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of $175 from Mr. J. Q. A. Brackett, Meeting of March 23, 1896.' Treasurer of the Wendell Phillips The Treasurer reported the receipt Memorial Association, to be added to of $100 from Mr. Thornton K. Lothrop, the Wendell Phillips Memorial Schol- to be used towards the payment of arship Fund, and the same was grate- salaries for instruction in the Slavic fully accepted.

languages, and the same was grateVoted that the thanks of the Presi- fully accepted. dent and Fellows be sent to Mr. James Voted on recommendation of the A. Garland for his second quarterly Faculty of the Dental School that payment of $750, for the year 1895– from the beginning of the academic 96, towards salaries in the department year, 1896–97, the tuition-fee of stuof Architecture.

dents in the Dental School be $150 The Treasurer reported the receipt for the third year, and $50 for each of $500 from Mr. John C. Ropes, to subsequent year, except for persons be used towards the payment of who are now members of the School. salaries for instruction in the Slavic Voted to appoint Francis Cleaveland languages, and the same was grate- Huntington, A. M., LL. B., Lecturer fully accepted.

on Pleading and Practice under the The President submitted a letter New York Code of Civil Procedure, from Professor Charles S. Minot of- until Sept. 1, 1896. fering to pay to the University $100 Voted to appoint George Rublee, to be used in securing a table at A. B., LL. B., Instructor in Contracts the Marine Biological Laboratory at until Sept. 1, 1896. Wood's Hole, for an investigator dur- Voted to appoint Leo Weiner Ining the season of 1896, the appointment structor in the Slavic Languages for to be made by the Faculty of the one year from Sept. 1, 1896. Medical School, and said offer was Voted to reappoint the following gratefully accepted.

Instructors for one year from Sept. 1, Voted to grant the request of Assist- 1896 : John Cummings, Ph. D., in ant Professor Edward Channing for Political Economy ; Maurice Whitteleave of absence for the academic more Mather, Ph. D., in Latin. year 1896–97, in accordance with the Voted to appoint the following Inrules established by this Board May structors for one year from Sept. 1, 31, 1880.

1896 : James Edwin Lough, A. M., Voted to appoint Professor Edmund in Experimental Psychology ; Hugo Burke Delabarre Director of the Psy- Richard Meyer, A. M., in Political chological Laboratory for 1896-97. Economy ; Clyde Augustus Duniway,

Voted to appoint Charles Palache, A. M., in History ; Charles Eugene Ph. D., Instructor in Mineralogy for Ozanne, A. M., in History. one year from Sept. 1, 1896.

Voted to appoint Frank Russell, Voted to appoint the following S. B., Assistant in Anthropology, for Proctors to Sept. 1, 1896 : Frank one year from Sept. 1, 1896. Lowell Kennedy, A. B., Albert Mor- The following vote of the Faculty ton Lythgoe, A. B.

of Arts and Sciences was received : Voted that the laboratory fee in “ Voted to ask the Corporation and Hygiene I be fixed at $5, from the Overseers to take such action as may beginning of the current half year. give graduates of the Lawrence Scien

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tific School, the right to vote in the History of Greece and Rome, for one election of Overseers on the same year from Sept. 1, 1896. terms as are laid down for graduates Voted to appoint George Andrew of the College."

Reisner, Ph. D., Instructor in Semitic

Languages, for one year from Sept. 1, Meeting of March 30, 1896. 1896. Voted that the thanks of the Presi- Voted to appoint Macy Millmore dent and Fellows be sent to Mrs. Skinner, A. M., Assistant in Semitic Henry Draper, of New York, for her Languages, for one year from Sept. 1, additional gift of $833.33 received 1896. March 26, 1896, towards the expenses at the Observatory of Harvard Uni- Meeting of April 8, 1896. versity, on account of the Draper Voted to appoint J. Winthrop PlatMemorial.

ner Assistant Professor of EcclesiasVoted to grant leave of absence to tical History, for five years from Sept. Professor Münsterberg for the year 1, 1896. 1896–97.

Voted to appoint the following InVoted to reappoint John George structors for one year from Sept. 1, Jack Lecturer at the Arnold Arbore- 1896 : Robert De Courcy Ward, A. tum, for the calendar year 1896. M., in Climatology ; Thomas Alford

Voted to appoint Charles Montague Fox, in Architectural Drawing. Bakewell, A. M., Instructor in Phi- Voted to appoint John Allyn Gade, losophy, for one year from Sept. 1, A. B., Assistant in Architecture, for 1896.

one year from Sept. 1, 1896.

Voted to reappoint Cyrus Gurnsey Meeting of April 1, 1896.

Pringle Botanical Collector, for the Voted that the President be re- year 1896. quested to communicate to the Board of Overseers at their meeting of April Meeting of April 13, 1896. 1, 1896, the death of Martin Brimmer, The Treasurer reported the receipt a Fellow of the Corporation, and to of $600 from Mrs. C. M. Barnard, ask that the President and Fellows being her thirteenth annual payment may have the consent of the Overseers for the Warren H. Cudworth scholarto proceed to the election of a Fellow ships, and the same was gratefully in his place. The consent of the accepted. Board of Overseers having been ob- The Treasurer reported that he had tained, — Voted to proceed to the received through Mr. Archibald Cary election of a Fellow of the Corpora- Coolidge, from an anonymous giver, tion in place of Martin Brimmer, the sum of $5,000, to be used for the deceased, whereupon a ballot being teaching of the Slavic Languages, had, it appeared that Arthur Tracy especially Russian, and this generous Cabot, A. M., M. D., was chosen. gift was gratefully accepted. Voted to communicate this election to The Treasurer reported that he had the Board of Overseers, that they may received through Professor Charles S. consent thereto if they see fit.

Minot the sum of $825, subscribed by Voted to reappoint George Willis several persons for the use of the Botsford, Ph. D., Instructor in the Department of Histology and Embry

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ology, and the same was gratefully Bussey Institution. E. W. Bowditch, accepted.

A. P. Loring, J. S. Russell, F. H. Ap

pleton, W. H. Forbes, R. A. Lawrence. Meeting of April 18, 1896.

Library. G. E. Adams, S. A. Green, The Treasurer reported the receipt C. F. Adams, Stephen Salisbury, C. C. of $37,897.14 from Mr. Alfred Bow- Smith, G. W. Wales, Julius Dexter, ditch, trustee under the will of Joseph Elihu Chauncey, S. A. B. Abbott. Eveleth, being the amount of Mr. Observatory. T. J. Coolidge, G. O. Eveleth's residuary bequest “unto the Shattuck, C. R. Codman, E. P. Seaver, President and Fellows of Harvard Simon Newcomb, J. C. Palfrey, R. T. College, as a fund for aiding desery- Paine, C. F. Choate, F. 0. Prince, F. ing and indigent young men in obtain- H. Peabody, C. P. Bowditch, G. I. ing an education in said College, or Alden. any of the Schools connected there- Botanic Garden and Herbarium. with,” and the same was gratefully Henry Lee, H. H. Hunnewell, Augusaccepted.

tus Lowell, G. G. Kennedy, G. W.

Hammond, N. T. Kidder, N. C. Nash, BOARD OF OVERSEERS.

G. A. Nickerson, David Pingree, J.

L. Gardner, E. V. R. Thayer, E. H. COMMITTEES, 1896.

Abbot. Elections. G. O. Shattuck, Edmund Museum of Comparative Zoology. C. Wetmore, H. H. Sprague, R. M. F. Folsom, Theodore Roosevelt, A. L. Morse, Moorfield Storey.

Lowell, Louis Cabot, F. L. Higginson, Reports and Resolutions. Moses Wil- A. T. Cabot, D. L. Pickman, Wm. liams, Frances Rawle, Augustus Hem- Brewster. enway, A. T. Lyman, E. P. Seaver, Peabody Museum. Augustus HemW. A. Bancroft, C. F. Adams. enway, C. P. Bowditch, H. W. Haynes,

J. W. Fewkes, C. J. Blake, C. B. Departments.

Moore, G. A. Nickerson. Divinity School. A. T. Lyman, Wm. Arnold Arboretum. T. L. Livermore, Lawrence, F. B. Hornbrook, Alexan- S. M. Weld, Walter Hunnewell, G. der McKenzie, C. F. Dole, G. S. Hale, W. Vanderbilt, H. G. Russell, M. K. A. M. Howe, Bradley Gilman. Jessup, C. F. Sprague.

Law School. C. J. Bonaparte, C. Lawrence Scientific School. R. S. C. Beaman, J. C. Carter, R. M. Morse, Peabody, Morrill Wyman, E. C. Robert Grant, L. D. Brandeis, J. B. Clarke, E. D. Leavitt, John Lawrence, Warner, H. W. Putnam.

A. L. Rotch, C. H. Manning, G. H. Medical and Dental Schools. G. B. Gardner. Shattuck, H. H. Sprague, S. A. Green, Physical Laboratory and Department C. F. Folsom, Morrill Wyman, J. S. of Physics. Francis Blake, Edmund Billings, W. S. Bigelow, G. von L. Wetmore, T. J. Coolidge, Elihu ThomMeyer.

son, E. D. Leavitt, W. H. Forbes, F. Veterinary School. G. G. Crocker, P. Fish. Augustus Hemenway, T. A. Dodge, Chemical Laboratory. S. M. Weld, A. S. Bigelow, L. G. Burnham, G. G. Wolcott Gibbs, Nathaniel Thayer, E. Kennedy, S. A. Hopkins, J. A. Beebe, D. Pearce, Alexander Cochrane, SamE. P. Beebe, E. D. Morgan.

uel Cabot.

Physical Training, Athletic Sports, Romance Philology. C. H. Grandand Sanitary Condition of all Buildings. gent, H. R. Lang, J. H. Smith. Augustus Hemenway, Robert Bacon, Philosophy. G. B. Dorr, W. S. BigTheodore Roosevelt, C. F. Adams, 2d, elow, R. H. Dana. G. W. Weld, R. F. Clark, Edwin Political Economy. A. T. Lyman, Farnham, M. H. Richardson, Wm. Henry Lee, T. J. Coolidge, J. L. GardHooper.

ner, Howard Stockton. University Chapel. A. T. Lyman, Ancient History, Mediaeval History, William Lawrence, F. H. Johnson, W. and Roman Law. H. H. Sprague, W. H. Fish, Jr., G. A. Gordon, E. C. E. Russell, A. L. Lowell, R. F. Sturgis. Guild, H. N. Brown.

Modern History and International Treasurer's Accounts. Moses Wil- Law. Moorfield Storey, W. F. Wharliams, T. J. Coolidge, Robert Bacon, C. ton, J. S. Russell, J. B. Warner. H. Parker, I. M. Spelman, J. C. Rog- Fine Arts. R. S. Peabody, J. A. ers, J. L. Gardner, F. L. Higginson. Garland, E. M. Wheelwright, F. P.

Vinton, S. D. Warren, Edward RobCollege.

inson. Government. W. A. Bancroft, C. Music. H. A. Lamb, John Fiske, R. Codman, S. M. Weld, Moorfield Arthur Foote. Storey, Robert Grant, Gardiner M. Mathematics. B. A. Gould, G. V. Lane.

Leverett, C. P. Bowditch, S. C. Chan

dler. Courses of Instruction.

Botany. F. H. Peabody, Walter Semitic Languages. J. S. Schiff, Ste- Hunnewell, Walter Deane. phen Salisbury, George Wigglesworth, Zoology. C. J. Blake, Walter Isidor Straus.

Faxon, William Minot. Indo-iranian Languages. H. C. Geology. John Simpkins, Charles Warren, A. V. W. Jackson, E. J. Fairchild. Young. Classical Department. Gardiner M.

MARRIAGES. Lane, Prentiss Cummings, H. W. Haynes, Edmund Baylies, E. H. Ab- 1842. David Ralph Jaques to Elizabot, B. S. Ladd.

beth Hartshorne, at Rahway, English Literature. H. E. Scudder, N. J., March 3, 1894. Robert Grant, H. A. Clapp, C. E. L. 1866. Samuel Appleton Browne AbWingate.

bott to Maria Elizabeth Dexter, Composition and Rhetoric. C. F. at Rome, Italy, April 16, 1896. Adams, E. L. Godkin, G. R. Nutter. 1876. Henry Hobart Brown to Vir

German. Carl Schurz, C. E. Grin- ginia Cannell Whelen, at nell, H. W. Putnam.

June 17, 1895. French. H. G. Curtis, T. J. Cool- 1879. George West Jackson to Grace idge, Jr., Nathan Appleton.

Irving Whiting, at Boston, April Italian. C. H. Grandgent, W. R.

23, 1896. Thayer, T. W. Higginson.

1879. Martin Reiley Jacobs to VirSpanish. G. B. Shattuck, J. R. ginia Elizabeth Edmiston, at Coolidge, Samuel Eliot, Stephen Salis- Brownsville, Pa., March 18, bury.



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1882. Charles Francis Cutler to

Ethel Marie Wheeler, at Bos-
Martha W. Pope, at Boston, ton, April 28, 1896.
April 23, 1896.

1891. Frederick William Coburn to 1883. Alfred Church Lane to Susan Grace Alice Mollison Denton, at

Foster Lauriat, at Boston, April New York, Sept. 16, 1895.
15, 1896.

1891. Willard Reed to Ferdinanda 1883. Alfred Jerome Weston to Sophie Emilia Wesselhoeft, at CamW. de Suzzara-Verdi, at

bridge, March 28, 1896. June 6, 1891.

1892. Theodore Glover Bremer to 1885. Charles Frederic Carrier to Eleanor Brooks Almy, at Bos

Emily Hinckley Baker, at New ton, April 22, 1896.
York, April 8, 1896.

1892. George Purcell Costigan, Jr., to 1885. Francis Brinley Fogg to Eliza- Alice Maud Whittemore, at

beth Bransford, at Nashville, Cambridge, March 31, 1896. Tenn., April 8, 1896.

1892. Harris Fahnestock to Mabel 1886. Charles Philip Pinckard to Edith Metcalf, at New York, April

Augusta Brown, at Boston, April 16, 1896.
29, 1896.

1892. William Dana Orcutt to Louie 1886. Eben Richards to Perle Pierce, Thompson, at St. Louis, Mo., at St. Louis, April 15, 1896.

April 8, 1896. 1887. Walter Raymond Spalding to [1892.] Thomas Clifton Jenkins, to

Alexandrine Macomb Stanton, Clara Horton Shaw, at Cam

at New York, April 18, 1896. bridge, Feb. 18, 1896. 1888. Percy Chase to Marion Monks, [1892.] Frank McDonald to Maud at Brookline, April 14, 1896.

Goodridge, at Kansas City, Mo., 1889. Gurdon Saltonstall Howe to Dec. 4, 1895.

Dolores de Rivas, at New York, 1893. Albert Stokes Apsey to
April 30, 1896.

, at Cambridge, April 2, 1889. Edward Lincoln Jellinek to

1896. Louise Lauferty, at New York, 1895. George Crompton to Alice HastFeb. 5, 1896.

ings, at Boston, April 11, 1896. 1889. James Gore ing to Sarah 1895. Robert Wales Enimons, 2d, to

Elizabeth Erving, at New York, Helen Brooks, at Boston, Feb.
April 22, 1896.

5, 1896.
1889. Oliver Prescott, Jr., to Helen
Maria Bryant, at New Bedford,

NECROLOGY. Dec. 31, 1895. [1889.) Asa Everett Pervere to Alice

FEBRUARY 1 TO APRIL 30, 1896. Maude Huguley, at Brookline,

With some deaths of earlier date, not

previously recorded.
May 12, 1896.
1890. Philip Stanley Parker to Eleanor

Editor of the Quinquennial Catalogue.
Payson, at Brookline, April 29,

The College. 1890. Edward Stephen Rawson to 1831. John Hopkins Morison, S. T. D.,

Elizabeth Rogers, at New York, b. 25 July, 1808, at Peter-
April 7, 1896.

borough, N. H.; d. at Boston, 1890. Charles Winthrop Spencer to 26 April, 1896.


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