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To amend the Second Section of an Act entitled "An Act concerning County Judges" passed April 4th, 1854.

[Approved April 30, 1855]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The Second Section of an Act entitled "An Act con- Section 2 cerning County Judges," passed April 4th, 1854, is hereby amended amended. so as to read as follows.

SEC. 2. No County Warrant shall be issued in payment or part Residence of County Judge. payment of his salary, nor shall any portion of his salary be paid to any County Judge, who does not reside at the County Seat of the County of which he is the acting County Judge; provided, that the Proviso. provisions of this Act shall not extend to the Counties of Yolo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Plumas, Tulare, Yuba and San Diego.



To Regulate the Fire Department of the City of San Francisco.

[Approved April 30, 1855.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The President and Secretary of the Fire Department Administer oath. shall in all business relating thereto have power to administer oath and affirmation.

SEC. 2. The Secretary of the Fire Department shall be ex-officio Secretary. Fire Warden, and shall have a yearly salary of eighteen hundred Salary. dollars, payable monthly out of the Fire Department Fund.


SEC. 3. The officers of a Company shall consist of a Foreman, Conpan and at least one Assistant Foreman, a Secretary and a Treasurer. It shall require at least twenty-five persons, twenty-one years of age to compose a company, all of whom must have signed the constitution Admission of the same previous to their petition for admission, and they shall forward a copy of their Constitution, together with the names of

of Company.

Engine, &c.


ation. Notice of Secretary.

their officers and men and their residences, the situation in which they wish to locate, and a petition for admission into the Fire Deparment,to the Board of Delegates, whose duty it shall be to determine whether such addition is required by the Department. Whenever the Board by a majority vote of all its members shall decide to recommend the admission of a company, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Board, to forward to the Common Council, a certificate of such recommendation together with the petition of the company, the Constitution of the same, the names of the Officers and men, and their residences and location desired. If such recommendation shall receive the approval of the Common Council, the company shall be declared admitted into the Fire Department and shall be furnished with an engine or fire apparatus and a house for receiving the same, by the city. And no petition for the admission of any company shall be entertained by the Common Council until it shall have received the recommendation of the Board of Delegates.

SEC. 4. Whenever an Engine or Hook and Ladder Company by reason of deaths, resignations or expulsions, shall have reduced its roll to less than twenty-five certificate members, and a Hose Company to less than fifteen certificate members; it shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify the Chief Engineer, and the Foreman of Report of Chief. the company, of the fact. At the first regular meeting of the Board after such notice has been given, it shall be the duty of the Chief Engineer to report to that body the condition of such company, and the Board shall then declare whether such company shall be disbanded or continue in the Fire Department, to be decided by a majority vote of the members composing the same.


of Board.


for Chief.

Assistant engineers.


SEC. 5. There shall be an election annually on the first Monday of December for Chief Engineer, and First, Second, and Third Assistant Engineers. Said election to be called by the Mayor, by giving ten days notice in two or more of the daily newspapers, and held at such place as the Board of Delegates may designate; the polls to be kept open from nine o'clock, A. M., until five o'clock P. M., under the inspection of three Judges each from a different company, to be Plurality elects. appointed by the Board of Delegates. The person having the highest number of votes for Chief Engineer shall be declared elected. For Assistant Engineer the three persons having the highest number of votes shall be declared elected, and shall rank as follows: the person having the highest number of votes shall be the First Assistant Engineer. The person receiving the next highest number of votes shall be the Second Assistant Engineer. The person having the next highest number of votes shall be the Third Assistant Engineer. When a vacancy occurs in the office of the Chief Engineer, the Mayor shall call an election as herein before provided to fill such vacancy, but when a vacancy occurs in the office of First or Second Assistant Engineer, the office [officer] next below in rank shall take the vacant office, and an election shall be ordered as above to fill the vacancy in the lower office. All contested elections for Engineers shall be decided by a vote of the Board, and should a tie vote occur in the office of Assistant Engineer, the rank of the same shall be decided by a vote of the Board. The election term for each Engineer shall be for one year or until his successor is elected and qualified. The Judges of the aforenamed election shall have power to administer, and examine voters, under oath. The salary of the Chief Engineer shall be five thousand dollars per annum, and that of the Assistant Engineers, (who shall,

How filled.

Contested elections.

Term of office.

Power of


be ex-officio Fire Wardens) shall be one thousand eight hundred dol

lars per annum.

SEC. 6. Each and every Company shall, at its stated meeting in Delegates. October in every year elect two of its members as Delegates to the

Board of Delegates of the Fire Department; which Board shall con

sist of two representatives from each Fire Company. They shall Power of Board. make laws for the government of the Fire Department, and all laws made by them shall be binding on every company and member of the Department; and any Engineer, Company, Officer, or Member of the Penalty. Department who shall violate any of said laws, or who shall refuse to obey the lawful orders of the Chief or other Engineer, shall upon complaint, be tried by the Board, and if found guilty, be censured, suspended, removed from office, or expelled from the Fire Depart

ment, as the judgment of the Board may direct. They shall examine Further power. the returns and declare the result of all Engineer's elections, and give them their certificates of office.


SEC. 7. The Common Council shall have sole power to order work Work and and supplies for the Fire Department. All proposals for the same Proposals. shall be opened by the Chief Engineer in presence of a majority of the Committee on Fire and Water, of the Common Council, and by them without unreasonable delay, [be] awarded to the lowest responsible bidder or bidders. All work done for, and supplies furnished said Supervision Department, shall be under the supervision of the Chief Engineer, and he shall certify all bills for such work and supplies.

of Chief.

SEC. 8. The Chief Engineer shall report to the Common Council Report of Chief. quarterly, in the months of January, April, July and October, the number, location, and condition of cisterns, fire engines, and other fire apparatus, and the state of fire company houses, and all property of the city in the keeping of said Department. Also, all accidents by fire that may have taken place in the city, with the causes thereof, as well as they can be ascertained, and a description of the property destroyed or injured, with the names of the owners of the same. Also, such other information and such recommendations as he may deem proper.

SEC. 9. The Chief Engineer is hereby empowered to appoint a Clerk. Clerk at a yearly salary of eighteen hundred dollars, payable monthly salary. out of the Fire Department Fund.

SEC. 10. The Board of Delegates shall, at their stated meeting in Bell ringers. December of each year, elect three persons to serve as Bell Ringers of the City Hall bell, who shall be governed by such rules as the Board may prescribe; and for a violation of the same, shall be amenable to the Board. Said Bell Ringers shall have a yearly salary [of] eighteen, hundred dollars each, payable monthly out of the Fire Department Fund.



SEC. 11. All fines collected under all fire ordinances shall be appropriated to the Fire Deparment Charitable Fund. They shall be paid How to the City Treasurer, who is hereby authorized and instructed to Appropriated. pay over the same to the Treasurer of the Fire Department Charitable Fund Association, taking his receipt therefor, which receipt shall be deposited into the office of the City Controller.


Creation of





Supplementary to, and amendatory of, an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the Sale of the Interest of the State of California, in the Property within the Water Line Front of the City of San Francisco, as defined in and by the Act entitled An Act to provide for the Disposition of Certain Property of the State of California, passed March 26th, 1851," passed May 18th, 1853.

This bill having been returned by the Governor with his objections thereto, and, after a reconsideration. having passed both houses by the constitutional majority, it has become a law, this 1st day of May, A. D. 1855.

W. W. STOW, Speaker of the Assembly.
SAMUEL PURDY, President of the Senate.

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The Governor, Secretary of State, and Controller of State, are hereby appointed a Board, whose duty it shall be (when in their opinion the same may be deemed expedient) to advertise and dispose of the interest of the State, in all property authorized to be sold under the Act entitled an Act to provide for the Sale of the Interest of the State of California, in the property within the water line front of the city of San Francisco, as defined in and by the Act entitled An Act to provide for the Disposition of Certain Property of the State of California, passed March twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, passed May eighteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, and yet remaining unsold.

SEC. 2. The said Board shall supersede the Commissioners apTo supersede Commissioners. pointed under said Act, from and after the time when the official term of said Commissioners shall expire by law; and they shall discharge all the duties imposed on said Commissioners by attending to and closing all business connected with the sale and disposition of said property.


SEC. 3. It shall be lawful for said Board to appoint an Agent and Clerk from time to time, for such length of time as they may think proper, or to authorize one of their own members to attend all Duty of agent. sales; and it shall be the duty of said Agent so authorized to make all collections, receive payments in cash, or the civil warrants of the Controller of State, and pay the same over to the Treasurer on the warrant of the Controller; and discharge such other duties as may be assigned him by said Board.

Treasurer of State.

Notice of sale.

Bond of agent.

SEC. 4. The Treasurer of State shall not be required to attend said sales, nor shall he receive any of the proceeds arising from sales heretofore or hereafter made, except as they may be paid over to him by the person, and in the manner provided in the third section, of this Act.

SEC. 5. The said Board shall not be required to give more than fifteen days' notice of any sale.

SEC. 6. The said Board shall also require their Agent to give bond and security to the State, for the faithful performance of his

duties; which bond shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State.

SEC. 7. All the necessary contingent expenses of the Board, in- Pay. cluding the pay of the Clerk and Agent, which said pay for either, shall not exceed ten dollars per day, for each day of actual service; and the charges for advertising and printing, shall be paid out of the Advertising. proceeds of the sales by the Board, and the same shall be accounted

No compensa

for in their annual report; but the members of the Board shall receive no compensation for their services, other than for necessary tion for Board. expenses.

to deliver. & c.

SEC. 8. The existing Board of Land Commissioners, at the expir-Commissioners ation of their term, as limited by law, shall deliver over to the Board constituted by this Act, all books and papers relating to their office.



To authorize the Supervisors of the County of Alameda to re-assess the Taxable Property upon which the Taxes remained unpaid in said County for the year eighteen hundred and fifty-four.

[Approved May 2, 1855.]

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and
Assembly do enact as follows:

SECTION 1. The Board of Supervisors of the county of Alameda Duty of Board. are hereby authorized and directed, at any legal meeting of said Board, to re-assess the taxes remaining unpaid upon the taxable property of said county for the year eighteen hundred and fifty-four, upon the same property, and cause the same to be placed upon the assessment roll of the present year, in separate lines immediately under the assessment of the taxes of the present year, on each item of property How marked. respectively, and to be marked re-assessed for unpaid taxes for eighteen hundred and fifty-four.

SEC. 2. The taxes provided to be re-assessed by the first section Taxes. of this Act shall be collected in the same manner, for the same compen- Compensation. sation, and be in all respects subject to the existing laws, as near as may be in relation to the taxes of the present year.


SEC. 3. All moneys to be collected under the provisions of this Moneys Act, belonging to the county of Alameda, may be applied by the Board of Supervisors of said county to the purpose of improving the navigation of the San Antonio Creek, and removing the bar from the mouth of the same.

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