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a journal of forecasts, trends and ideas about the future.

Editer. Edward S. Cornish
Assistant Editor: Jerry Richardson
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T Gay (Utopian Ralph Hamil (General). Barbare Hub
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Martine Technological Forecasting). Hoy Mason
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(Technological Trends)

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Peter Zuckerman

THE FUTURIST is published bimonthly by the World Puture Society An Association for the Study of Alternative Futures. The Society is a nonprofit educatives and scientific organization founded in 1966 Article in Society publications reflect the views of their authors or persons qusted The Society acts as an impartial clearinghouse for a variety of different views and does not take portions on what will happen or should happen in the future.

Directors Arnold Barach, Executive Editor. Changing Times Magazine; Orville L. Preeman, President, Busines International Corporation, Barbara Hubbard, Organizing Director, Committee for the Future: Sel M. Linewis Senior Partner, Coudert Brothers, formerly Chairman of the Board. The Xerus Corporation, Carl H. Madden. Professor of Economics American University, formerly Chief Economist, Chamber of Commerce of the US Michael Michaelis, Senior Consultant, Arthur D Little, Ins: Glenn T Seaborg, University Professor of Chemistry. University of California at Berkeley, formerly Chairman, US Atomic Energy Commisinn: Rowan A Wakefield. Principal, Wakefield Washington Asociates Inc, for merly Vice President, Aspen Institute.

Officers: Edward S. Cornish, President; Frank Snowden Hopkins Vice President. Peter Zuckerman, Secretary Treasurer, William C Moore, General Counsel Halla B Vail, Audio Chairman: Harry T Pratchett, Director of Development; Frank Snowden Hopkins. Director of Chapter Services. Gregs Edwards, Director of Profes sional Activities, Howard F Didsbury Jr., Director of Special Studies

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Susan Echard. Joan H. Albrecht. Bock Service-Julia
Larson (Director). Virginia Kerney Administration-
Sarah Oglesby.

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East 74th Street. Apt 4, New York, New York 10021.
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Mankind now is on the verge of colonizing the moon certain planets, asteroids, and huge artificial "islands" in space. Without proper safeguards, the result may be an era of space wars and piracy.

291 The Making of a Futurist Film by Marc Chinoy

A motion picture producer tells about the innovations he used to describe on film the study of the future.

295 The Circus and Future Shock

by William R. George and Stan Mulford

Circus people are constantly exposed to transience, novelty, and diversity -the things that are supposed to give you "future shock. To keep their sanity, they have adopted techniques that could be used by others.

303 The Coming Energy Transition

by Denis Hayes

Civilization can cope with a post-petroleum" world-if strong action is taken to conserve energy and to develop solar and other power sources based on natural energy flows.

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Front Cover: A view of the "Garden Earth" set built for the motion picture Toward the Future This issue of THE FUTURIST includes an article about the production of this futuristic film

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Thank you for the opportunity to present testimony from the B'nai B'rith Energy Committee of Maryland for the January 1978 Committee on Science and Technology Hearing on Future Space Programs. Enclosed is the testimony and the abstract for publication in the records of the hearing.

Respectfully yours,

Bruce Friedman

Bruce Friedman, Chairman
B'nai B'rith Energy Committee
of the State of Maryland



Born June 21, 1939, Brooklyn, New York. Graduated Brooklyn, College, Brooklyn, New York, June 1960, B. S., Physics. Graduated Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, Ph. D., January, 1969, Physics. From July 1967 to January 1970, worked in Naval Applied Science Laboratory, Brooklyn, New York. Most of the time between that job and my reporting to my present job at the David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center, Annapolis, Maryland in September, 1974, I worked at the American Institute of Physics, New York, New York. Here in the Annapolis R and D center, most of my time has been spent in the Pollution Abatement Division.

Abstract of Testimony for the January 1978 Committee on
Science and Technology

Hearing on Future Space Programs from

Dr. Bruce Friedman, Chairman of the

B'nai B'rith Energy Committee of Maryland

The B'nai B'rith Energy Committee of Maryland feels that an aggressive space industrialization effort by the United States of America is of compelling importance. The Energy Committee strongly urges that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) budget be increased annually by 20% for every year of the ten year period commencing with FY 1979 in order to allow NASA to vigorously develop space-based energy and energy-related options. Further, the Energy Committee unequivocally supports House Concurrent Resolutions 451 and 447 with their request for an assessment "of developing as a national goal for the year 2000 the first manned structures in space for the conversion of solar energy and other extraterrestrial resources to the peaceable and practical use of human beings everywhere."

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