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seers, that they may consent thereto if Department under the direction of Asthey see fit.

sistant Professor de Sumichrast, and

the same was gratefully accepted. Meeting of April 29, 1895 (Additional).

The Treasurer reported the receipt Voted to reappoint John George through Professor George Lincoln Jack Lecturer at the Arnold Arbore- Goodale of $3,000 from an anonytum for the calendar


1895. mous giver, to be used “for the inVoted to appoint the following spe- stallation of specimens in the Botanicial Clinical Instructors in Summer cal Museum, according to Professor Courses for 1895: John Templeton Goodale's plans,” — and it was Voted Bowen, M. D., in Dermatology ; John that this generous gift be gratefully Wheelock Elliot, M. D., in Surgery ; accepted. Frank Bishop Harrington, M. D., in The Treasurer reported the receipt Surgery ; Edwin Wells Dwight, M. D., of $30 from Dr. Charles Harrington, in Pathology.

to be added to the appropriation for

Hygiene and Materia Medica, and the Meeting of May 13, 1895.

same was gratefully accepted. The Treasurer submitted a copy of Voted that the thanks of the Presithe will of Dr. George E. Ellis, under dent and Fellows be sent to Mr. which the residue of his estate is Jacob H. Schiff and Mr. Henry C. given to the President and Fellows to Warren for the recently discovered constitute a fund to be known as the alabaster tablet containing a long cu“Harvard Ellis Fund,” in memory of neiform record of a temple restoration his son John Harvard Ellis, of the by Ramman-nirari, King of Assyria, Class of 1862, the income thereof to about 1320 B. C., which they have rebe used at the discretion of the Cor- cently bought and generously given to poration, except that it may not be the Semitic Museum. used for “the Divinity School, or for Voted to grant leave of absence to the Theological Department of the Professor Münsterberg for the acaUniversity,” — and it was Voted that demic year 1895–96. the bequest be gratefully accepted on Voted to grant the request of Prothe terms named in the will. The fessor G. H. Palmer for leave of abTreasurer reported the receipt of sence for the academic year 1895–96, $30,000 from the estate of Dr. George in accordance with the rules estabE. Ellis on account of his residuary lished by this Board May 31, 1880. bequest.

Voted to proceed to the election of a Mr. Richard M. Hunt having asked Professor of Petrography and Minerthe College to accept as a gift from alogy, to serve from Sept. 1, 1895 ; him two bronze candelabra for the whereupon ballots being given in, it front of the Fogg Museum, it was appeared that John Eliot Wolff, Ph. Voted that this generous gift be grate- D., was elected. Voted to communicate fully accepted, and that the thanks of this election to the Board of Overthe President and Fellows therefor be seers, that they may consent thereto if sent to Mr. Hunt.

they see fit. The Treasurer reported the receipt Voted to proceed to the election of a of $50 from Mr. Roger Upton, to be Professor of Law, to serve from Sept. expended for the library of the French 1, 1895; whereupon ballots being

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given in, it appeared that Samuel Wil- Voted to appoint Henry Lloyd liston, A. M., LL. B., was elected. Smyth, A. B., C. E., Assistant ProVoted to communicate this election to fessor of Mining for five years from the Board of Overseers, that they may Sept. 1, 1895. consent thereto if they see fit.

Voted to appoint George Pierce BaVoted to proceed to the election of ker, A. B., Assistant Professor of Enga Professor of Experimental Psychol- lish for five years from Sept. 1, 1895. ogy, to serve from Sept. 1, 1895 ; Voted to appoint Charles Townsend whereupon ballots being given in, it Copeland, A. B., Instructor in English, appeared that Hugo Münsterberg, and Lecturer on English Literature, Ph. D., M. D., was elected. Voted to from Sept. 1, 1895. communicate this election to the Voted to appoint Alfred Bull Nichols, Board of Overseers, that they may A, B., D. B., Instructor in German consent thereto if they see fit.

from Sept. 1, 1895. Voted to appoint Francis Henry Voted to reappoint James Edwin Davenport, M. D., Assistant Professor Lough, A. B., Assistant in Psychology, of Gynaecology for five years from for one year from Sept. 1, 1895. Sept. 1, 1895.

Voted to appoint Edgar Arthur Voted to appoint James Hardy Singer, Ph. D., Assistant in Psychology Ropes, A. B., Instructor in New Tes- for one year from Sept. 1, 1895. tament Criticism and Interpretation Boylston Prizes for Elocution were for three years from Sept. 1, 1895. awarded as follows : First prize to

Voted to appoint Charles Burton Harold E. Addison, Junior; Second Gulick, Ph. D., Instructor in Greek prizes to Rufus W. Stimson, Senior, for one year from Sept. 1, 1895. William S. Youngman, Senior, Loring

T. Hildreth, Junior.
Meeting of May 20, 1895.
The Treasurer reported the receipt

Meeting of May 27, 1895. of $100 through Assistant Professor Voted that the thanks of the PresiChanning for the purchase of books dent and Fellows be sent to Mrs. for the Historical Library, and the Henry Draper, of New York, for her same was gratefully accepted. additional gift of $833.33 received

The resignation of Professor Charles May 25, 1895, toward the expenses at Loring Jackson as Acting Curator of the Observatory of Harvard Universithe Mineralogical Museum was re- ty, on account of the Draper Memorial. ceived and accepted. Voted to appoint The Treasurer reported the receipt Professor John Eliot Wolff, Ph. D., of $9,891 additional from the estate of Curator of the Mineralogical Museum. Mrs. Sophia Gage Burr, on account of

Voted to proceed to the election of her residuary bequest for maintaining a Professor of Bacteriology, to serve the Burr Scholarships. from Sept. 1, 1895; whereupon ballots The Treasurer reported the receipt being given in, it appeared that Harold of $750 additional from the estate of Clarence Ernst, A. M., M. D., was Miss Caroline Haskell Ingersoll, the elected. Voted to communicate this final payment on account of her beelection to the Board of Overseers, quest of $5,000 for the establishment that they may consent thereto if they of the Ingersoll Lecture on the ImThe Treasurer reported that he had ogy; John Irvin Hamaker, A. B., in received from Miss Lucy Ellis the Zoology; Newton Samuel Bacon, in sum of $2,000 as her third yearly Chemistry. payment on account of the $10,000 The resolutions passed by the Board promised by her for the benefit of the of Overseers on Nov. 7, 1894, in relaMedical School, and said sum was tion to the lands and buildings of the gratefully accepted.

mortality of Man.

see fit.

College, were again considered, and Voted to appoint Professor George the following votes were thereupon Trumbull Ladd of Yale University to passed : Voted that the President and conduct the Ethical Seminary during Fellows do not think it desirable that the year 1895–96.

a complete scheme for the future deVoted to reappoint Daniel Denison velopment of the College property Slade, M. D., Lecturer on Compara- should be formulated. No sufficient tive Osteology for one year from knowledge can be had as to the Sept. 1, 1895.

amount of future gifts and bequests, Voted to reappoint Charles Lowell or the conditions on which money is Young, A. B., Instructor in English to be given, and if adjoining lands not for one year from Sept. 1, 1895. now belonging to the College should

Voted to appoint the following In- be included in such a scheme the diffistructors for one year from Sept. 1, culty of buying them at a fair price 1895: George Willis Botsford, Ph. D., would be greatly increased. Voted that in the History of Greece and Rome; the President and Fellows do not Herbert Lyon Jones, S. M., in Botany; think it expedient that a standing adThomas Hall, Jr., A. B., in English. visory committee should be established

Voted to reappoint the following As- as suggested, to pass upon all artistic sistants for one year from Sept. 1, questions where University property 1895 : Herbert Vaughan Abbott, A. B., is concerned. Artistic questions for in English ; Lindsay Todd Damon, the College can very rarely be sepaA. B., in English ; John Goddard rated from questions of cost, of utility, Hart, A. M., in English ; Lewis Dana and of express or implied obligations Hill, A. B., in Physics ; Gifford Le to benefactors, for all of which matClear, in Physics ; John Percival Syl- ters the Corporation are responsible. vester, in Chemistry ; George Oen- Voted to inform the Board of Overslager, A. B., in Chemistry; Robert seers that the President and Fellows Warren Fuller, in Chemistry ; Joseph have in preparation a new plan of the Wm. Blankinship, A. B., in Botanical College grounds in Cambridge showMuseum.

ing the sites of existing buildings and Voted to appoint the following As- containing some suggestions for open sistants for one year from Sept. 1, areas, roadways, and future sites which 1895 : Pitts Duffield, in English ; John have heretofore been made by Mr. Corbin, in English ; Richard Cobb, Olmsted, Mr. Richardson, Mr. McKim, A. B., in English ; Charles Macomb and other experts from time to time Flandrau, in English ; Henry Copley employed by the President and FelGreene, A. B., in English ; William lows. Voted to communicate these Dennis Collins, in Physics ; William votes to the Board of Overseers in Everett Stark, in Physics ; Henry reply to their resolutions on this subRichardson Linville, A. B., in Zoöl- ject.

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Mrs. Sarah W. Whitman having now established between Harvard Unisubmitted to the President and Fel- versity and Radcliffe College, it is lows a design for a stained glass win- expedient that Harvard examinations dow to replace the glass now contained should be open to women only through in the great north window of the the medium of Radcliffe College, transept of Memorial Hall, and hav- Voted, 1. That Radcliffe College be ing stated that an alumnus of the Col- authorized to provide in Cambridge lege, who desires to remain unknown, and (with the approval of the Presiwishes to present to the University a dent of the University) in other places window to be made in general after where the Harvard admission examithis design, as a memorial to all the nations are held, arrangements by men whose names appear on the mu- which women may take those examiral tablets of the Hall, - it was Voted nations; to submit the work of its that this offer be referred to Mr. candidates to the committee of the Brimmer and the Treasurer as a Com- Faculty of Arts and Sciences on Admittee with full powers.

mission Examinations, and to certify

the results to the candidates; provided Meeting of June 10, 1895.

that Radcliffe College shall assume Voted that the thanks of the Presi- the entire expense of these arrangedent and Fellows be sent to Mr. ments, charging its candidates such James A. Garland for his third and fees as may be deemed equitable. 2. fourth quarterly payments of $750 That the certificate of the President each for the year 1894–95, towards of the University, hitherto given to salaries in the department of Archi- successful candidates in the Examitecture.

nations for Women, be discontinued The Treasurer reported the receipt after the examinations of 1896, and of the additional sum of $10 from the that Radcliffe College be authorized sale of the $10,000 mortgage assigned to grant a similar certificate. as by vote of May 20, 1895, on ac- Voted on recommendation of the count of the residuary bequest made Faculty of Arts and Sciences, that the by Mrs. Sophia Gage Burr for main- acceptance of an assistantship by any taining the Burr Scholarships. person holding, or appointed to a Fel

Voted that the thanks of the Presi- lowship or Scholarship in the Graduate dent and Fellows be sent to John Wil- School, without the express permission kins Carter for his generous gift of a. of the Corporation to hold both apcopy in bronze from the antique figure pointments, be regarded as a resignaof the seated Mercury.

tion of the fellowship or scholarship; A letter was received from Profes- and that the acceptance of a fellowsor Charles Sedgwick Minot offering ship or scholarship in the Graduate to contribute during the academic year School by an assistant, without express 1895–96 the sum of $500 towards the permission of the Corporation to hold salary of Alfred Schaper, M. D., as both appointments, be regarded as a Demonstrator of Histology and Em- resignation of the assistantship. bryology, and his offer was gratefully Voted to appoint Alfred Cope accepted on the conditions named in Garrett, Ph. D., Instructor in English his letter.

from Sept. 1, 1895. Whereas in view of the relations Voted to appoint Edmund Hersey


Superintendent of the Bussey Farm ber 1, 1895: William Merritt Conant, and Instructor in Farming from Sept. M.D., in Anatomy ; Frank Burt 1, 1895.

Mallory, M. D., in Pathology ; Arthur Voted to reappoint the following Tracy Cabot, M. D., in Genito-urinary Instructors for one year from Sept. 1, and Clinical Surgery ; Henry Parker 1895: John Joseph Hayes, in Elocu- Quincy, M. D., in Histology ; Samuel tion ; George Staples Rice, S. B., in Jason Mixter, M. D., in Surgery ; Sanitary Engineering ; William Ed- Francis Sedgwick Watson, M. D., in ward McClintock, in Highway Engi- Genito-urinary Surgery; Elbridge neering ; James Gray Lathrop, in Gerry Cutler, M. D., in the Theory Athletics ; Alphonse Brun, Ph. B., in and Practice of Physic; William French ; Heinrich Conrade Bierwirth, Whitworth Gannett, M. D., in Clinical Ph. D., in German ; Alphonse Marin Medicine ; Charles Francis WithingLa Meslée, in French ; Charles Hamil- ton, M. D., in Clinical Medicine ; ton Ashton, A. M., in Mathematics ; Herman Frank Vickery, M. D., in Archibald Cary Coolidge, Ph. D., in Clinical Medicine ; Edward Marshall History; George Howard Parker, Buckingham, M. D., in Diseases of S.D., in Zoology ; Frank Beverly Children. Williams, A. M., in Roman Law; Wm. Voted to appoint the following InMcMichael Woodworth, in Micro- structors for one year from September scopical Anatomy ; William Vaughan 1, 1895: George Howard Monks, Moses, S. B., in Drawing and Machine M. D., in Clinical Surgery ; Edward Designs; John Cummings, Ph. D., in Reynolds, M. D., in Obstetrics; George Political Economy; Daniel Lawrence Haven, M. D., in Gynaecology ; Franz Turner, C. E., in Surveying and Pfaff, M. D., in Pharmacology ; Abner

'; Hydraulics ; Jay Backus Woodworth, Post, M. D., in Syphilis. S. B., in Geology ; Lionel Simeon Voted to reappoint the following Marks, M. E., in Mechanical Engi- special Clinical Instructors for one neering ; George Frederick Newton, in year from September 1, 1895 ; John Designing and Drawing ; John Wesley Homans, M. D., in the Diagnosis and Churchill, A. M., in Elocution. Treatment of Ovarian Tumors; George

Voted to appoint the following In- Washington Gay, M. D., in Surgery; structors for one year from September Edward Cowles, M. D., in Mental 1, 1895 : Jeremiah Denis Matthias Diseases ; Thomas Amory De Blois, Ford, A. B., in French ; John Albrecht M. D., in Laryngology ; John WoodWalz, A. B., in German; George ford Farlow, M.D., in Laryngology ; Amos Dorsey, Ph. D., in Anthropol- Algernon Coolidge, Jr., M.D., in ogy; Vernon Ames Wright, in De- Laryngology ; George Lincoln Walton, scriptive Geometry and Stereotomy. M. D., in Diseases of the Nervous

Voted to reappoint for one year System; Philip Coombs Knapp, from September 1, 1895, Samuel M. D., in Diseases of the Nervous Holmes Durgin, M. D., Lecturer on System. Hygiene ; Theodore Willis Fisher, Voted to appoint Morton Prince, M. D., Lecturer Mental Dis- M. D., special Clinical Instructor in

Diseases of the Nervous System for Voted to reappoint the following one year from September 1, 1895. Instructors for one year from Septem- Voted to appoint Alfred Schaper,


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