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The Bible for Young People.

By Dr. H. Oort and Dr. J. Hooykaas.

A Critical, Historical, and Religious Handbook to the Old and New Testament. A most valuable work for all students of the Bible. Translated from the Dutch by the Rev. P. H. Wicksteed, M. A. 6 vols. Cloth 22/-.


Vol. 1. The Generations before Moses. 316 pp., 3/6.
From Moses to David. 402 pp., 3/6.


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From Josiah to the Maccabees. 308 pp., 3/6.

The Narratives of the New Testament. 458 pp., 4/-.
Jesus, his Death and afterwards.

529 pp., 4/-.

[The Volumes are also sold separately.]

"It is eminently sensible and popular in form, and the style of the English translation is clear and simple. Its information is abreast of the most advanced thought and research; but its erudition is not obtruded, and never introduced in a way to form any difficulty to the most simple or unlearned reader."-Scotsman.

"In recent popular theology, one of our most important books is Mr. Philip Wicksteed's excellent translation of Dr. OORT's 'Bible for Young People.' How it would have rejoiced Goethe, whose early partiality for Genesis is well known to see such delicate sympathy with the beautiful legends of the Israelites, coupled with such genuine but lightlyworn learning, and uncompromising loyalty to the moral sense of our times." Westminster Review.

"It treats the Bible much in the same way that Dr. Arnold treated Roman history, giving at the beginning of each chapter the 'legend' with which we are all familiar, then the criticism of it, and finally vindicating its title to a place in the instruction of the young by drawing such moral and religious lessons as seem to flow from the result thus obtained. All this is extremely well and attractively done, and young people who take it up are likely enough to be fascinated by it. It brings the discussions of foreign scholarship for the first time in an easy and accessible form before the general English public; and it is one of the many indications continually pressing upon us that these subjects can no longer be safely ignored in the public teaching of the church."-Guardian.


Biblical Manuals.

Edited by Prof. J. Estlin Carpenter, M.A.


"They are among the first of their kind, and they meet a real want.".. Nineteenth Century.

Life in Palestine when Jesus Lived. By Professor J. E. Carpenter, M.A. Third edition. Cloth 1/-.

The Method of Creation. By Rev. H. W. Crosskey, LL.D. Second edition. Cloth 1/-.

Chapters on Job for Young Readers. By Rev. G. Vance Smith, D.D. Cloth 1/-.

The Epistles to Philippians and Philemon. By Rev. V. D. Davis, B.A. Cloth 1/6.

The Story of Jeremiah and his Times. By Harriet Johnson. Cloth 1/6.

The Prophecies of the Captivity (Isaiah xl.-lxvi.). By Rev. R. T. Herford, B.A. Cloth 1/6.

The First Three Gospels: their Origin and Relations. By Prof. J. Estlin Carpenter, M.A. Cloth 3/6.

The Epistle of Paul to the Galatians. By Principal Drummond, M.A., LL.D. Cloth 1/6.

Uniform with the above.

The Childhood of Jesus.

edition. Cloth 1/6.

By Rev. W. C. Gannett. Second

Lesson Notes for Teachers.

A Series of Small Handbooks..

1. Ten Lessons on Religion. By Rev. Charles Beard, LL.D. Price 1d.

2. Lessons for Little Boys. By Mary Dendy.

Price 2d.

3. Lessons on the Growth of Moral and Spiritual Ideas. By Rev. P. H. Wicksteed, M.A. Price 4d.

4. Lessons on the Title Page and Table of Contents of an English Bible. By Rev. F. E. Millson. Limp cloth 8d. 5. In the Home: a Study of Duties. By Rev. W. C. Gannett.

Price 3d.

6. Outline Lessons in Religion. By Rev. R. A. Armstrong,


B.A. Price 6d.

Talks about the Sunday Services. Ry Rev. F. E, Millson.

Price 3d.


The Three Stages of a Bible's Life. By Rev. W. C. Gannett.
Sewed 4d., limp cloth 8d.



Annual Publications.

Young Days. The Yearly Volume contains 144 pages of Stories, Poetry, &c., with many illustrations, making the book a : very desirable Present for Children. Illustrated boards, price 1/6, cloth gilt 2/-.

The Sunday School Helper.

The Yearly Volume is handsomely bound in cloth, lettered, 288 pp., price 2/6. A most useful Present to a Teacher.

The Essex Hall Class Register. In Cartridge covers, 16 pp., price Twopence. Containing Calendar for current year; Hints and Suggestions to Teachers; List of Suitable ClassBooks; Memoranda, &c. The Register is dated and divided for the Four Quarters of the Year, with columns for totals. The Essex Hall Sheet Almanac. With Portraits, Illustrations, and a quantity of interesting and useful information. Price One Penny. Special terms for quantities.

The Essex Hall "Motto Card." Beautiful new design on good cards, 7 by 4 in., with Text, neatly printed. One Penny each, 50 for 4-, 100 for 7/-, postage extra. A very suitable New Year's Card for Teachers and Parents to present to their children.

The Smaller "Motto Card." Suitable for quite young children and Bands of Hope. Neat Designs, with Text. 6d. a

packet of 10, postage extra.

The Essex Hall Year Book. Issued annually, contains a Register of Unitarian, Free Christian, and other Non-subscribing Churches, with their Ministers, Sunday School Superintendents, along with brief articles, and other useful information regarding Associations, Colleges, Trust Funds, &c. Price 6d.

NOTE. The following Lists may be had post free :

A. Registers and School Requisites.

B. Reward Cards, Wall Texts, &c.


Photographs, Engravings, and Etchings.

D. Library and Class Books.

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The Sunday School Association.

(Founded 1833.)


Treasurer: W. BLAKE ODGERS, ESQ., M.A., LL.D.

Hon. Secs.:

I. M. WADE, Esq.

Business Manager: MR. B. C. HARE.


(1) The Objects of the Association are (a) the publication of suitable Books for Sunday Schools, and (b) the promotion generally of Sunday School Education.

(2) The Qualifications for individual Members of this Association shall be an annual subscription of not less than 5/-, or a life donation of not less than £5. Individuals, Schools, or Societies subscribing a guinea a year and upwards are entitled to a copy of every new book actually printed and published by the Association during the year for which the subscription is paid.

(3) District Societies, whose objects are similar, which contribute One Guinea and upwards, annually, to the Association, shall be thereby deemed to be affiliated to it, and each shall have the right of appointing a Delegate to represent it at all Committee Meetings. and enjoy all the rights and privileges of Members of the Association.

(4) Schools contributing 5/- and upwards, annually, to the Association shall be considered Members, and shall have the right of sending a Representative to all the General Meetings, and shall be able to procure publications at reduced rates.

(5) Officers shall consist of a President, Treasurer, Secretary, a Delegate from each affiliated Society, and a Committee of ten other persons, to be elected at the Annual Meeting, of whom two, viz., those two who shall have given the least attendance at the meetings during the year, shall be ineligible for one year; and in case of an equal number of attendances, the ineligibility to be determined by lot. Each affiliated Society desiring to be represented by a delegate shall, at least one month before the Annual Meeting of this Association, notify the name and address of such delegate to the Secretary of this Association; and if any fresh delegate shall be appointed during the year, the fact shall be duly notified to the said Secretary. (6) The Annual Meeting of the Association is held at Whitsuntide, at which the Committee present a report of their proceedings during the past year and a statement of the Accounts of the Association.

(7) All Subscriptions are payable in advance, and become due on the 1st of January, and Members whose subscriptions are unpaid are not entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Association.

FOR THE SCHOOL AND THE FAMILY, Published by the Sunday School Association.


A Monthly Magazine for the promotion of Liberal Religion in the Sunday School and the Home.


A single copy sent post free for Twelve months for 2s. 6d.


"It is actually what it purports to be: a means of much benefit to Parents, Teachers and Scholars. The contents are admirably selected and well written, and the Volume should certainly prove a source of much interest and instruction to all who are engaged in Sunday School work."-Bookseller.

"Contains a great variety of short and useful articles."-Christian Life. "Here we get some excellent hints for Teachers, embracing, we are glad to see, a large variety of subjects."-Spectator.

"Contains a deal of sensible, intelligent matter."-Manchester Guardian. "Affords instruction for teachers, of a very high order."-Literary World. "Written in a bright, lively and entertaining style. There is none of the dreariness in it that is generally to be found in books of the kind."

School Board Chronicle.

"The numbers bound together form quite a library, in which stories for the younger children are happily combined with biographical sketches and Bible lessons for the older ones; and helpful papers on religious education for teachers and parents."--Christian Register.

"It is ably conducted, and can boast a greater variety of interesting topics than most similar publications."-Nonconformist.

"A Magazine which seems to be all its name implies. The tone is earnest, thoughtful, and devotional."-Unity.

Annual Volumes tastefully bound in cloth, 288 pp., 2/6 each.


An Illustrated Magazine for Young Children.

Yearly volumes in illustrated boards, 1/6, cloth, 2/-. Each volume is profusely illustrated, and contains numerous stories, and miscellaneous articles and anecdotes, specially suitable for young people.

SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, Essex Hall, Essex St., Strand, W.C.

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