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in Grace," The Homiletic Quarterly, 1879.

"Christ Demanding

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THE attempt to offer some sketch of the character and work of the author of the Literary Remains, published in this volume, need not involve much biographical detail. His life was simple and uneventful. Its incidents were, for the most part, such as were of interest and significance for few beyond a narrow circle. It would be in harmony neither with the tenor of his own life, one of singular reserve and reticence, nor with the feelings of those who are most directly concerned themselves, and most able to judge of his own wishes, to encumber the picture of his public work with the trivial details which are too often allowed to overload biographies. But the leading facts of his life may be fitly given, to suggest the forces by which that character was shaped, and the circumstances under which that work was done. And one or two critical periods may be dwelt upon somewhat more fully, as being not of merely personal interest, but as also throwing no little light upon features in the history of the Christian church on either side of the Border, which many at the present day probably fail to realize.

Thomas Campbell Finlayson was born in Glasgow on 5th February, 1836. His father, Thomas Finlayson, was a manufacturer in that city, subsequently

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