Industrial Society in England Towards the End of the Eighteenth Century

Macmillan, 1925 - 343 páginas

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Página 14 - Making of any manner of new Manufactures within this Realm, to the true and first Inventor and Inventors of such Manufactures, which others at the Time of Making such Letters...
Página 40 - ... some one very simple object. It is naturally to be expected, therefore, that some one or other of those who are employed in each particular branch of labour should soon find out easier and readier methods of performing their own particular work, wherever the nature of it admits of such improvement.
Página 40 - I shall only observe, therefore, that the invention of all those machines by which labour is so much facilitated and abridged seems to have been originally owing to the division of labour.
Página 40 - In the progress of society, philosophy or speculation becomes, like every other employment, the principal or sole trade and occupation of a particular class of citizens. Like every other employment too, it is subdivided into a great number of different branches...
Página 301 - Svo, 2s. 6d. Correspondence between the Right Honble. William Pitt and Charles Duke of Rutland, Lord - Lieutenant of Ireland, 1781-1787. With Introductory Note by JOHN DUKE OF RUTLAND.
Página 233 - But the law has upon many occasions attempted to raise the wages of curates, and for the dignity of the church, to oblige .the rectors of parishes to give them more than the wretched maintenance which they themselves might be willing to accept of. And in both...
Página 87 - The traveller who visits [Birmingham] once in six months supposes himself well acquainted with her, but he may chance to find a street of houses in the autumn, where he saw his horse at grass in the spring.
Página 261 - A REVIEW of some of the POLITICAL EVENTS which have occurred in MANCHESTER during the LAST FIVE YEARS...
Página 67 - Pilkingtons themselves had been put into possession of their neighbours' property for precisely similar reasons, after a previous defeat of the Lancastrian party by the adherents of the house of York. Some remains of the castle existed in relatively recent times. Aikin, in his "Description of the country from thirty " to forty miles round Manchester...
Página 294 - MEDICAL SERIES. No. I. SKETCHES OF THE LIVES AND WORK OF THE HONORARY MEDICAL STAFF OF THE ROYAL INFIRMARY. From its foundation in 1752 to 1830, when it became the Royal Infirmary.

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