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Oct. 16.
Oct. 19.
Oct. 26..

to be entirely the reverse. Princeton's Hollister, 172...... 2...... ...Tudor, 146.
heavy rushers broke through so quickly

Chatman, 165.... Bow.... .....Guild, 157.
Rust, 110,...

.......Cox.... .. Huidekoper, '97.
upon Harvard's backs that they could
neither run nor kick, and when the The officials were : Referee, Mr. F.
game ended the score was 12 to 4 in Peabody ; umpire for Harvard, Mr.
Princeton's favor. No excuses need Watson.
be offered. Harvard was undoubtedly

The Crew rowed daily throughout outplayed. The fact, however, re- the fall under the coaching of Mr. mains, that rainy weather, with a

Watson. Several men trained for slippery field, is acknowledged to be the fall games under the supervision most favorable to a heavy eleven with of Capt. Bremer and Mr. Lathrop. beefy rushers, and most unfavorable The Freshman Meeting showed that to a light, active eleven with exception- there is some good material in '99. ally light half-backs.

At the annual fall Handicap Games, The season's score up to the time of E. H. Clark, '96, broke the Harvard going to press follows:

hammer throwing record by a throw Opp.

of 123 ft. 7 in., and E. Hollister won Sept. 28..


the half mile from scratch in 1m. 58s. Oct. 5...

..Amherst ...... The summary follows : 120 yds. hurOct. 9..


dle : 1. V. Munroe, '96, scratch ; 2. Oct. 12.

West Point...0

K. K. Kubli, L. S., 7 yds. Time, 174s.

100 yds. dash : 1. W. R. Mansfield,

....Cornell....: ,0 '97, 2 yds. ; 2. H. G. Dorman, '96, 8 Nov. 2. .

Princeton....12 Nov. 9..

. Michigan......0 yds. Time, 10s. 2 mile bicycle race :
Robert W. Emmons, 2d, '95.

1. E. D. Powers, '98, 200 yds. ; 2. H.
P. White, '99, 50 yds. 5m. 18s. 440

yds. dash : 1. H. H. Fish, '99, 15 yds. ;

2. J. M. Abbott, '98, 30 yds., 514s. A Boston Athletic Association eight- 220 yds. hurdles : 1. F. B. Fox, '96, 2 oared crew defeated the Harvard ’Var- yds. ; 2. F. Mason, '96, scratch. 272s. sity in a race Oct. 25 by superior 880 yds. run : 1. E. Hollister, '97, watermanship and dash in the first scratch; 2. C. H. Williams, ,'98, 15 mile. The course was two miles on yds. Time, 1m. 58s. One mile run: the Charles River from the Union 1. D. Grant, '99, scratch ; 2. H. W. Boat Club to Longwood bridge. In Foote, '97, 50 yds. Time, 4m. 404s. the first mile B. A. A. drew away, but Running high jump : 1. E. H. Clark, after that Harvard's superior training '96, 2 in. ; 2. F. Holt, '99, 4 in. Height, told, and the gap began to close. In 5 ft. 105 in. Putting 16 lb. shot : 1. an exciting finish B. A. A. won by ten L. Williams, '97, 5 ft. ; 2. E. H. feet. The following composed the two Clark, '96, scratch. Distance, 38 ft.

14 in. Throwing 16 lb. hammer : 1.

E. H. Clark, '96, scratch ; 2. W. D. Bullard, 165..... Stroke......Crowninshield, 151. Hennen, '98, 15 ft. Distance, 123 ft., Jennings, 184...

Jones, 156. 7 in. Running broad jump : 1. F. Stevenson, 176.....6.

Davis, 178. Mason, '96, 1 ft. ; 2. E. H. Clark, '96, Perkins, 178.

Cummings, 175. Ames, 174....

3 in. Blake, 163.

Distance, 21 ft. 10 in. 220 yds. Goodrich, 170......3..

...Horton, 168. dash : 1. H. G. Dorman, '96, 17 yds.;

0 .6

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B. A. A.



2. W. R. Mansfield, '97, 5 yds. Time, W. M. Scudder, '99, defeated H. J. 224s. Pole vault : 1. W. E. Putnam, Holt, '98, and A. Ingraham, '96, in Jr., '96, 1 ft. ; 2. M. H. Kershaw, L. the final round of the doubles. — S., scratch. Height, 10 ft.

« Push Ball" is the name of an At the New England championship amusing game introduced in College meeting held in Worcester, Oct. 12, this fall. It was invented at the NewJ. L. Bremer, '96, won the 220 yards ton Athletic Club, where a team was hurdles ; F. H. Bigelow, '98, the 100 formed. The ball used is of leather, and 220 yards dashes ; W. W. Hoyt, six feet in diameter, and filled with '98, the 120 yards hurdles and pole air. The object is to push it into the vault ; E. H. Clark, '96, the shot and opponents' territory and across their second place in high and broad jumps; goal line. Eight men form the teams W. R. Mansfield, second place in the on each side. The first exhibition 440 yards dash, and third in 220 yards game was played between the halves dash. The Cycling Association dur- of the football game with Brown. ing the fall arranged a series of four The scores of the Intercollegiate bicycle runs averaging ten miles in Shoot held at Princeton, Nov. 1, length. At the first annual fall meet- were Princeton, 120 ; Harvard, 116 ; ing the races were as follows : Half Yale, 98. — Capt. Scott of the Lamile scratch : 1. H. B. Hewitt, s. s.; crosse team had several men out 2. H. P. White, '99. Time, 1m. 25£s. practicing through the fall, and will Two mile handicap: 1. G. F. Baker, continue light training through the Jr., '99, 225 yds. ; 2. W. E. Putnam, winter. — The Intercollegiate Fencing '96. Time, 5m. 104s. One mile handi- Association, composed of Harvard and cap : 1. H. B. Hewitt, s. s. ; 2. H. P. Columbia, has invited West Point, White, '99. Time, 2m. 354s.— In the Annapolis, Cornell, Princeton, and finals of the Fall Tennis Tournament Pennsylvania to take part in the third R. T. Parke, '96, defeated A. Ingra- annual contest this winter. The ham, '96, but in the match for the Class football games resulted as folchampionship of the University he lows : Oct. 31, Freshmen 6, Sopho, was defeated by G. L. Wrenn, '96, last mores 6 ; Nov. 1, Juniors 10, Seniors year's champion. In the consolation 10; Nov. 4, Juniors 6, Seniors 4; singles W. S. Fitz, '99, beat P. G. Nov. 5, Freshmen 12, Sophomores 10; Carleton, '99. L. E. Ware, '99, and Nov. 10, Juniors 12, Freshmen 0.


BICYCLE ASSOCIATION. Pres., A. H. Bullock, '96; vice-pres., Pres., F. S. Elliot; vice-pres., A. B. H. W. Howe, '97; treas., L. W. Jen- Holmes; sec. and treas., W. R. Brinckkins, '96; sec., P. Dalton, '98; stewards, erhoff; capt., H. C. Burdett; stewards, R. B. Williams, '96, H. R. Storrs, '96, H. B. Hewitt, '99, E. F. Alexander, E. Hollister, '97, N. P. Hallowell, '97, '99, W. D. Hennen, '98, E. D. Powers, F. H. Bigelow, '98.





Pres., R. W. Sprague, '97; vice- J. D. Greene, '96, pres.; F. A. Bur-
pres., Arthur M. Beale, '97; sec., D. lingame, '97, man. ed.; J. R. Procter,
F. Urquhart, '99; treas., G. B. Hast- Jr., '98, sec.; editors, E. V. Frothing-
ings, '97.

ham, '96, E. R. Mathews, '96, R. K.
Fox, '96, H. R. Storrs, '96, A. M. Kales,

'96, F. J. Mahoney, '97, M. E. Stone, Pres., A. S. Todd, '96; sec. and Jr., '97, C. F. Prescott, '97, J. Dean, '97, treas., M. F. Goodwin, '99.

H. G. Gray, '97, H. Endicott, Jr., '97,

J. A. Carpenter, '97, W. Byrd, '97, C. CAMBRIDGE LATIN SCHOOL CLUB. Grilk, '98, W. K. Otis, '98; bus. man.,

Pres., G. W. Creelman, '96; first W. B. Wolffe, L. S.; asst. bus. man.,
vice-pres., Max Benshimol, Gr.; sec- R. Pierson, '98.
ond vice-pres., H. N. Stearns, '99;
sec., C. A. McGrew, '97; treas., F. B.
Whittemore, '96; aud., C. K. Moore, Pres. E. G. Knoblauch, '96; vice-

pres., H. Schurz, '97; treas., A. Scott,
'97; sec., J. P. Hayden, '97.



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Pres., V. Munroe, '96; vice-pres.,

C. P. M. Rumfurd, '97; sec., P. E. Pres., Prof. G. P. Baker; vice-pres.,
Brown, '97.

Prof. Barrett Wendell; sec., W. T.

Denison, '96.
Pres., J. D. M. Ford, Gr.; vice-pres.,
D. D. Scannell, '97; treas., F. J. Ottis, Pres., H. W. Howe, '97; vice-pres.,
L. S.; sec., E. L. Logan, '98; gov. board, R. C. Thomas, '96; sec. J. A. Carpen-
W. P. Cross, Med.; J. A. Barnes, Med.; ter, '97; treas., N. C. Metcalf, '96; li-
J. J. Curry, Med.; S. N. Murphy, brarian, E. H. Darling, '97; leader, H.
Med.; J. F. McGrath, L. S.; J. M. C. Taylor, '97.
Minton, L. S.; W. J. O'Malley, L. S.;
D. J. J. Shea, '98; C. F. Regan, '98;
G. C. Ward, '98; G. B. Hastings, '97; Pres. C. A. Duniway; vice-pres., J.
J. R. Healy, '97; C. G. Fitzgerald, '99; H. Boynton; sec., F. P. Gulliver;
and the pres. (ex officio).

treas., J. B. Browder; exec. com., H.

R. Meyer, F. H. Safford, A. W. HodgCIVIL SERVICE REFORM CLUB.

man, E. A. Singer, J. E. Lough, H. Pres., A. S. Ingalls, '96; vice-pres., W. Brown, and E. A. Thurber. H. Schurz, '97; sec. and treas., F. H. Kinnicutt, '97; exec. com., F. D. Pollak, '96, H. Dibblee, '96, S. P. West, Pres., W. B. Rogers, '96; vice-pres., '97, H. G. ay, '97, J. R. McVey, P. L. Smith, '97; treas., B. H. Dibblee, '98, C. I. Wright, '98, H. B. Burlin- '99; sec. and custos, F. D. Cochrane, game, '99, A. H. Gilbert, '99, W. E. '99. Hutton, L. S., S. H. Pillsbury, L. S., H. T. Holland, Med., J. H. Jones, L. Pres., W. T. Denison ; sec., F. S. S., and J. P. Weish, '97.

Hoppin; librarian, J. P. Cotton, Jr.


0. K.


PROHIBITION CLUB. M. P. Richards, L. S., pres.; J. H. Pres., S. May, '96; sec., P. K. WalLewis, Gr., first vice-pres. ; E. B. Day, cott, '97. '96, second vice-pres.; B. C. Auten, '97,

SHOOTING CLUB. sec. and treas.

Pres., S. Heckscher, '96; director from '96, E. F. W. Bartol.




HARVARD CLUBS. the Yale team, too, had kindly accepted

our invitations to be present, and they

too were warmly welcomed. The annual meeting of the Club for The Committee in charge of the the election of officers and other busi- reception very wisely took pains to ness will be held at the University avoid any formality, and that was Club, Chicago, on Tuesday evening, greatly appreciated by the visitors. Dec. 10, 1895.

In the absence of Mr. J. C. Carter, John A. Walz, who held the post- '50, President of the Club, the Vicegraduate scholarship of the Harvard president, Mr. H. S. Van Duzer, '75, Club of Chicago at Harvard during extended a welcome on behalf of the the year 1894-95, has been awarded Club, and expressed the pleasure that the same scholarship for the year it gave to Harvard men to meet and 1895–96.

greet the men from Cambridge and Wm. C. Boyden, '86. the men from New Haven. Capt.

Horan, of Cambridge, and Capt. Shel

don, of Yale, replied for their respecOne of the pleasantest incidents in tive teams. That ended the speechthe history of the Club was the recep- making ; and for the rest of the evention given on Monday evening, Oct. ing there was jolly singing, much 7, to the members of the Athletic enthusiastic cheering (including cheers Team from the University of Cam- for Oxford), and a general comminbridge, England. The Cambridge gling and fraternizing of Cambridge, men bad just finished their period of Yale, and Harvard men. training for the contests with Yale, When, near midnight, the visitors which took place on the Saturday pre- left us, a crowd of Harvard men, hatceding our reception. They came to less and enthusiastic, marched to the us at the beginning of a week of station and cheered the Englishmen sight-seeing and enjoyment. Harvard as the latter were carricd away by men naturally took a very great in- the train for Boston, where they were terest and pride in the visit of the to be the guests of the Harvard representatives of the English univer- undergraduates. sity where John Harvard studied ;

Walter Alexander, '87, Sec. and several hundred men were gathered together in the club-house when the guests arrived. The members of The Club had its annual dinner at



the New Cliffs Hotel, Newport, on
Sept. 6. There were about twenty The Club has been quiet during the
guests and members present, the for- summer, but with the approach of
mer consisting of Gov. Lippitt, ex- winter resumes its normal activity.
Senator Edmunds, of Vermont, Prof. At the annual meeting held at the
Sloane, of Princeton, Judge Green, of University Club last winter, the old
Pennsylvania, F. C. Bass, D. D., A. officers were reëlected. The attend-
0. D. Taylor, and W. K. Brice, '95. ance at our annual dinners, which are
The party was somewhat delayed in also our annual meetings, is increasing
sitting down to dinner by the business from year to year, and shows a very
meeting preceding it. The election gratifying growth of Harvard influ-
of officers resulted as follows: Pres., ence in St. Louis. It was decided to
Dr. G. L. Collins, m '79, Providence ; institute an information committee,
vice-pres., Dr. H. G. Mackaye, '78, who were to keep on the lookout for
Newport ; sec., J. P. Farnsworth, '81, boys who were to enter college, give
Providence ; treas., Dr. Frederick them information about Harvard, and
Bradley, d '86, Newport; cor. sec., Dr. act in general as a recruiting corps.
G. T. Swarts, m '79, Providence; poet, This committee has kept in touch as
Rev. G. W.Cutler, Newport; librarian, far as possible with parents of boys
Dr. H. R. Storer, '50, Newport. A about to enter college, and has distrib-
committee was appointed on a univer- uted considerable printed matter. At
sity house, as last year, though there the initiative of the Harvard Club last
is little prospect of much being done. May a “University Smoker” was held
Gov. Lippitt, Senator Edmunds, Prof. at which about one hundred men rep-
Sloane, Judge Green, and others re- resenting many universities were pres-
sponded to the usual Club toasts. ent. This meeting was

a decided
success in bringing together college

graduates residing in St. Louis, and it At the semiannual meeting held is expected to hold one or two more of Sept. 14, eighteen members were pres- these University meetings during the ent. The following new members were coming winter. elected: Frederick Bausman, L. S., '83,

George F. Steedman, '92. G. M. Paschall, l '69, M. P. Stafford, '66, J. T. Nichols, '84. The following officers were elected : Pres., C. T. Ty

ASSOCIATIONS. ler, '74 ; vice-pres., Prof. Mark Bailey, Jr., '90 ; sec. and treas., H. F. Meserve, '88. Resolutions upon the death of For the past four years A. I. HadGeorge H. Heilbron were passed, and ley, d '91, has been associated with C. copies ordered to be sent to his widow H. Abbot, d '85, in Berlin, Germany, and to the Secretary of the Class of but he recently left Germany, and in 83. Among other guests, the club June last he settled at 125 Marlboro' entertained Dr. Mark W. Harrington, St., Boston. He was a corresponding the new president of the University of secretary of this Association, but by Washington.

vote of Council has been transferred George E. Wright, '89. to active membership. — Edward D.

Barrows, d '95, an active member, was



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