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(self immolation) and calling to danger, bringing out to the full the joy of fellowship in a cause. ("The Foreseeable Future" by Sir George Thomson.)

This call to high adventure can be kept within limits so that only those who wish to engage in it are involved. The property or lives of those who are not concerned need not be affected. There is, of course, the question of whether these latter should pay the taxes for such a mighty undertaking. This is a matter of national policy to be thoroughly discussed in a democracy. To be sure, free and unlimited energy will eventually reduce the costs.

In this adventure into Space, the two most warlike powers in the world, the United States and the Soviet Union are happily vying in relentless competition. There is a great desire by the Chinese to get in on the adventure.* If they can be safely allowed to do so, there racial paranoia would melt away. (Cp. C. W. Yost) I predict that as the powers contend in this new and absorbing field, war will be relegated into the limbo of the past. We can anticipate furthermore, that the rivalry between the powers will melt into cooperation as they see the task assumes such colossal proportions that it demands the surplus energies of all Mankind.

So all of you who do not want war should press for this high adventure. Then your hopes and prayers will be sustained. But in God's name and for Humanity's sake, make certain that the remedy is not worse than the malady; that those who have a compulsion to glory and self-destruction confine the destruction to themselves, that instinctive sadism is dealt with, that the multifarious other compulsions, instincts, manias, psychoses of the human race causing war and catastrophe are eliminated, diverted, or satisfied, thus banishing one of the dread Four Horsemen forever and forever!

For the Lord works in fearful and mysterious ways His wonders to perform.

Revised January 20, 1961 2nd Revision May 17, 1962

Mention of the Chinese brings up the population excess. This is a concomitant cause of war, which requires separate treatment, of course. I presume that having vast reserves of population could be very useful in this cold-blooded expansion into the limitless void.

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Education of children, and adults, has historically been concerned with the past and the present, but not with the future up to now. To do so would have required clairvoyance beyond human predictive capacity, but the gap between what we could do and what we should do in the field of education can be narrowed. Indeed, it must be! It must make us cognizant of what lies ahead.

An extensive body of knowledge has been built up by the universities, NASA, other branches of government and industries such as those involved in computers and aerospace. This must be put to use in preparing the coming generation for a future that is intrinsically bound to space and to a greater understanding of the role of man in the Universe. We must learn what phenomona beyond life are in our solar system, meta-galaxy and universe, and we must relate this knowledge to our understanding of the environment here on earth.

This is a king-size order and not one to be accomplished completely in any individual span of life. But as we have learned from our earth-bound experiences, what we wish to achieve 10,20, or 30 years hence we must plan forthwith. Those who are the participants in current planning and execution will be beneficiaries in the short-term rewards derived from acting now to confirm the future. Our proposal implies this.


We have a single-minded purpose in submitting this proposal; but we are certain the results that could be achieved range far beyond our immediate objective. We want to raise funds to do the planning necessary to build a "Universe Room" a panorama that would synchronize a planetarium, audio-visual presentations and simulation techniques. The beholder within the Universe Room would become poignantly conscious of the splendor of space and of its far-reaching implications, an enduring educational experience.


The educational aspect of our proposal is emphasized because it constitutes the central theme: to provide a greater understanding and capacity to cope with our Earth environment by making use of our knowledge about spece by dissecting the requisite skills to perform in space into the educational components necessary to achieve them. In other words, the Universe Room will provide an environment for a wholly new and essential educational curriculum.


Our proposal is directed to the immediate planning tasks necessary to initiate design and construction of the prototypical "Universe Room" but our overall objectives are much more ambitious. We would eventually replicate many of the expensive components of the proto-type in mobile form for the transport to other universe rooms. These rooms would be in schools and universities in other cities and towns around the country, and even around the world.


Our approach is quite simple. We have developed a resident staff of sufficient size to do the initial planning and research necessary to accumulate and synthesize the body of knowledge that now exists, to contract with industry,and employ consultants in specific communications, arts and technological areas in which we would not need permanent staff, but would make maximum use of existing government, university, and industrial sources to achieve our objective.

To start the initial phase of planning we estimate that a commitment of one hundred and sixty thousand dollars will be required for the first nine months of operation. The result of the planning will provide a basis for subsequent cost estimates for a sustained operation.


The room space would be designed so that a multiplicity of educational functions could be accomplished within the basic structure: a historama of eras including previous forms of life on earth up to the present time; an "envirama" portraying the current state of our existence; and a "futurama" showing

the alternative futures that will confront us and future generations.


The short term goal is to make the Univere Room functional, profitable and self-sustaining. Beyond this, however, there remains a vast array of educational tools to be developed and applied: panaramic projections to set forth the scene to precede educational experiencesñ programmed learning textural and visual presentations; and virtually an infinity of comparable elements that would contribute to the educational experience. We want either to produce them, contract to others for their production or establish a franchising arrangement for marketing them.

A proposal of The Friends of Man in Space.

William C. Moore

Director of Programs

International University Foundation
1819 H Street N.W.
Washington D.C. 20006

Telephone 202 293-1456

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