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Washington, D.C. The committee met, pursuant to notice, at 10:10 a.m., in room 2318, Rayburn House Office Building, Hon. Don Fuqua presiding.

Mr. Fuqua. According to paragraph E, subtitle 1, the committee may permit by a majority vote hearings and meetings which are open to the public to be covered in whole or in part by television, radio, or still photography, or any other method of coverage. Without objection, said coverage will be permitted.

We regret that because of flu the chairman of the committee is not up to par and sends his regrets because he is not able to be here. He has asked that his regrets be expressed.

We are pleased today to welcome to the committee G. Harry Stine, George Jeffs, and Charles Sheffield. Our discussions this morning will focus on the future opportunities and prospects for a strong space program.

The past two decades of space exploration and operations have given us the tools to let us use space to the ever-increasing benefit of our Nation and the people of the world. What is required is the will to undertake such effort and a roadmap to set goals. It is the objective of these hearings to begin to formulate such a program for our Nation. We welcome as our first witness Mr. G. Harry Stine, author of "The Third Industrial Revolution.” Mr. Stine is an engineer and writer who has increasingly devoted his attention to the useful applications of space. Following Mr. Stine we will hear from Mr. George Jeffs, president, space operations, Rockwell International, and Mr. Charles Sheffield, vice president, Earth Satellite Corp.

We are very happy to have you here, Mr. Stine, and will you please proceed. [The prepared statement of G. Harry Stine follows:]



616 West Frier Drive

Phoenix, Arizona 85021



Submitted to

The Committee on Science and Technology

0.s. House of Representatives

January 24, 1978

Copyright 1978

by G. Harry Stine

Rights to use by the United States

government here by granted.

Illustrations courtesy
Science Applications, Inc.


G. Harry Stine is an engineer, a futurist, and a science

writer. He received his B.A. in physics from Colorado College

in 1952 and went immediately to work at white Sands Proving

Ground in New Mexico. He has been associated with astronautics

for over a quarter of a century. He is the author of twenty
books on science, technology, and astronautics, including
"The Third Industrial Revolution," published in 1975 by

G. P. Putnam's Sons in New York. This is the first and only

book about space industrialization published to date. As early

as 1957, he was involved in forecasting and planning studies

for future space programs. He has performed future studies for

the Hudson Institute, the Institute for the Future, Booz Allen

Applied Research, Inc., and Science Applications, Inc. He was science consultant to CBS-TV News Special Events for Apollo-11 and 18 consultant to the National Air and Space Museum of the

Smithsonian Institution. He is a Fellow of the Explorers Club

and the British Interplanetary Society, an Associate Fellow of

the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a member

of the New York Academy of Sciences, and the Chairman of the Committee on Pyrotechnics of the National Fire Protection Association. He has been a private pilot since 1946 and owns

his own aircraft. He has seen the space program from many

vantage points as a civil service engineer, engineer for an

aerospace firm, president of the first company to manufacture

model rockets for the hobby trade, manager of an industrial

research laboratory, and marketing manager for a non-aerospace instrument manufacturing firm. He is now a consultant in the

field of high technology marketing and 18 one of the prime

consultants on the NASA space industrialization study being conducted under contract by Science Applications, Inc. Ten years ago on the Tenth Anniversary of the launching of

Explorer-I, he was awarded a silver medal by the Association

of the United States Army as one of fifty American space pioneers. He resides at 616 West Prier Drive, Phoenix,

Arizona 85021.

# # #


The opinions and recommendations stated herein are

those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views,

opinions, or policies of any organization to which he serves as a consultant, contractor, or volunteer.

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