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By February they were reduced to two Richardson, I. e..

......8. e., Hedges

crews, Holden, I. t.

..r. t., De Silver Lloyd, 1. g.....

........ 8.,

Fairbanks, c.....

....C., Andrews
Boardman, 161.... Stroke..

. Sampson, 150 Jaffray, r. g.

Mills, 185..

...Farley, 152 Haughton, r. t..

... t., Horner
Thomson, 174........6.

.Coleman, 175 Cochrane, r. e.... ..1. e., Oglesby Perkins, 164..

Schlesinger, 156 Farley, q. b...

.q. b., Harrison
Whitbeck, 164..

.Beckwith, 176 Dayton, 1. h. b.... ..r. h. b., Johnson, Abrams

Marvin, 151..........3.

... Simons, 163 Adams, r. h. b..

...l. h. b., Fortescue
McDuffie, 160........2.

..Coonley, 162 Dibblee, f. b...

.......f. b., Morice

Dibblee, 148....... Bow..... ... Davis, 170 - Candidates for the 'Varsity crew

In response to a call for candidates were called out by the following no

for the Mott Haven, 150 men met in tice :

Upper Massachusetts Hall, Jan. 8.

Capt. Brewer, Mr. Lathrop, and G. The undersigned, having heard that there is an

B. Morison, '83, addressed the meetimpression prevalent among the students of Harvard University that, in order to make the 'Var- ing and outlined the work of the year. sity or class crews, it is necessary to be a member Training began immediately in the of some prominent society or club, or to come Gymnasium and on the board track. from Boston or vicinity, wish emphatically to

At the end of January, 230 men were contradict such reports or impressions, and now to assure all fellows who wish to row that they at work, of whom 37 were on the team will be given a full and fair trial, whether or not last year and 11 won points in the they are society or club men, and irrespective of

Dual League or Mott Haven games. where they come from.

Every one who is able is hereby heartily re- The latter were Captain Bremer, '96, quested to report to the captain at the Cary who won the low hurdles in Cambridge building on Jan. 4, 1896, at 4 P. M.

and New York ; E. Hollister, '97, JOHN R. BULLARD, Captain. R. C. WATSON, Coach.

who won the half mile in both places ;

W. H. Vincent, '98, who won the Practice at the sowing machines in quarter mile at New York, and took the Carey Building began immediately second place in the half mile and third and continued throughout January. irr the quarter at Cambridge ; C. J. Mr. Watson and Capt. Bullard then Paine, '97, who last year broke the decided to return to the old plan dual league record of 6 ft. f in. in the of rowing in the tank. On Jan. 17, high jump, and won third place at the number of candidates was reduced New York ; A. Stickney, '97, winner to sixteen men, who rowed in the fol- of second place in the broad jump at lowing order:

Cambridge and New York ; L. W.
Redpath, '98, winner of second place

in both sprints in the dual games ; Hollister........ Stroke..

.... Stillman Jennings

M. G. Gonterman, '96, winner of

.......A. Brewer Sprague .6.

Wheeler third place in the 100 yards at CamPerkins..

Chapman bridge ; W. W. Hoyt, '98, who won Stevenson.


first prize in the pole vault in the Yale

Moulton Bullard...

..Hayes games and second at New York; N. Goodrich......... Bow..

B. Marshall, L. S., winner of sec

ond place in the quarter mile at Cam– Ninety-four men answered the call bridge ; W. R. Mansfield, 98, winner for candidates for the Freshman crew. of third place in the quarter mile at







....... Hall

New York; J. D. Phillips, '97, who the Providence Athletic Club. On won third place in the walk at Cam- Dec. 27, a team composed of J. P. bridge and K. K. Kubli, L. S., winner Parker, '96, J. E. Hoffman, '96, and of third place in the shot put in the A. G. Thacher, '97, represented HarYale games. — The growing interest vard at an invitation tournament of in ice polo, this year, led to the for- the Racquet and Tennis Club of New mation of a 'Varsity Ice Polo Team York. Harvard won from the Twelfth and a Dual League with Brown Uni- Regimental team, but was defeated in versity. Brown won the first game of the finals by the Fencers' Club. — The the series, at Providence, Jan. 29, by a Cycling Association held its annual score of five goals to one. The teams ten-mile road race, Nov. 6. F. S. Elfollow:

liot, L. S., won from scratch in 29 m. 424 s., thus lowering the Harvard rec

ord for the course 1 m. 574 s., A. E. F. J. Goodridge, '98, r. (Capt.). ........,

Dacy, L. S., won the five-mile handiT. H. Clarkson, '99, r..

..I., Matteson E. Stevens, '98, c.......

.....C., Hunt cap road race held Nov. 22. C. H. E. F. Clark, 197, h. b.

...h. b., Jones Williams, '98, was second and F. B. C. E. Baldwin, '99, 8...

B., Watson Carter, '98, third. F. S. Elliot won

the first time prize, covering the course - The Fencing Club has begun an in 13 m. 45f s., H. H. Richards, '98, active season. H. Bowker, '98, won second, W. E. Putnam, '96, third. the annual Fall Handicap Tourna- Between the halves of the Harvardment for members of the club not on Pennsylvania football game, Nov. 23, the team. Professor Rondelle and J. the Newton Athletic Association deP. Parker, '96, gave an interesting feated a picked Harvard team in a exhibition, Dec. 13, at the opening of game of pushball.







fifty volumes, the work of past and present instructors in the School. A

few of the Blaschka glass models of Last spring, at the suggestion of flowers were on exhibition, and atsome of the Harvard graduates living tracted much attention. There were in the South, President Eliot decided also on exhibition photographs of men to send an exhibit from Harvard to the at work in various departments; Exposition at Atlanta. Each depart- photographs of athletes, and of Dr. Sarment of the University was represented gent's typical statues of the American by photographs, maps, charts, and dia- student, male and female, illustrating grams, showing the growth and pres- physical development; charts showent standing in number of students, ing the transmission of education in endowment, equipment, etc. The families ; a chart showing the comLaw School display was especially parative acreage of the Exposition good, comprising two hundred and grounds and the land occupied by the University, and another showing the had something to say about athletics. comparative floor spaces of the Exposi- Dr. Jones, now a professor in the tion buildings and the Harvard build- University of Georgia, who has not ings. The Harvard Southern Club was visited Cambridge and has seen only represented by its shingle and the two of his classmates since graduation club photographs taken since its or- in 1851, gave some entertaining remganization. The various pamphlets iniscences of his college days. Prof. published by the University were dis- Clarke, who had charge of the governtributed to visitors.

ment exhibit at the Exposition, Mr. Early in November, President Eliot Stone, and Dr. Cheney made interestvisited Atlanta. Inspired by his pres- ing speeches. There was much enthuence and the interest manifested in siasm, and the club's first dinner was the Harvard exhibit, the Harvard men a great success. of Atlanta organized a club on the Atlanta has followed the examples evening of November 11, with a mem- of New Orleans and Louisville in bership of twenty-two. The officers organizing a Harvard club. There are : H. M. Atkinson, ['84], president ; are comparatively few Harvard men W. H. Baldwin, Jr., '85, vice-presi- in the South, but it is to be hoped that dent; and S. N. Evins, L. S., '93, other clubs will be formed. One is secretary and treasurer. The mem- in contemplation at Montgomery, Ala., bership includes men from classes now. Good results are sure to follow from 1851 to 1895. If the club can the organization of this club and the make so good a showing as this for a display of Harvard's great advantages beginning, we may confidently expect at Atlanta. that it will be highly successful.

Francis G. Caffey, '91. A dinner was given to President Eliot at the Hotel Aragon on the

CHICAGO. evening of November 12, at which, The annual business meeting of the besides President Eliot, the following Club was held at the University Club nineteen men, most of them residing on the evening of Nov. 20, -1895, in Atlanta, were present: W. L. President Robert T. Lincoln, '64, in Jones, s '51 ; J. H. Clarke, '67 ; G. L. the chair. About sixty men were Cheney, '78 ; T. P. Ivy, '81 ; H. A. present. The following were elected Andrews, '83 ; H. M. Atkinson, ['84]; officers of the Club for the year C. C. McGehee, '89; F.G. Caffey, '91 ; 1895–96: Pres., R. T. Lincoln, '64 ; R. P. Maddox, ['91] ; Campbell King, 1st vice-pres., J. H. Wigmore, '83; [’92] ; L. R. Brooks, L. S., '94 ; M. L. 2d vice-pres., H. Ives Cobb, ['80]; Case, L. S., '93 ; S. N. Evins, l '93 ; T. 3d vice-pres., Russell Whitman, '82 ; H. Soren, '93 ; H. H. Lewis, [294] ; sec. and treas., Wm. C. Boyden, '86 ; F. P. Thompson, '95 ; Mr. Stone, of exec. com., Charles H. Baldwin, '88, Chicago ; Mr. Plummer, of New Bed- Kellogg Fairbank, '90, Russell Tyson, ford ; and Mr. Perrin of Birmingham, '90. The Club voted to give its postAla. Mr. Atkinson was toast-master. graduate scholarship at Harvard for President Eliot discussed the objec- the academic year 1895–96 to Mr. tions he had heard raised to South- John A. Walz, who held the same for ern men's going to Harvard. At the the preceding year. It was also special request of the men, he also voted to maintain a post-graduate

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scholarship for the year 1896–97, and Black, '91. The annual dinner of the the same committee, composed of Club will take place some time during William Eliot Furness, '60, James B. the winter. Galloway, '70, and Frank H. Sellers,

Morris Black, '91, Sec. s'87, who have efficiently managed this matter for the Club in the past, were

INDIANA. continued in charge of the same. The late Secretary of the Indiana Considerable discussion was had upon Harvard Club, Theodore L. Sewall, the resolution committing the Club to '74, died Dec. 23, 1895. At a meetthe extension of the suffrage for the ing of the Club, Dec. 24, the underBoard of Overseers to the members signed was appointed secretary to of the Professional Schools. It was succeed him. — The President of the finally decided to postpone action for Club, Dr. E. F. Hodges, is recovering one year, and the President appointed from a severe accident to one of his as a Committee to investigate the eyes. - The fact that the Indiana Harsubject, prepare a circular thereon vard Club has no club-house or reguand send a copy of the same to each lar place of meeting has interfered member of the Club, the following: very considerably with its usefulness. Moses J. Wentworth, '68, Merritt There is now a movement on foot in Starr, '81, and G. A. Carpenter, '88. Indianapolis to organize a University After the business meeting the Club Club, which will have a suitable club, adjourned to buffet luncheon and house and in which, I hope, the Indiana ended the evening, after college fash- Harvard Club will at last find a home. ion, about the piano.

The Club is composed of men scatWm. C. Boyden, '86, Sec. tered throughout all parts of the

State, men of various ages and inter

ests. Up to this time, nothing but The Cleveland Harvard Club gave the visit of President Eliot or the an enthusiastic “smoker,” Dec. 14, Glee Club bas been sufficient to bring 1895, at The Stillman. This informal them together. If the movement for meeting showed a marked change in the University Club is successful, I the spirit of Cleveland Harvard men hope that it will enable us to have at from condition of apathy to one of least an annual reunion and banquet. interest. There were present : J. H.

George E. Hume, '93, Sec. Hoyt, L. S., '77 ; C. F. Mayberry, '81 ; H. C. Bourne, '87 ; M. H. Solloway,

MARYLAND. L. S., '87; M. W. Croll, ['94]; O. S. The annual dinner of the Club was Southworth, L. S.; C. E. Gowen, ['78]; held in Baltimore, Feb. 6, at the Hotel T. T. Seelye, '88; F. C. Bosworth, Rennert, the president, Mr. Leigh '89 ; A. V. Riddle, ['92] ; W. D. Flagg, Bonsal, '84, presiding. We were par['94]; C. H. Pennington, L. S., '88 ; M. ticularly fortunate in having as our S. Greenough, '68; C. A. Mitchell, '81; guest President Eliot, whose enterM. E. Wagar, '81 ; H. B. Chapman, taining address was listened to with L. S., '90 ; M. F. Riddle, ['92] ; F. J. great attention by all present. Profs. Conger, '93; C. F. Hoover, '87; J. A. N. S. Shaler, $ '62, and M. H. Morgan, Ford, L. S., '94 ; Paul Howland, L. S., '81, were also present, and the former, '90 ; H. A. Bathrick, '95; Morris in his usual genial manner, told us



about the growth of the Lawrence in answer to repeated requests, sang Scientific School and the Summer Harvard songs of the early sevenSchool; while the latter, by a charm- ties. ing song, brought to our minds all the Two or three years ago we were pleasant memories connected with the able to report that a strong Harvard Glee Club. Messrs. George P. Up- feeling existed in Milwaukee, and was shur, John P. Poe, Prof. Ira Remsen, showing itself in the increasing numand Mr. Edgar H. Gans, representing ber of students at Harvard from our respectively Yale, Princeton, Johns city. This may well have been partly Hopkins, and the University of Mary- due to the visit of President Eliot, to land, spoke most interestingly, while the formation of the Harvard Club in of our own members, Dr. C. C. Bom- 1890, to the later visit of Prof. J. H. baugh, '50, read a witty poem, and Wright, and to the frequent concerts Messrs. H. L. Bond, '80, Dr. Stephen of the Glee Club. These occasions King, M. S., and J. M. Cushing, '55, brought Harvard before the public in made short addresses. There were the most favorable way, and undoubtabout fifty present.

edly influenced students who were unH. Ivah Thomsen, '81, Sec. certain as to their choice of a college.

In the last year or two, the stream

towards Harvard has been largely The Harvard Club of Milwaukee checked, and a special effort ought enjoyed one of the pleasantest of its to be made at this time to revive the annual dinners at the Hotel Pfister, Harvard spirit in Milwaukee. Is it not Milwaukee, Dec. 28, 1895. The an- reasonable to request the authorities nual business meeting preceded the of the College to consider seriously dinner, and the following officers were the holding of examinations in cities elected for the ensuing year : Pres., the like Milwaukee, even when less than Rev.Charles Stanley Lester; vice pres., ten candidates present themselves, and W. K. Flint, '91 ; sec. and treas., E. whether it is not wise to send more W. Frost, '84 ; executive com., E. S. often one of the officers or professors Mack, '91, and Walter Cary, '93. The of the University to visit prominent dinner was marked by a pleasant cities, and to meet the members of innovation which ought to become a local Harvard Clubs and their friends ? permanent rule. Prominent alumni The Harvard Club of Milwaukee would of Yale and Princeton were present be glad to have the matter seriously as guests of the Harvard Club, and considered, and we should heartily Mr. James G. Flanders for Yale and welcome a representative of the UniMr. Geo. D. Van Dyke for Princeton versity. If the Western Harvard man made happy addresses. Mr. Van could moralize as delightfully from a Dyke, introduced as a representative Graduate's Window as does the fre

Presbyterian athletic school in quent contributor to the Graduates' New Jersey," spoke on the athletic Magazine, he would urge that Harvard question, and Mr. Clanders on the make it a point to keep more closely brotherhood of college men the world in touch with her distant but loyal over. There was some very good sons. We hope to have a Harvard singing, and Dr. S. W. French, '73, dinner, or a gathering of Harvard

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