Gaillard's Medical Journal and the American Medical Weekly, Volumen12

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Las opiniones no están verificadas, pero Google revisa que no haya contenido falso y lo quita si lo identifica
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Página 17 - Francisco, in 1871, by the emphatic vote of 83 to 26, refused to so amend the constitution as to admit delegates from colleges in which women are taught and graduated in medicine, and from hospitals in which women, graduates in medicine, attend.
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Página 689 - Ever since reading, some ten or twelve years ago, Dr. Stroud's remarkable treatise On the Physical Cause of the Death of Christ, I have been strongly impressed with the belief that the views which he adopted and maintained on this subject are fundamentally correct. Nor has this opinion been in any way altered by a perusal of some later observations published on the same question, both here and on the Continent. " That the immediate cause of the Death of our blessed Saviour was — speaking medically...
Página 656 - The preparation used in all cases where the tumor can, with safety, be reached externally, is made in the following way : Asbestos, as soft and free from grit as possible, is reduced by rubbing between the hands to the finest possible fleecy powder. It is then mixed thoroughly with three times its own weight of strong sulphuric acid (S Os HO).

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