excluded; nor those who have been convicted of crime; nor persons on account of their opinions on matters of religious belief; although in every case the credibility of the witness may be drawn in question...
Página 100 - Persons appointed by the Governor-General with the advice and consent of the Philippine Commission, unless otherwise specifically provided by law.
Página 65 - ... on payment of ten dollars, he or she shall thereupon be permitted to enter the quantity of land specified: Provided, however, That no certificate shall be given or patent issued therefor until the expiration of five years from the date of such entry; and if, at the expiration of such time, or at any time within two years thereafter, the person making such entry; or, if he be dead, his widow; or in case of her death...
Página 129 - Where after the commencement of this Act personal injury is caused to a workman (1.) By reason of any defect in the condition of the ways, works, machinery, or plant connected with or used in the business of the employer...

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