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in Columbia College. — George Hig- resulting in a clot of blood on the ginson, Jr., is the secretary of the heart. After leaving college Dustan Metropolitan Elevated Railroad Co. spent a year at the Yale Theological

- J. B. T. Tuthill is with the Salem Seminary, and then, having become Gas Light Co., Salem, Oregon. an Episcopalian, entered the Middle

Class at the General Theological Sem1888.

inary in New York, from which he DR. F. B. LUND, Sec.

received the degree of B. D. in 1892. 122 Marlborough St., Boston.

In the same year he was called to Fredrick Keffer Kelham was killed Sharon Springs, N. Y., where he was on the Elevated Railroad in New rector at the time of his death. He York, Oct. 12. After leaving Har- married, in 1890, Miss Maria W. Barvard, he studied at the Columbia Col- tholow, of Philadelphia, who, with a lege Law School for two years, and son, survives him. At college Dustan was admitted to the New York bar in was well known as an athlete, rowing 1894. — H. D. Hale has opened an in his class boat through all the four architect's office at the Worthington years, and winning a prize for a runBuilding, 31 State St., Boston. — Prof. ning high jump. At Yale, too, he won Leo R. Lewis has been appointed to a prize over a large number of Yale the newly-founded chair of Music at men for a high jump,

- a feat in Tufts College. - Prof. Howard Beers which he took the greatest satisfacGibson died at Columbia, Mo., in Oc- tion. He was a member of the Hasty tober. After leaving Harvard, he Pudding and of the Society of Chrisstudied in Germany, taking his A. M. tian Brethren. He won at college, and Ph. D. at Leipzig, in 1892. For as at Phillips Academy, Andover, three years he has been professor of where he had studied, the hearty Chemistry at the Missouri State Uni- respect of his classmates by his modversity, Columbia, Mo. - D. T. Dick- esty and sincerity as well as by his inson, Rep., was reëlected to the Mass. religious earnestness and conscienHouse of Representatives from Cam- tiousness, while his cheerfulness and bridge.

loyalty caused him to be prized as a

friend. The same traits characterized 1889.

his brief period of service as a pastor, JAMES HARDY ROPES, Sec. and his fine devotion to his work had 29 Divinity Hall, Cambridge.

already won for him a marked influR. DeС. Ward has been appointed ence in the community where he was instructor in Meteorology at Harvard settled. - Dr. J. B. Chittenden is tufor one year from Sept. 1, 1895. — tor in Mathematics at Columbia Col. P. F. Hall was the candidate of the lege. Brookline Democrats for the Mass.

1890. House of Representatives, at the November election. — The Rev. Earnest JOSEPH. W. LUND, Sec. Webster Dustan died at Wareham,

40 Water St., Boston. Oct. 4, 1895. He had been for some R. E. Dodge has been appointed time in ill health, but was instructor in Geography and Gesidered better, when his death was ology in Teachers' College in New caused by a complication of troubles York city, and his address is MornNO. 14.




ingside Heights, 120th Street, New ides,” in the Proceedings of the York. — T. E. Will has been ap- American Academy, 1893. Was a pointed professor of Political Economy member of the Deutschen Chemischen at the Kansas State Agricultural Col- Gesellschaft. lege, Manhattan, Kans. Dr. Farrar Cobb has been appointed superintend

1891. ent of the Massachusetts Charitable

A. J. GARCEAU, Sec. Eye and Ear Infirmary on Charles

12 Ashburton Pl., Boston. Street, Boston. — Kenneth Matheson Grahame Jones has adopted music Taylor was drowned in Moosehead as his profession. — A. S. Austrian is Lake, near Kineo, Me., by the capsize practicing law in Chicago. — F. R. ing of bis canoe on Oct. 14. — A. B. Bangs has been appointed counsel to Higginson, temporary member of the the Boston Police Commission. Class, was married at Lenox, in May, F. P. Denny temporarily has charge 1895, to Miss Girvan of San Francisco, of the Boston Lying-in Hospital. He and is now an architect in Chicago. has been associated at the Massachu

- E. V. Morgan has been appointed setts General Hospital with Codman professor of History in Adelbert and C. R. L. Putnam during the past College, Cleveland, 0. – Winthrop year. — G. Morton has gone abroad Dame died in Montevideo on May with his wife to study and travel. – 5. — C. K. Bolton is president of the R. L. O'Brien's address is 1217 K St., Mass. Library Club. — S. M. Child N. W., Washington, D. C. — H. H. has been appointed assistant city 60- Baker, of the law firm of Hayes, Willicitor of the city of Boston. — R. L. liams & Baker, has removed to 28 Weeks has been appointed professor State St., Boston. — H. R. Bishop exof Romance Languages at the Uni- pects to go into business in Boston. versity of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.- F. S. Rogers has been studying singing W. B. Martin has opened an office for at Florence, Italy, under Vannuccini. general civil engineering work at 120 — Flugh Tallant is studying architecBroadway, New York. — R. J. Cary ture in Paris, where his address is 25 and B. A. Walker have formed a law Rue Vaugirard. — I. N. P. Stokes, repartnership with offices in Chicago. – cently married, expects to return to the Elliot Folger Rogers was found dead Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. — J. B. in one of the rooms of the Boylston Noyes is on the staff of the Graduates' Chemical Laboratory, on the afternoon Magazine. — F. L. Dabney is with F. of Oct. 1. A medical examination S. Mead & Co., brokers, No. 7 Exshowed that he had taken poison. He change Place. — A. Winsor Weld is had become depressed from overwork. connected with the same firm. – J. C. He received his A. M. in 1891, and Bishop is with the Merchants' Loan Ph. D. in 1894 ; was assistant in and Trust Co., Chicago, Ill. — G. L. Chemistry at the Worcester Institute Osgood has gone back to the Textile of Technology, 1891–92 ; studied School at Philadelphia. Last year he physical chemistry at Leipzig and won the gold medal given by the Göttingen, as Parker fellow, 1894–95 ; school. — G. N. Lamb is in the dry and this year was appointed instruc- goods commission business, with an tor in Chemistry at Harvard. Pub- office at 77 Bedford St., Boston. — lished “Occlusion of Gases by Ox- A. V. Woodworth is soon to return

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to America from Freiburg, Germany, death. W. G. Howard has resigned where he has been for a long time. - his instructorsh at Princeton, to be G. H. Chittenden has renewed his con- instructor in German at Harvard this nection with Mr. Hopkinson's school, year. His address is 33 Holyoke Boston, for the present year. — E. F. House. — F. R. Clow, formerly inFitzhugh, who has been in Boston ne- structor in Political Economy, is now gotiating the sale of a mine, intends professor of History at the Wisconsin to go West again prospecting. - Robert State Normal School, at Oshkosh, Wainwright, his former partner, is in Wis. Kenneth McKenzie is instructhe telephone business in New York. tor of Modern Languages at Union - J. R. Finlay is superintendent of a College, Schenectady, N. Y. mine at Marquette, Mich. – J. B. Einbick is associated in the law with

1892. H. C. Parsons, in Williamsport, ALLEN R. BENNER, Sec. Pa. — J. J. Higgins is also in the law

Waldoboro, Me. with Richard Stone, '61, at 50 State F. B. Brandt received the degree of St., Boston. — G. W. Keene is with Ph. D. from Columbia College in J. B. Moors & Co., bankers, 111 June. – J. B. Lewis, 3d, was Devonshire St., Boston. – K. Mc- dained a minister of the CongregaKenzie has just returned from travel- tional Church at Reading, Sept. 25. ing in Europe, and can be addressed - W. H. Gratwick is taking a two at 12 Garden St., Cambridge. — L. B. years' post-graduate course at HarThomas is pastor of the First Baptist vard. — The Rev. Alfred R. Hussey Church at Colorado Springs, Colo. — was ordained and installed pastor of A. S. Walcott's name was left out in the First Parish Church in West Rox. my last budget of those who took bury, on Oct. 2. The ordination sertheir LL. B. last June. He has set

mon was preached by the Rev. P. R. tled in New York, where he has been Frothingham, '86, of New Bedford, admitted to the N. Y. bar. Address, and Dean C. C. Everett, t 59, of the Harvard Club, 27 West 44th St. Harvard Divinity School offered Robert Beverley Hale died at the prayer. — F. G. Caffey is practicing residence of his father, Dr. E. E. law at Montgomery, Ala.

The SecHale, '39, in Roxbury, on Oct. 6, after retary has a report nearly ready. – a brief illness of typhoid fever. He Richard Norton's address is Bryn fitted for Harvard at the Roxbury Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Latin School. In college, he was a member of the Institute of 1770,

1893. Alpha Delta Phi, Hasty Pudding,

F. W. MOORE, Sec. and Phi Beta Kappa. Since gradua

390 Harvard St., Cambridge. tion he had devoted himself to litera- Frank W. Hallowell has become a ture, contributing prose and verse to partner in the firm of Hallowell & the Atlantic Monthly, New England Donald, wool merchants, Boston. — F. Magazine, and other periodicals. He G. Benedict has received the degree of pnblished “ Elsie and other Poems” Ph. D. magna cum laude, from the not long ago. His sonnet on Francis University of Heidelberg, with the disParkman appeared in the New Eng- tinction of being the first American to land Magazine just at the time of his win the degree by a single year's study.

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Before going abroad he had the ad- F. L. Lowell has been recorder at the vantage of the tutorship of Professor Children's Hospital, Somerville. - H. Cooke, '48, whose private laboratory Kennedy and S. B. Richardson have he used for two years. In Heidelberg been traveling abroad. — W. P. Haphe studied under Victor Meyer.-H. good is with Franklin MacVeagh & L. Coar is an instructor in Mathemat- Co., Chicago ; address, 35 East 53d St. ics at the University of Michigan. - E. K. Rand is teaching Latin at the G. H. Kelton was the Republican can- University of Chicago ; address, 35 didate to the Mass. House of Repre- East 53d St. – J. L. Frazeur is teachsentatives from Petersham at the lasting Biology at the English High and election. — E. A. Burt is teaching Bi- Manual Training School, Chicago.ology in the college at Middlebury, H. J. Hughes is in the town engineer's Vt. — C. R. Falk has started on a tour office, Brookline. — J. Green, Jr., has round the world. — Ralph Bisbee is been studying chemistry and mathesenior member of the firm of Bisbee matics at Washington University, St. & Kollock, attorneys, Portland, Ore. Louis. — E. E. Starbuck is at Clark - A. P. Stone is employed in the law University, Worcester. — The alumni firm of Blodgett & Bancroft, 28 of Cushing Academy have elected E. State St., Boston. — A. S. Apsey has N. Vose a member of the Board of opened a law office in Boston. — Jos. Trustees of the Academy. – F. L. W. Glover is an instructor at the Uni- Tufts is pursuing the study of physics versity of Michigan. — F. W. Moore as a university fellow at Columbia has been engaged for another year as University. manager of Harvard Athletics. — F.

1895. W. Dallinger, Rep., was elected to the Mass. State Senate from the third

ALBERT H. NEWMAN, Sec. Middlesex district.

437 Marlborough St., Boston.

E. V. Huntington and J. K. Whitte1894.

more have been appointed instructors E. K. RAND, Sec.

in Mathematics at Harvard. — The fol

lowing men have been appointed assistP. W. Wrenn is in the office of D. ants at Harvard for this year: W. D. M. Osborne & Co., Vienna, Austria.- Collins, A. Durward, C. M. Flandrau, H. B. Smith is principal of Old Town G. LeClear, P. La Rose, W. E. Stark, High School, Maine. — C. H. Holmes M. B. Tinker. —The following are in is with Lyon & Healy, Chicago. — W. the Law School: C. H. Abbott, E. K. F. Boos has been studying chemistry Arnold, L. M. Bigelow, N. W. Bingat Heidelberg. - G. A. Walker has ham, W. D. Brookings, H. W. Brown, been traveling in France and Germany; E. L. Bryant, W. E. Burke, L. M. he now in the Harvard Graduate Cahn, W. H. Cameron, E. B. Church, School. — E. B. Bishop is now in the F. B. Coffin, E. B. Conant, J. E. ConHarvard Law School. — J. Sullivan, nelly, N. P. Dodge, H. Dudley, G. Jr., is studying abroad as Kirkland Edmunds, F. S. Elliot, H. Frazier, H. fellow in History from Harvard Uni- Gilsey, M. G. Gonterman, R. Gray, E. versity ; address, Brown, Shipley & Harding, R. W. Harrison, W. T. HartCo., London. — G. B. Wilson is teach- zell, A. A. Highlands, W. F. Hodge, ing in the Brookline High School. G. Hogg, T. B. Hughes, W. E. Hutton,


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A. D. Irving, E. James, R. H. John- studying at the Newton Theological son, G. A. Kaven, J. J. McCarthy, J. Seminary, Newton Centre. — D. D. F. McGrath, R. L. Manning, C. J. Mor- Cassidy is with Blackall & Newton, rison, W. B. Moulton, G. S. T. Newell, architects, Boston. - J. T. Emott is P. Nichols, E. S. Page, W. R. Peabody, at the New York University Law A. J. Peters, C. A. Poth, A. Potter, R. School. - R. R. Gardner is studying L. Raymond, J. B. Read, L. J. Roess, music in Vienna. — E. J. Holmes is H. A. L. Sand, J. Sargent, A. B. also abroad. — S. E. Johnson and E. Schaffner, W. H. Smith, T. Spalding, T. Stiger are with the Boston publishJ. Staab, J. L. Stackpole, D. Tiffany, ing house of Lamson, Wolffe & Co. – N. H. White, S. P. White, A. White- R. M. Johnson is in the general office side, H. Whitmore, W. B. Wolffe, J. of the Chicago and North Western W. Worthington, W. S. Youngman. - Railway at Chicago. - T. R. Kimball The following are in the Graduate and H. R. Talbot are at the EpiscoSchool: W. Ames, H. E. Andrews, M. pal Theological School, Cambridge. Benshimol, A. W. K. Billings, H. H. E. B. Lambert is with Kidder, PeaChamberlin, G. F. Cole, W. W. Com- body & Co., bankers, Boston. — A. S. fort, R. W. Coues, A. L. Cross, H. E. Learoyd is in the Boston office of the Cushman, A. E. Doucette, J. A. Fair- Fitchburg R. R. Co.- A. M. Line is lee, J. W. Folsom, H. B. Foster, E. at the College of Physicians and H. Goodwin, C. S. Griffin, F. 0. Surgeons, New York. – G. G. Murchie Grover, M. Hisa, S. R. Hooper, L. P. is at the Ecole de Medicine, Paris. Lane, J. H. Lewis, A. Lincoln, F. R. G. C. Lodge and J. T. Stickney are Loring, H. E. Lower, W. E. McEl- studying in Paris. — C. H. Mills is fresh, E. von Mach, G. T. Moore, C. learning the cotton business in the E. Noyes, P. D. Phair, J. F. Porter, Boston Manufacturing Co.'s mills. — H. W. Prescott, C. Y. Rice, W. H. F. H. Nash and A. P. Teele are in the Riddle, C. E. Seaman, W. H. Sheldon, Boston University Law School. — T. F. N. Spindler, E. E. Stoll, W. P. Parker is in the law office of Chas. Woodman, H. H. Yeames. — The fol- B. Southard, Boston. — F. O. Poole is lowing are in the Medical School: S. in the Library Department of AmK. Fenollosa, L. V. Friedman, F. J. herst College. - B. Reed is with WalGeib, D. C. Greene, J. C. Hancock, H. ter Kimball & Co., picture dealers, F. Hartwell, H. W. Jameson, P. S. Boston. — C. A. Shaw is with R. L. McAdams, W. J. McDonald, W. B. Day & Co., bankers and brokers, BosOdiorne, A. C. Potter, J. W. Scher- ton. — H. W. Smith is studying at the eschewsky, F. S. Snow, J. W. Thomas, Mass. Institute of Technology, BosW. Tileston, G. A. Waterman. — The ton.— A. E. Upham is principal of following men are in the Divinity the High School at Newmarket, N. School: F. F. McGirr, R. W. Stimson; H.-J. T. Whicher is with the Bosand at the Lawrence Scientific School ton bankers and brokers, E. C. Stanis H. V. D. Allen. — F. v. Briesen is wood & Co. — P. G. Noon is teaching studying both in the New York Uni- Physics in the Boston Homoeopathic versity Law School and the law office Medical School. — B. Holbrook is at of Briesen & Knauth. — W.M. Briggs the University of Pennsylvania Mediis with the Boston real estate firm of cal School. Codman & Codman. — R. T. Capen is

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