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cott, '58, president ; S. H. Durgin, m Skinner ; 1862. James Duncan Ross; '64; S. W. Abbott, m '62, vice-presi- 1863. William Dickson Knapp ; 1863. dents; Edwin Farnham, '66, secre- John Chisholm McLellan ; 1864. tary ; J. B. Field, '80, treasurer; J. James McGregor Campbell ; 1865. E. Clark, m '82, J. A. Gage, '79, W. John Thomas Cameron ; 1865. Charles P. Bowers, m '79, W. Y. Fox, m ’88, William Frederick Hamilton ; 1865. and W. H. Gove, '76, members of the Andrew McLaren ; 1866. Milledge executive committee.

Oakes ; 1867. Henry Thomas CorAt the annual meeting of the Ameri- bett; 1867. John Bryant Fisher ; can Physiological Society at Philadel- 1867. Thomas Shreve Jacobs ; 1867. phia, Dec. 26–28, papers were read by Thomas Charles

Leaver ; 1867. W. T. Porter and G. W. Fitz, m '91. Charles Worthy Perkins ; 1867. Ra

William A. Davis, of Brooklyn, has phael Provencher ; 1868. Edward modeled a portrait of the late Pro- Trne McRobert ; 1868. David Henry fessor J. P. Cooke, '49, which has been Norton ; 1869. Duncan Campbell ; placed in the University Museum at 1869. Abner Hodgson ; 1869. Francis Cambridge.

Gilbert Johnson ; 1869. William EdThe Council of the Royal Historical win Vail ; 1870. George Hill Smith ; Society of England have nominated for 1873. Francis Eugene Eaton ; 1877. election, at the next general meeting Benedict Fenwick Gorman. of the society, as corresponding mem

The Harvard Coöperative Society. bers, Professors Ashley and Gross. The following figures show the gain

Information Wanted for Harvard of the Society during the past two University. Address Francis H. years : Brown, M. D., 4 Exchange Place,

.$118,500 $136,000 Boston. The dates of death of the

..11,823 14,438 following graduates of the Harvard

..5,000 5,000 Medical School : - 1791. James Otis

..1,681 1,909 Prentiss ; 1793. John Baptiste Me- The shoemaking department is not nard ; 1798. Jonathan White ; 1819. included in the above. The growth William Vance ; 1822. Freedom Sea- during the present year has continued, ver ; 1826. George Mills Smith ; 1834. viz. :Edward Thomas Tremaine; 1846.

Business to Jan. 25, 1896. .$88,541.15 William Barton Nutter ; 1847. Sam- Business to Jan. 25, 1895.......83,498.02 uel Smith Drury ; 1847. Benjamin

Gain.... $5,043.13 Franklin Gilman ; 1848. Stephen Ful- Members to Jan. 25, 1896...........2204 ler Elliot ; 1848. Thomas Scott Rod- Members to Jan. 25, 1895...........1890 man ; 1849. George Dorr; 1849. Ed

Gain.........314 ward Kirby ; 1849. Ruford Allen The above figures do not include Prewitt; 1850. William Laighton ; shoe-mending department or Medical 1852. Henry Milton Cobb ; 1852. Branch. Although a branch at the John Whipple ; 1853. Pitkin Bolt- Medical School was started after the wood Rice ; 1854. Horatio Nelson term commenced and most of the Ballard ; 1857. James David Hoyl ; supplies had been bonght; the business 1858. Thomas Hill Gibby ; 1859. Jon- has amounted to over $3,000 or over athan Hugh Jamison ; 1861. John $1,000 per month there, in addition Davis Jones ; 1861. Joseph Crandall to the above statement.





same firm publish two unedited es

says by R. W. Emerson, '21, with an To avoid misunderstanding, the Editor begs introduction by Dr. E. E. Hale, '39. to state that copies of books by or about Harvard

Julian Hawthorne, ('66], won the men should be sent to the Magazine if a review is desired. In no other way can a complete reg. $10,000 prize offered by the New ister of Harvard publications be kept. Writers York Herald for the best serial novel. of articles in prominent periodicals are also re

J. E. A. Smith, the local historian quested to send to the Editor copies, or at least the titles, of their contributions. Except in rare of Pittsfield, has printed “The Poet instances, space will not permit mention of con- Among the Hills : Oliver Wendell tributions to the daily and weekly press.

Holmes in Berkshire, his Berkshire Prof. W. F. Ganong, '87, has re- Poems, some of them now first pubprinted from Bulletin No. 13 of the lished, with historic and descriptive New Brunswick Natural History So- Incidents concerning the Poems, the ciety the second part of “An Outline Poet, and his literary Neighbors." of Phytobiology."

The book is illustrated by portraits “ Historical and Other Papers, with and plates. Seven of his Sermons,” by the late

Prof. Jas. Geddes, '80, has printed Rev. Grindall Reynolds, + '47, has his address on “The College of To-day been printed. Copies ($2 each) may in its Relation to the Past and to the be obtained from Mrs. Alice Reynolds Future," delivered at the celebration Keyes, Concord; at the American Uni- of the quarter centennial of Boston tarian Association, 25 Beacon St., Bos- University, Oct. 19, 1895. ton, and at the Old Corner Bookstore, Sir Frederick Pollock, h '95, has Boston.

recently issued, in collaboration with The Law School Association have the Rev. Wm. Maitland, “The History issued in a handsome volume the Re- of English Law Before the Time of port of their ninth annual meeting. Edward I.” (Little, Brown & Co., It includes Sir Frederick Pollock's Boston.) oration, the speeches at the dinner, a Henry D. Sedgwick, Jr., ['82], has photogravure of Vinton's portrait of translated the letter from Capt. Dean Langdell, and the constitution Cuellar to Philip II dated Oct. 4, of the Association with a list of its 1589, which is printed as the first of a officers.

series of "Spanish Armada Tracts, Dr. Wm. H. Furness, '20, the Senior by G. H. Richmond & Co., New York. Alumnus, has printed for private dis- W. M. Griswold, '75, has completed tribution a volume containing his ad- a “ Descriptive List of Books for the dress on the Gospels, delivered at the Young,” which is published by him at Unitarian Conference in Washington, 25 Craigie St., Cambridge. D. C., last October, and six sermons, Dr. T. H. Shastid, '93, has published viz : Self-Abnegation, The Resurrec- a pamphlet entitled “A New Opera

: tion of Jesus, God is Love, A Glad tion for Chronic Catarrhal and Chronic Religion, Jesus and Christianity, Our Suppurative Deafness.” Troubles, God's Angels.

J. H. Sears, '89, has published The Goldfish of Granchimu, and “ The Governments of Today," an outother Peruvian Tales,” by C. F. Lum- line for the use of newspaper readers. mis, ['81], will soon be issued by (Meadville, Chautauquan - Century Lamson, Wolffe & Co., Boston. The Press.)



Robert S. Rantoul, '53, has printed proximate Analysis of the Use of Coal “A Memoir of Edmund B. Willson, t in an Edison Electric Station of the '43, Fifth President of the Essex In- Type Standard, about 1890.” stitute.” (Essex Institute : Salem.) In the American Journal of Numis

The Trustees of the Peabody Edu- matics for October, Dr. H. R. Storer, cation Fund have printed in pamphlet '50, concluded his list of " Medals and form the tribute to the late R. C. Tokens of Rhode Island” and continWinthrop, "28, which was presented ued his catalogue of “ Medals, Jetons, by a committee consisting of Chief and Tokens Illustrative of the Science Justice M. W. Fuller, L. S., '55, W. A. of Medicine." Courtenay, and Jos. H. Choate, '52. Dr. E. J. Young, '48, has printed in

“ The Midsummer of Italian Art,” pamphlet his tribute to the late 0. containing an examination of the B. Frothingham, '43, delivered at the works of Fra Angelico, Michael An- December meeting of the Mass. Hisgelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, torical Society. and Correggio, by Frank Preston N. H. Dole '74, has translated half Stearns, '67, was issued in November, a dozen short tales from the Italian of by Putnam, New York.

Giovanni Verga, and published them Benjamin C. Clark, '53, has re- in a volume entitled, “Under the printed "The Cordage Industry," Shadow of Etna." (Jos. Knight Co.) originally contributed by him to “The Dr. A. W. Roberts, '81, has edited Memorial Centennial of 100 years of “ Selected Lives from Cornelius NeAmerican Commerce.”

pos." (Ginn : Boston.) J. T. Hassam, '63, has reprinted To a new international magazine, from the Proceedings of the Mass. Cosmopolis, Henry Norman, '81, conHistorical Society an article on two tributes the English political review. manuscripts which belonged to the The following papers have been reRev. Henry Dunster, the first presi- printed from the Astrophysical Jourdent of Harvard College.

nal: “On the Forms of the Disks of From his contributions to the 10th Jupiter's Satellites,” by S. S. Bailey ; volume of the Journal of the Academy “Seven New Variable Stars," by M. of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Fleming, “A New Form of Stellar Clarence B. Moore, '73, has made Photometer," by Prof. E. C. Pickervolume of importance to American ing, s '65. archaeologists. He describes “ Certain Dr. C. M. Woodward, '60, has reRiver Mounds of Duval County, printed from the Proceedings of the Florida,” “ Two Sand Mounds on National Educational Association his Murphy Island,” and “Certain Sand report on “ The Relation of Technical Mounds of the Ocklawaha River." to Liberal Education.” The work is profusely illustrated. To the Northwestern Law Review

In the New England Historical and for December, E. A. Harriman, '88, Genealogical Register for January, Dr. contributed a paper on “ The Nature S. A. Green, '51, described “ Inscribed of Contractual ligation.” Powderhorns."

Horatio Hale, '37, has reprinted R. S. Hale, '91, has reprinted from from the Transactions of the Royal Sothe Journal of the Association of En- ciety of Canada (vol. I, section ii, gineering Societies his paper on “ Ap- second series), “An Iroquois Condol


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son, '76.

504 Literary Notes.

[March, ing Council : A Study of Aboriginal collected in a book entitled “ This Society and Government.” (John Goodly Frame, the Earth,” his experiDurie & Son: Ottawa ; Copp-Clark ences on a tour around the world last Co. : Toronto.)

year. Wm. Freeland, '81, has published an Algebra for preparatory school pu


E. A. Angell, 73, has issued in pamphlet “ The Taxation of Railways

American Historical Review. (Jan.) in Ohio.” He also, as chairman of a

Ferrand Mariinez and the Massacres of special committee of the Cleveland 1391,” H. C. Lea, h '90.

Annals of the American Academy. (Jan.) Chamber of Commerce, drew up a re

“The Nicaragua Canal and the Monroe port on “Taxation," which has been Doctrine,” L. M. Keasbey, '88 ; " Hisprinted for distribution.

tory of a Municipal Charter in Kentucky,” Dr. H. R. Storer, '50, has had pri- E. J. McDermott, l '76. vately printed his paper on “The Appletons' Popular Science Monthly. Medals and Tokens of Rhode Island,” Congress,” S. J. Barrows, t '75.

(Jan.) “The Fifth International Prison read before the Newport, R. I., His

Atlantic Monthly. (Dec.) “The Starytorical Society.

ing Time in Old Virginia," John Fiske, In celebration of its quarter-century '63. — (Feb.) “Unclaimed Estates," H. S. the New England Society of Orange, Everett, '55; “ Pirate Gold,” F. J. StimN. J., has printed the literary exercises delivered last spring, viz. : “ The Birth w. Jackson," by G. E. Woodberry, '77.

Century Magazine. (Jan.) “To A. N. of the Society," by W. P. Garrison, -(Feb.) Certain Worthies and Dames '61; “ Puritan Politics,” by Prof. A. of Old Maryland,” J. W. Palmer, '72; B. Hart, '80; "New England,”: “Nelson at Cape St. Vincent," A. T. poem, by F. L. Knowles, '96.

Mahan, h '95.

Charities Review. (Nov.) “UnitarianA. von W. Leslie, '94, has reprinted

ism and Philanthropy," F. G. Peabody, from Anglia (Sept., 1895) his mono

'69. — (Dec.) “Children of the State in graph, “ Was

Swift Married to Massachusetts,” F. B. Sanborn, '55. Stella ?” After an exhaustive exam- Chautauquan. (Dec.) “Intellectual Life ination of the evidence, he concludes of the American People,” C. F. Thwing, that there was no marriage.

*76. Dr. Thomas Fillebrown, d '69, has

Education. (Jan.) “B. A. and B, S.,"

F.S. Thomas, m '74. reprinted from Dental Cosmos for

Educational Review. (Dec.) College
December a description of "A New Entrance Requirements in History," A. B.
Apparatus for continuing Anesthesia Hart, '80.
while operating on or in the Mouth.”

Forum. (Dec.) “The Nature of LibThe Messrs. Scribner have recentlyerty," W. D. Howells, h '67; "Thomas B. issued a “Cyclopedia of Architecture dore Roosevelt, '80 ; “ The Ethics of Party

Reed and the Fifty-first Congress," Theoin Italy, Greece, and the Levant,” by Loyalty," G. W. Green, '76 ; “ Thomas W. P. P. Longfellow, '55, and “Do- Carlyle: His Work and Influence,” W. mesticated Animals ; Their Relation R. Thayer, '81 ; “ The Pilgrim Principle to Man and to his Advancement in and the Pilgrim Heritage," W. De W. Civilization,” by Prof. N. S. Shaler, Civilization in America,” C. E. Norton,

Hyde, °79. — (Feb.) “Some Aspects of

Our Monetary Programme," J. L. The Rev. Francis Tiffany, '47, has Laughlin, '73.

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Green Bag. (Dec.) “ Alexander Hamil- what evidence there may be towards a ton, the Lawyer,” A. O. Hall, L. S., '45. proof that Mars supports life, and with - (Jan.)

" The New Supreme Court Jus- this end in view the author proceeds tice, Rufus W. Peckham,” A. O. Hall, in what strikes one as logical fashion, L. S., '45. Harper's Magazine. (Jan.)

“ The with a foundation of solid, well-estabUnited States Naval Academy,” T. R. lished fact. The lines of the arguLounsbury, h '93. — (Feb.) “St. Clair's ment develop first that there is an Defeat,"' Theodore Roosevelt, '80. Lend a Hand. (Nov.). "The Winter Mars ; next, that there are changes in

atmosphere ; next that water exists on Campaign," “ Charities That Have Succeeded,” E. E. Hale, '39.

the tinting of the surface, and that North American Review. (Nov.) “Quick these are seasonal, a statement that Transit between New York and London,” depends entirely on the observations Austin Corbin, l '49; “What Becomes of made at Flagstaff ; and further that College Women?C. F. Thwing, '76. –

the canals, by their arrangement, (Dec.) “ The Last Gift of the Century,' N. S. Shaler, s '62 ; “Our Benefits from straightness, and other attributes, and the Nicaragua Canal,” A. S. White, 1'77. by their relation to the seasonal

Poet Lore. (Jan.) “ Accretions to the changes, indicate the activity of living Troy Myth after Homer,” W. C. Lawton, intelligence and that Mars seems to '73.

be inhabited. This whole line of reaQuarterly Journal of Economics. (Oct.) “The Employer's Place in Distribution,”

soning is presented in that pleasant F. W. Taussig, '79.

and entertaining style which is so Scribner's Magazine. (Jan.) “Water- characteristic of Mr. Lowell's writings, ways from the Ocean to the Lakes,” T.C. and the points are urged with such Clarke, '48.

enthusiasm as to leave no one in doubt

for a moment about his thorough beSHORT REVIEWS.

lief in all that is set forth. From the Mars. By Percival Lowell, '76. beginning to the end the story is most (Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston.) interesting, and at times entertaining, The brilliancy of Mars during two or for the author lends his bright humor three recent favorable oppositions has to enliven his narrative. But the been the cause for much public inter- reader may be tempted to inquire, est in the planet, and the demand for “What may be the scientific status of information has made evident the fact the book ?Here, alas, science must that our language has had heretofore with hold its verdict. The deductions no complete and trustworthy setting which Mr. Lowell has made may be forth of our knowledge of our neigh- correct, every one of them, but so far bor. This lack has been supplied in a

as a scientific consideration is conmost admirable way by Mr. Percival cerned, the volume does not furnish Lowell, who has assembled within the that evidence which an astronomer first thirty pages of his volume and at must have as the basis for an opinion. divers other points the sum of human The whole subject, so far as the porinformation about the planet. Upon tion dependent upon the Flagstaff obthis solid foundation he has reared a servations is concerned, is of the most superstructure of original deductions delicate nature ; it involves observabased on the work of his observatory tions at almost the limit of man's at Flagstaff, Arizona. The purpose vision ; it depends upon measurements of the volume is the presentation of of incredible minuteness, even for as

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