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ration of Cambridge as a city. — W.

1880. H. Tillinghast is secretary of the Mass.

FREDERIC ALMY, Sec. Library Club. — A. H. Latham has

Buffalo, N. Y. been elected a member of the Brook

The Secretary's Fifth Report makes line Town Committee. - Prof. Barrett

a pamphlet of 116 pages. Of the 166 Wendell is a member of the Examin- graduates of the Class 153 are living, ing Board of the Boston Public Lib- and 72 out of 87 non-graduates. A rary.

- Lawrence Bond was the Citi- comparison of the “probable occupazens' and Democratic candidate for the tions" announced in 1880 with the Mass. Senate from the Newton dis- actual occupations in 1895 is interesttrict. — E. D. Morgan was one of the ing, viz.: syndicate which built the yacht De

1895. fender for the recent race with the Valkyrie for the America's cup.- Freeman Hunt, Dem., was candidate for Teaching district attorney for Middlesex Coun- Ministry

Banking ty, Mass.

Ranching and Farming


Jos. C. WHITNEY, Sec.

Box 3573, Boston.
During the autumn, Prof. H. S. the “ probable” lawyers did not per-

Thus it appears that one third of Nash conducted services as University severe, and that more of the Class are Preacher at Cornell. – P. V. R. Ely engaged in other pursuits than exhas been reëlected vice-president of

pected to be. Less than one half the Boston Stock Exchange.

46 per cent. reside in Massachu

setts, and 23 per cent. reside in New 1879.

York State. The Secretary lacks the FRANCIS ALMY, Sec.

address of Wm. H. Alley, Chas. H. Buffalo, N. Y.

Chapman, Jas. L. Lester, Chas. A. H. O. Apthorp was a delegate to the Parker, and Herbert M. Perry. Two Mass. Democratic State Convention. members of the Class, Josiah Quincy C. F. Sprague is president of the Ja- and Theodore Roosevelt, have a namaica Club. -G. v. L. Meyer has tional reputation in politics. - Ed. been reëlected to the Mass. House of - In September, the Rev. T. W. Representatives. He was recently Nickerson entered on his duties as chosen a vice-president of the Boston rector of the Church of the Messiah, Merchants Club. — J. G. Thorp is Boston. — N. H. Davis is a delegate president of the Cambridge Social from Cincinnati to the annual convenUnion. — F. M. Ware is secretary of tion of the Civil Service Reform the Newport, R. I., Clambake Club. – League, to meet in Washington, D. G. R. Sheldon has been appointed a C., in December. – R. W.G. Welling director of the reorganized Northern was on the campaign committee of Pacific R. R. Co. — Livingston Cush- the 27th District Good Government ing has been elected a trustee of the Club, New York, in the last camBoston Free Hospital for Women. paign. — Theodore Roosevelt, as pres

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ident of the Police Commissioners of information. Few things escape Mr. New York city, has been vigorously Norman's vigilant eye, and he has engaged in enforcing the excise laws greatly widened his field lately by there during the autumn. Josiah becoming a member of the Committee Quincy is Democratic candidate for of the Society of Authors. . . . [His] mayor of Boston ; the election occurs wife is well known as the author in December. - At the quarterly meet- of 'A Girl of the Carpathians' and ing of the Mass. Association of Boards «Gallia.'' - Albert Thorndike is secof Health Dr. J. B. Field read a paper retary of the Weston Golf Club. on “ The Best Systems of Garbage Curtis Guild presided at the Mass. Disposal for large and for small Muni- Republican State Convention in Boscipalities.”

ton, and took an active part in the

recent campaign. — J. P. Farnsworth 1881.

has been reëlected secretary for ProvDR. C. R. SANGER, Sec. idence of the Rhode Island Harvard 3040 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Club. — J. C. Morse is a member of Frederic Reed, formerly master in the Brookline Town Committee. – the Roxbury Latin School, has re- The new Chicago Public Library, of moved to Philadelphia and taken which C. A. Coolidge is the architect, charge of the newly organized Chest- is nearly completed. — E. W. Atkinnut Hill Academy, in the Chestnut son has taken a house at 251 Beacon Hill district of that city. – Dr. R. W. St., Boston. Lovett has removed to 234 Marlboro' St., Boston. — C. Sprague returned in

1882. October from a foreign trip which H. W. CUNNINGHAM, Sec. took him into Russia. — A London

89 State St., Boston. correspondent in the September Book- H. W. Hardon has been appointed man says: “Nor should I omit to men- professor of Law at Cornell Univertion Mr. Henry Norman, the literary sity. — J. R. Bishop has been made editor of the (London] Daily Chroni- principal of the recently dedicated cle, and one of the most versatile men Walnut Hill High School, at Cincinin the world. . . . His journeys and nati, O. - E. H. Pendleton was Demstudies in the Far East have given him ocratic candidate from Hamilton a place of almost unique authority County for the Ohio Senate, at the among political journalists, while as a recent election. — Dr. John McGregor critic and student of literature he Cochrane died of heart disease at stands among the foremost. His col- Somerville, Mass, on August 6. Born lections of first editions, particularly and educated in Cambridge, he took a of American first editions, is almost three-years' course in the Harvard unrivaled. . . . Mr. Norman does Medical School after his graduation much political work for the Chronicle, from college. He studied in England but his special task is the preparation for a year, and then began practice in of the literary page, which he has Boston, where he was on the staff of made a great and recognized force. the Mass. General Hospital. He was The Daily Chronicle is almost the only a member of the Mass. Medical Socipaper of the kind in England which ety, the Scots Charitable Society, and collects and publishes original literary a life member of St. Thomas' Hospital


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of London. – A widow and son sur- 96. — Asst. Prof. Edward Cummings vive. Prescott Lawrence is a direc- has been reappointed by the Overtor of the Newport, R. I., Clambake seers a member of the Administrative Club.— At the last quarterly meeting Board for Harvard College for the of the Mass. Association of the Boards year 1895–96. He will conduct three of Health, Dr. H. L. Chase read a pa- courses in the Department of Economper on “ Efficient Disinfection.” — Dr. ics, viz.: two full courses, DevelopF. N. Cole has been appointed to a ment of the Modern State, and of its new professorship in Mathematics at Social Functions; and The Social and Columbia College. — Prof. J. H. Beale, Economic Condition of Workingmen in Jr., has been appointed chairman of the United States and in Other Counthe Harvard Athletic Committee. tries; and one half-course, Communism Rev. J. McG. Foster of Bangor is and Socialism: Utopias, Ancient and taking a vacation in Europe, and is Modern. Besides these, he will have attending lectures at the University at part charge of a half-course in the Berlin. — James H. Bacon has just English Department, Oral Discussion completed his work as chief engineer of Topics in History and Economics; in the work of the government in and will also assist in conducting a improving the St. John's River, Seminary in Economics, primarily for Florida. — F. L. Washburn has been graduates, to guide competent stumade professor of Biology at the State dents in research on subjects assigned University at Eugene, Oregon.

after consultation. - Waldo Fuller is

employed in the office of the Japan 1883.

Mining Company at Telluride, Colo. FREDERICK NICHOLS, Sec. - C. H. Grandgent has been reap2 Joy St., Boston.

pointed by the Overseers a member The Class Report progresses slowly, of the committees on Romance Philoonly about half the “band of bro- logy and Italian for the year 1895–96. thers ” having been heard from up to - Chas. S. Hamlin has been actively a date as late as October 15. The Sec- engaged on the stump throughout the retary has felt, however, that the de- Massachusetts State campaign, his adlay will be of little moment if com- dresses being devoted almost entirely pleteness and accuracy be thereby to discussion of the financial question. insured. — A. B. Babbitt is classical - E. C. Howell is assistant city editmaster in the De Lancey School of or of the Boston Herald. - Dr. H. B. Philadelphia, Pa., where he has had Jacobs is connected with the Nervous the pleasure of preparing a number of Department of the Johns Hopkins young men for Harvard. — W. W. Hospital at Baltimore, and is one of Bryant has decided not to return to the visiting physicians to the City Calcutta, and will accept some busi- Insane Hospital. — F. E. Jennison is ness position in Boston or New York. now a member of the banking and - F. L. Clark has been, for the past brokerage firm of Dunscomb & Jennitwo years, receiver of the First Na- son, at 59 Wall St., New York city. tional Bank of Spokane, Wash. — J. F. W. Kaan was renominated, on R. Coolidge has been reappointed by Sept. 25, for representative to the the Overseers a member of the Com- Massachusetts legislature from Sommittee on Spanish for the year 1895– erville, winning in the caucus by 10

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votes over a combination of Demo- School, and physician to out-patients crats and A. P. A. sympathizers who at the Massachusetts General Hossought to punish him for bis independ- pital. — E. P. Warren has loaned to

- P. M. Keating was a mem- the Fogg Art Museum at Cambridge ber of the Committee on Credentials at a collection of Greek vases, some of the Massachusetts Democratic Conven- which are of great beauty. — C. E. tion of Oct. 2; and C. C. Nichols was L. Wingate has been reappointed by placed on the Committee on Permanent the Overseers a member of the ComOrganization. — A. C. Lane is assist- mittee on English Literature for the ant State geologist of Michigan, his year 1895–96. — Dr. E. S. Jack is work having been done largely on the medical examiner for the third MidMarquette, Gogebic, and other iron dlesex district of Massachusetts, and ranges of that State. - Asst. Prof. is on the surgical staff of the MelA. R. Marsh will conduct two courses rose Hospital. · William T. Peirce in the Department of Comparative Lit- is now acting as “captain” for the erature at Harvard during 1895–96, Vallecillo Mining Company, owners of viz.: The History of Latin Literature a large silver lead mine in the State of in the Middle Ages (beginning with Nuevo Leon, Mexico, about 150 miles the 4th century), and its Relations to south of the Rio Grande. — Wallace Classic and Modern Literature; and Rice has abandoned the practice of Mediaeval Literature in the Vulgar law, and is now foreign editor of the Tongues, with especial reference to Chicago Tribune. — F. W. Morton is the influence of France and Provence; on the staff of the Chicago T'imes-Heralso, one course in the Spanish Depart- ald. Jos. Lee is vice-president of ment, with Mr. Fletcher, Spanish the Children's Bureau Association, reGrammar, Reading, and Composition cently organized to improve the meth(Modern Novels and Plays, El Eco de ods of caring for the poor


negMadrid). — The Rev. W. E. Nies is lected children in the charge of the missionary in charge of the Church Commonwealth of Massachusetts. of the Ascension at Rockville Centre, J. A. Noyes has been appointed by L. I., a mission of the Cathedral at the Corporation editor of the QuinGarden City. – L. R. E. Paulin has quennial Catalogue. — L. A. Coolidge removed from Bloomfield to Aztec, has received the insignia of the Order San Juan County, N. M., but spends of the Cross from the King of Trinimost of his time at Fort Wingate, 100 dad. — F. W. Kaan, Rep., has been miles away, where he has entered reëlected to the Mass. House of Repinto a contract to supply beef for resentatives. — H. V. Hayes is a memthe United States Government Post ber of the American Academy. at that place. — Asst. Prof. H. L. Smyth will have charge of the same

1884. three balf-courses as last year, in the EDWARD A. HIBBARD, Sec. Department of Geology at Harvard, 111 Broadway, New York, N. Y. during 1895-96, viz.: Geological Sur- L. E. Sexton was the candidate of veying; Mining Geology, and Pre- the State Democracy for State SenaCambrian Geology of North America. tor in the 13th senatorial district of - Dr. A. K. Stone is instructor in New York city. — W. S. Jackman is Bacteriology at the Harvard Medical a member of the executive council of


the recently formed Herbart Society.

1886. - R. S. Minturn was on the 25th Dis- DR. J. H. HUDDLESTON, Sec. trict New York Good Government 126 West 85th St., New York, N. Y. Club campaign committee in the re- Frank Anthony Luques was drowned cent campaign. — E. L. Conant is while bathing in the Saco River near practicing law at 2 Wall St., New Biddeford, Me., Aug. 8. After his York. — T. J. Coolidge, Jr., is a mem- graduation from college in 1886 he ber of the Reorganization Committee studied art in this country and Europe, of the New York & New England and gave promise of distinction in his R. R. Co. — Frank Hamlin is asst. profession. For a time he lived in Boscorporation counsel of the city of ton, but later he had a studio in New Chicago. — Gordon Abbott is vice- York. — The Rev. L. B. Macdonald president of the reorganized New has received a call from the First York & New England R. R. Co.- Parish Church of Concord. — Henry Dunlap Smith is president of the Augustus Richards died at Weymouth, Chicago Real Estate Board.

Oct. 8. Soon after his graduation he

went into business with his father in 1885.

Quincy and Weymouth. He was a HENRY M. WILLIAMS, Sec. member of the Orphans Hope Lodge, 28 State St., Boston.

F. A. M., of the Kuights Templar, and Messrs. Nutter and Simpkins are for several years of the 1st Corps of on the committees to visit the Univer- Cadets. A widow survives. - F. T. sity.-J. W. Bemis continues his con- Cooper received the degree of Ph. D. nection with the new Department of at Columbia College in June. — Dr. Architecture for another year. - It J. H. Huddleston, according to the is reported that Sheridan P. Read, N. Y. Times, “has been promoted to U. S. Consul at Tien-Tsin, China, be assistant surgeon and captain of has been appointed by President of the Seventh Regiment, National Cleveland one of the independent Guard, State of New York, vice Col. commissioners which this government lis promoted. He has been a private has sent to investigate the Kucheng in Company A of the Seventh, and is outrages. — The Class Secretary has now connected with Gouverneur Hoschanged his address from 39 Court pital, and also is an instructor in BelleSt. to 28 State St., Boston. — Wm. H. vue Hospital Medical College.” – ED. Baldwin, Jr., has been advanced from third to second vice-president of the

1887. Southern Railway. His duties in the GEORGE P. FURBER, Sec. management of the road will be much

53 State St., Boston. the same as before. — R. S. Bickford, In the Lowell Free Lectures at the who has been for a few years in the Mass. Institute of Technology, Boston, West at Helena, Mont., has returned for 1895–96, Course XII, on Contemto Boston, where he is engaged in the porary European History and Politics bond and investment brokerage busi- (12 lectures), is given by Asst. Prof.

- F. I. Carpenter has received C. F. A. Currier, and Course XIV, on the degree of Ph. D. from the Univer- Differential Calculus (12 lectures), sity of Chicago.

by Asst. Prof. F. H. Bailey.- Prof. J. H. Robinson is professor of History


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