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F. Anderegg, '88–9; Prof. of MathGRADUATE CLUB.

ematics, Oberlin, O. At the request of the Graduate Club A. P. Andrews, '93–; reappointed the undersigned has undertaken to Rogers Memorial Fellow. keep a record of the addresses and C. H. Arnold, '92-3; Electrician achievements of those men who were with American Bell Telephone Co. members of the Club during the years F. C. Babbitt, '90-5; studying at 1889-95. Circulars and blanks were American School of Classical Studies, issued last June, and in response to Athens, Greece. these, the address, past and present F. H. Bailey, '88–’92; Asst. Prof. positions, distinctions awarded, and of Mathematics, Mass. Iust. of Techprincipal publications made since leav- nology, Boston. ing the Graduate School, were obtained C. H. Barnwell, 9244; Prof. of from many of the Graduate Students English, Hollins Inst., Hollins, Virof the years named. The Club had, ginia, since 1894. during this period, 327 members, in- W.B. Bentley, '89-'91; Assoc. Prof. cluding those of the present year also. of Physics and Chemistry, FayetteThe addresses of 23 of these 327 men ville, Ark. were not found, and consequently no A. L. Bondurant, '92-3; Prof. of circulars were sent to them. Of the Latin, Univ. of Mississippi. remaining 304, information was re- W. T. Brewster, '9:2-4; Tutor in ceived from 150, or 49 per cent. Rhetoric, Columbia Univ., New York

Below are given the principal re- since 1894; has published" Specimens sults of this inquiry, so far as con

of Narration (Holt: New York), cerns addresses for 1895–96 ; other 1895. important positions held since leaving E. A. Bryan, '92-3; President Washthe Graduate School ; and principal ington Agricultural College and School publications since leaving Harvard. of Science, Pullman, Wash.; published To save room,

data apt to be gen- “The Mark in Europe and America" erally known are omitted. Thus the (Boston), 1893. names of present Instructors or Stu- E. A. Burt, '93–5; Prof. Natural dents at Harvard and of men who History, Middlebury College, Middlehave been long at one place are, for bury, Vt. the most part, omitted. The addresses H. E. Burton, '92–5; studying at of many former members of the Grad- American School at Rome, on Parker uate Club, not given in the following Fellowship. list, will be found in the pamphlet, F. G. Caffey, '91-2; has practiced published by the University, giving law in Alabama since 1894. the names and addresses of living G. A. Campbell, '91-3; studying Bachelors and Masters of Arts, 1895. Mathematics and Physics, Faculté des

C. Abbe, Jr., attended Graduate Sciences, Paris; at Vienna Univ., '94School during '94–5; Instructor in 5; at Göttingen, '93-4. Physiography, Columbian College, J. (). Campbell, '93-4 ; 1066 MidWashington, from 1895.

dlesex St., Lowell, Mass.; Pastor WestJ. Allen, ’92-4; Instructor in Math- minster United Presbyterian Church, ematics, Cornell Univ., from 1894. Lowell; Special Lecturer, Theological

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Seminary, Allegheny, Pa.; D. D., Mt. l'attention sur les mouvements respiraUnion College, Ohio, 1894.

toires," Revue philsophique, 1892; “The W. B. Carpenter, '90–1; Sub-master Influence of Muscular States on Conand Instructor of Mathematics, High sciousness,” Mind, 1892; “ Les laboraSchool, Woonsocket, R. I., since 1893. toires de psychologie en Amérique,”

B. E. Carter, Jr., '91-3; Instructor Année Psychologique, 1894. in Mathematics, Mass. Inst. of Tech- S. C. Derby, '91-3; Prof. of Latin in nology, Boston, since 1893.

the Ohio State Univ., Columbus, Ohio. J. F. Carter, '90-1 ; 18 High St., F. W. Dewart, '90-2; 2907 St. VinFall River, Mass.; Rector of St. cent Ave., St. Louis, Mo.; LL. B., St. Mark's (P. E.) Church since 1893. Louis Law School ; practicing law;

G. A. Chamberlain, '91–2; Instruc- Asst. Sec. City Council, St. Louis; tor of Physics, East Side High School, Asst. at Missouri Bot. Garden till Milwaukee, Wis.

April, 1893. F. D. Chester, '91-4; in Damascus, R. E. Dodge, '90-4; Instr. in Geo Syria, as Rogers Fellow; has pub- graphy and Geology, Teachers' Collished contributions to American Ori- lege, New York. ental Society Proceedings, April, 1893; R. E. N. Dodge, '89-'91; Instr. in Journal, 1894.

English Literature, Brown Univ. from J. B. Chittenden, '89-'91; Instruc- 1895; Instr. in English, Barnard Coltor in Mathematics, Columbia and lege, 1894–95. Barnard colleges, New York; Ph. D. B. M. Duggar, '93–5; Botanical at Königsberg, 1893; Thesis: “Theory Asst., State Lab. of Natural History, of Hermite's Form of Lamé's Equa- Champaign, Ill. tion." (Leipzig: Treubner.)

F. L. Dunlap, '92–5; Asst. in OrC. C. Closson, '92–4; Instructor in ganic Chemistry, Kent Chemical Lab., Political Economy, Univ. of Chicago, New Haven, Conn. Ill., since Jan., 1895.

H. C. Emery, '92–3; Instr. in PolitF. R. Clow, '91-2, '93-5; Teacher ical Economy and Sociology, Bowdoin of History, State Normal School, Osh- College, Brunswick, Me. kosh, Wis., from 1895.

H. K. Estabrook, '94–5, care Messrs. G. L. Collie, '90–3; Professor of Munroe & Co., 7 rue Scribe, Paris ; Geology, Beloit College, Beloit, Wis.; studying in German universities. Ph. D., Harvard, 1893. Published H. H. Field, '88-'91; Director of “Geology of Conanicut Island, R. I.” International Bureau for Zoology, (Madison, Wis.)

Zurich, Switzerland, from 1895; since B. M. Davis, '92–5; Asst. in Botany, 1891, student of Zoology at Leipzig, Univ. of Chicago, Ill.

Freiburg, and Paris. Published: “ Zur A. M. Day, '92-4; Asst. in Political Morphologie der Harnblase bei den Economy, Columbia and Barnard col- Amphibien” (Jena, 1894);“ Ueber die leges, since 1894; Univ. Extension Lec- Entwickelung der Wirbelsäule bei den turer, 1894-95.

Amphibien" (Leipzig, 1895), and minor E. B. Delabarre, '88-9; Assoc. Prof. articles in Anab. Auz., Zeitschr. f. wiss. of Psychology, Brown Univ., since Mikr., Biol. Centralbl., etc. 1892; Ph. D., Freiburg, i. B., 1891; H. D. Foster, '91-3; Prof. of HisPublished: “Uber Bewegungs-Empfin- tory, Dartmouth College, Hanover, dungen” (Freiburg); “L'influence de N. H., siuce 1893.

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T. W. Galloway, '89-'91; Prof. of dungen des Zucker mit den mehreverBiology, Missouri Valley College, Mar- tigen Phenole” (Berlin), 1894. shall, Missouri, since 1891 ; Ph. D., L. N. Johnson, '91-2 ; Instr. in Cumberland Univ., Lebanon, Tenn., (Cryptogamic) Botany, Univ. of Mich., 1892.

since 1892. J. H. Gerould, '92-5; Instr. in H. McC. Kelly, '90–93; teaching Zoölogy, Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, Zoology at Cornell College, Mount N. H., since Jan., 1895.

Vernon, Iowa; in 1893–94, teaching at J. W. Glover, '92–5; Instr. in Mathe- Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Ill. matics, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Ar- A. Kendrick, '90-3; Asst. Prof. bor, Mich.

of Physics, Worcester Polytechnic E. B. Greene, '90–3; Assoc. Prof. of Inst., Worcester, Mass., since 1893. History, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, Ill., Has published “On the Damping of from 1895; last year, Asst. Prof. Belt-Magnets and Ring-Magnets by

H. S. Grindley, '92-4; Asst. Prof. surrounding Copper,” Am. Jour. Sci., of Chemistry, University of Illinois, xlvii, 1894. Champaign, Ill. ; last year, Instr. C. A. Kofoid, '91-4 ; Superintenda

S. B. Harding, '93–5 ; Asst. Prof. ent of the Biological Station, Univ. of European History, Indiana Univ., of Illinois, Champaign, Ill., from 1895; Bloomington, Ind.

1894–95, Instr. in Vertebrate More T. W. Harris, '84-'90 ; Supt. of phology, Univ. of Michigan. Has pubSchools, Keene, N. H., since 1894. lished “ The early Development of Published “The Schools of the City Limax,Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool., Aug., of Keene," Granite Monthly, May, 1895. 1895.

H. L. Koopman, '92–3; Librarian H. B. Hastings, '91-3; Teacher in of Brown Univ., Providence, R. I., public school, Comfort, Kendall Co., since 1893; has published “ Functions Texas ; 1893-95, engaged in the pub- of a University Library," Library lishing business, Boston.

Journal, Dec., 1894. H. T. Hildreth, '92-3; Acting Prof. T. G. Lee, '91-2 ; Prof. of Histoof Ancient Languages, Roanoke Col- logy and Embryology, Univ. of Minlege, Salem, Va.

nesota, since 1892. L. L. Hooper, '89-'91 ; Teacher of A. W. Long, '90-3; Master in Mathematics, Smith Academy, St. English, Lawrenceville, N. J., since Louis, Mo.

1893. W. G. Howard, '91-3; Instr. in R. M. Lovett, '92-3; Instructor in German, Princeton Coll., Princeton, English, Univ. of Chicago, since 1893. N. J., since 1893.

E. McClure, '934; Professor of W. D. Howe, '94–5 ; Instr. in Eng- Chemistry, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, lish, Butler College, Irvington, Ind. Ore., same as before coming to Grad

W. L. Jennings, '89-'92 ; Asst. uate School. Prof. Chemistry, Worcester Poly- Kenneth McKenzie, '92–5; Instr. in technic Inst., Worcester, Mass., since Modern Languages, Union Coll., 1894. Published with E. Fisher: Schenectady, N. Y., from 1895. “ Ueber die Constitution des Hydro- J. M. Manly, '88-'91 ; Professor of cyanrosaniline und des Fuchsins" the English Language, Brown Univ., (Berlin) 1893 ; “Ueber die Verbin- Providence, R. I., since 1892 ; ibid.



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Jan.-June, 1891, Acting Asst. Prof.; A. Oliver, Jr., '945; Master of 1891-92, Assoc. Prof. Has published Greek, Adv. Latin, and Ancient His* Lok-Sounday ; Studies and Notes in tory, “The Pomfret School,” Pomfret Philology and Literature,” vol. i, Bos- Centre, Conn., from 1895. ton; “ Observations on the Language A. H. Patterson, '92–3; Instr. in of the Legend of Good Women,” Physics, Univ. of Georgia, Athens, ibid.

Ga., since Aug., 1894. W. G. Manly, '89-'90; Prof. of G. J. Peirce, '90-4; Instr. in Greek Language and Literature, Mis- Botany, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, souri Univ., Columbia, Mo.

Ind.; Ph. D., Leipzig, 1894 ; has pubM. A. Marsh, '91–2; Instr. in lished “On the Structure of the Pratt Inst., Brooklyn, N. Y., since Haustoria of Phanerogamic 1892.

Parasites,” Ann. of Bot., Sept., 1893 ; C. F. Marbut, '93–5; Instr. in Ge- “A Contribution to the Physiology of ology and Mineralogy, Univ. of Mis- the Genus Cuscuta,” Ann. of Bot., souri, Columbia, Mo.

Mar., 1894; “Das Endringung von J. L. Markley, '86-'90 ; Asst. Prof. Würzeln in lebende Gewebe," Botanof Mathematics, Univ. of Michigan, ische Zeitung, Sept., 1894 ; “Botany Ann Arbor, Mich. (On leave of ab- at the Germany Universities,” Educasence for 1895-96.)

tional Review, Jan., 1895; “DevelopS. E. Mezes, '89-'92 ; Adj. Prof. of ment of Botany in Germany during Philosophy, Univ. of Texas, Austin, the Nineteenth Century." Transl. from

” Texas, since 1894 ; Lecturer Bryn the German of E. Strasburger, Bot. Mawr College, 1892–93 ; Docent in Gazette, 1895. Philosophy, Univ. of Chicago, 1893– W. L. Phelps, '90–2; Instr. in 94.

Has published Freedom,” Int. English Literature, Yale College, Jour. of Ethics, Apr., 1893 ; " Pleasure since 1892. Has published " The Beand Pain defined,Philos. Review, Jan., ginnings of the English Romantic 1895.

Movement (Boston : Ginn & Co.) ; C. L. Mix, '90-1 ; teaching Biology “Selections from the Poetry and –1

“ in Chicago High Schools.

Prose of Thomas Gray” (Boston : DuB. S. Morris, '93-4; Union Theo- Ginn & Co.); “ Irving's Tales of a logical Seminary, New York. During Traveller" (New York: Putnam); Ir1894–95 studied Social Science at Co- ving's Sketch Book” (New York : lumbia Univ., N. Y.

Putnam);"Chapman's Plays," MerE. P. Morton, '91-3; Instr. in Eng- maid Series (London). lish, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, A. B. Pierce, '91-2; Instr. in Ind., from 1895; Teacher of English, Mathematics, Univ. of California, French, and Greek, Blackburn Univ., since 1892. Carlinville, Ill., 1893-95.

A. H. Pierce, '91-4; studying PsyW. S. Nickerson, ’90-4; Instr. in chology and Philosophy at Paris, on Biol., Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Kellogg Fellowship from Amherst Ill., from 1895 ; Prof. of Biology and Coll. Histology, ad interim, 1894–95, Univ. H. S. Pratt, '92-3; Prof. of Biolof Colorado. Has published “On ogy, Haverford Coll., Haverford, Pa., Stichocotyle Nephropis, Cunningham,” since 1893. in Zoologisches Jahrbuch, 1895.

G. A. Reisner, '90–3; Friedenau bei



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Berlin, Feurigstr. 6, Germany. Hole, Mass., since 1890 ; has pub“ Wissenschaftlicher - Hülfsarbeiter " lished “On the Classification and Disin the Egyptian (Assyrian) Depart- tribution of the Lammariaceae,” in ment of Kön. Pr. Museum, Berlin; Trans. Conn. Acad., ix, 1893 ; “ Notes working on Babylonian clay tablets; on Ustilagineae," Bot. Gazette, xix, has published “Sumero-Babylonische 1894 (with Isaac Holden and F. S. Hymnen aus der Griechischer Zeit.” Collins); “ Phycotheca Boreali-Ameri(Berlin: Spemann.)

cana," Fasics, I, II, 1895. H. M. Richards, '92–5; studying in D. W. Shea, '86–9; Prof. of PhyGermany. Address, Brown, Shipley sics and Electrical Engineering, Univ. & Co., Founders Court, E. C., Lon- of Illinois, Champaign, Ill., since 1892; don, England.

has published “Ueber die Brechung W. E. Ritter, '89-'91 ; Asst. Prof. des Lichtes in den Metallen," in of Biology, Univ. California, Wied. Ann., 1892. Berkeley, Cal., since 1893; Inst. in F. Smith, '91-3; Instr. in Zoology, Biol., ibid. 1891-93 ; various papers in Univ. of Illinois, Champaign, I., and journals.

Asst. Zoologist in Ill. State Lab. of E. D. Roe, '88-'92 ; Assoc. Prof. of Nat. Hist., Champaign, Ill. ; has pubMathematics, Oberlin Coll., Oberlin, lished “A List of Protozoa and MolOhio, since 1892 ; has published “ The lusca,” in Bull. U. S. Fish Com., 1894; Probability of Freedom," "A Cri- and “A Preliminary Account of Two tique of Spinoza's Demonstration of New Oligochaeta from Illinois," in Necessity,” Bib. Sac., Oberlin, Oct., Bull. State Lab., N. H., 1895. 1894.

D. DeW. Smyth, '91-2; Assoc. G. B. Rogers, '93–5; Instr. in Prof. in Hamilton Coll., Clinton, N. Y.; Latin, Phillips Exeter Acad., Exeter, A. M., Columbia Coll., 1895. N. H.

L. F. Snow, '89-90 ; Dean, Wo A. H. Sanford, '93-4; chair of man's College, Brown Univ., ProviHistory and Civics, State Normal dence, R. I., since 1892. School, Stevens Point, Wis., since A. E. Taylor, '93-4 ; Graduate Stu1894.

dent in Chemistry at Cornell Univ., W. Schoch, '93-4 ; has returned to Ithaca, N. Y., since 1894. his position of Principal of High J. L. Tilton, '94-5; returns to proSchool, San Antonio, Texas.

fessorship of Natural Sciences, SimpH. van Schrenk, '93-4 ; Instr. in son Coll., Indianola, Iowa. Botany and Zoology, St. Louis Man- F. N. Tisdel, '93–5; Assoc. Prof. of ual Training School, Washington Rhetoric and Oratory, Oberlin, Ohio. Univ., St. Louis, Mo.

L. M. Verbeck, 92-3; 1893–94, R. E. Schuh, ’93-4 ; Pastor of M. E. Asst. in Chemistry, Iowa Coll., GrinChurch, Cottage City, since 1894. nell, Iowa ; 1894–95, Instr. id., ibid.

W. A. Setchell, '87-91 ; Prof. of H. B. Ward, '90-2; Assoc. Prof. Botany, Univ. of California, from 1895; Zoology, Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln, Asst. Prof. (elect) of Botany, Yale Neb., since 1893 ; 1892–93, Instr. in Coll., from 1895; at Yale Univ. since Morphology, Univ. of Michigan ; is 1891 ; Asst. in Biology, 1891-92 ; publishing “ Parasites of Man and the Instr. in Biology, 1892–95 ; also Instr. Domestic Animals,” 1895. in Botany at Marine Biol. Lab., Wood's L. G. Westgate, '91-2 ; Teacher of

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