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L. Kittredge, '82, Dr. Moses Merrill, '56, and Rev. E. E. Hale, '39, also spoke. The exercises were closed by the singing of a hymn composed by the Rev. A. M. Lord, '83. At the dinner at Hotel Vendome, Boston, in the evening, Prof. G. L. Kittredge, '82, presided and introduced the speakers W. C. Collar, h '70, the Rev. James De Normandie, t '62, the Rev. G. A. Gordon, '81, Dr. William Everett, '59, Lieut.-Gov. Wolcott, '70, Col. J. T. Wheelwright, '76, the Rev. A. M. Lord, '83, Asst. Sec. of the Treasury C. S. Hamlin, '83, and Mr. Daniel. Music was furnished by a quartet from the Harvard Glee Club.

Among the officers of the Worcester North Medical Society, elected April 23, are the following Harvard men : L. G. Chandler, m '71, pres. ; C. W. Spring, m '84, sec., and member of library com.; E. J. Cutter, '77, councilor and censor; F. H. Thompson, m '70, councilor and member of nominating com.; A. P. Mason, '79, censor and librarian; H. H. Lyons, m '81, censor and member of library com.; C. H. Rice, m '66, member of library committee.

At the thirty-third annual meeting of the General Theological Library, held in Boston, April 15, 1895, the following Harvard men were elected officers: William Claflin, h '69, pres.; A. H. Rice, h '76, and W. S. Appleton, '60, directors; Andrew Fiske, '75, necrologist.

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sion is that it is a trophy for winning a boat-race or other athletic event. This, however, is only my supposition, and the letters of the word Swiveller may be initials of men's names or of a sentence. If you will kindly publish this note some of your readers may be able to give me an accurate history of the cup, which I should much like to have."

Venerable Madeira. — The late William Minot, '36, had preserved a bottle of madeira which belonged to his father, William Minot, 1802, who was the secretary of his class, and, though he survived all his classmates, left the bottle of class wine unopened. The wine is still sound, though somewhat too old, and it has been suggested that it be preserved to be drunk by the descendants in 1902. The bottle is of generous size, of very dark glass, and bears a raised medallion with the words "Class of 1802," in raised letters. Attached to the bottle is a card bearing the following inscription :

"On the 31 Dec. 1829 the following Gentlemen members of the Class Club of 1802 assembled at the house of Wm. Minot, viz., James T. Austin, Luther Faulkner, Chas. W. Greene, Sam. Greele, Rich. D. Harris, W. Minot, Jno. Randall, Rob. Rogers, and Alex. Townsend. It was proposed that the Meeting should be annual and that the same gents. or the survivors should meet on the last day of every year. A bottle of Class wine (to which this label is attached) was sealed, and it was resolved that it should be opened by the last survivor at the melancholy anniversary which should leave him a solitary member of the Club, and that he should then drink to the Memory of his ded. friends. This bottle is to be del. by W. Minot's Extrs. to any surviving member of the Club, who is requested

to exhibit it at the next ensuing anniversary and to beg his surviving friends to cherish his memory. He now as sures these friends of his affectionate regard: he begs them to accept his wishes for their happiness and welfare in this world and in the next, where he reverently hopes, thro the great Goodness of Almighty God, they and he may all be permitted to meet in peace and glory.


The bottle itself is now in the possession of William Minot, third of the name, who graduated from the Law School in 1868.


gard to Municipal Control of Gas and Electric Plants," has been issued in a pamphlet of sixty pages.

Frank Vogel, '87, has edited Peter Schlemihls Wundersame Geschichte by Chamisso, for the series of German texts published by Henry Holt & Co., New York. The text is enlivened by Cruikshank's illustrations.

Benjamin W. Wells, '77, has reprinted from the Sewanee Review for August, an article on "The Evolution of French Criticism." In the same review for May he discussed "Contemporary French Poets."

Fitzedward Hall, '46, under the title "Two Trifles: I. A Rejoinder. II. Scientist, with a Preamble," has printed for private circulation some of To avoid misunderstanding, the Editor begs his recent philological discussions. to state that copies of books by or about Harvard men should be sent to the Magazine if a review is desired. In no other way can a complete register of Harvard publications be kept. Writers of articles in prominent periodicals are also requested to send to the Editor copies, or at least the titles, of their contributions. Except in rare instances, space will not permit mention of contributions to the daily and weekly press.

The English Club of the University of Nebraska has begun publishing The Nebraska Literary Magazine, in the first (May) number of which is an article, "Memories," by G. E. Woodberry, '77, and an account (with portrait) of Mr. Woodberry, by Roland P. Gray.

In the New World for June J. W. Chadwick, t '64, wrote on Frances Power Cobbe.

Eliot Norton, '85, described the Harvard Law School in the June and July numbers of the American University Magazine. In the May number, F. W. Coburn, '91, discussed "College-Bred Artists."

"The Argument of the Hon. W. E. Russell, '77, at the Hearing before the Committee on Manufactures in Re

Prof. E. S. Morse, h '92, has issued in pamphlet form his address "On the Importance of Good Manners."

To the Archaeologist for February Prof. W. H. Siebert, '89, contributed an account of "The Underground Railroad in Ohio."

In Longman's English Classic series, R. W. Herrick, '90, edits George Eliot's "Silas Marner;" Prof. G. R. Carpenter, '86, Defoe's "History of the Plague in London ;" J. G. Croswell, '73, Macaulay's Essay on Milton; G. P. Baker, '87, Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream.”

Ginn & Co. announce "Responsive Readings," originally selected for use in Appleton Chapel, by the Rev. Henry van Dyke, h '94.

The Cincinnati Civil Service Reform Association has printed the address by Charles B. Wilby, '70, on "Municipal Reform impossible under the Spoils System."

The Bulletin of the Geographical Club of Philadelphia for March contains "Some Facts about Alsace and

Lorraine," with illustrations and a map, by Thomas W. Balch, '90.

Dr. S. A. Green, '51, read before the Mass. Historical Society, on May 9, "A List of Commencement Days at Harvard College, 1642-1700.”

In the School Review for June, Prof. W. G. Hale, '70, discussed "The Proposed Six-year Latin Course."

"The Free Soil Party in Wisconsin," by Theo. C. Smith, '92, has been reprinted from the Proceedings of the Wisconsin State Historical Society (Madison, Wis.).

The Brief Biographical Sketch of William Davis Ticknor, founder of the Boston publishing house, which was prepared for volume v of the "Memorial Biographies" of the NewEngland Historic Genealogical Society, by his son, Howard Malcolm Ticknor,' 56, has been reprinted for private distribution in a pamphlet form, with a portrait etched by S. A. Schoff.

"Real Bi-Metallism: or, True Coin versus False Coin, A Lesson for Coin's Financial School,'" is a recent contribution by Everett P. Wheeler, '59, to the "sound money" cause. (Putnam: New York.)

Henry T. Finck, '76, has brought out a new book of travel, entitled "Lotos Time in Japan." (Scribner : New York.)

Stephen B. Stanton, '87, has published in the American Law Register and Review for Feb., 1895, an article on "Mandamus as a Means of Settling Strikes."

J. R. Bridge, '84, has, in the Arena for April, an article on "Helen Petrovna Blavatsky."

"Infection and Immunity, with Special Reference to the new Diphtheria Anti-Toxine," by Charles R. Bardeen, '93, has been published by C. W. Bardeen, Syracuse, N. Y.

The Henry T. Thomas Co. has recently published a subscription edition of "The Building of a Nation" by Henry Ganett, s '69.

Percy W. MacKaye, '97, is the author of a humorous poem entitled "Johnny Crimson, a Legend of Hollis Hall."

Prof. Edward Channing, '78, has written for the "Cambridge Historical Series " a book entitled "The United States of America, 1765-1861." (Macmillan: New York.)

The Church Social Union of Cambridge has published in pamphlet form "The Railroad Strike of 1894," by Prof. W. J. Ashley, and "The Church of the World," by the Rev. R. A. Holland, '88.

Dr. Benjamin Rand, '79, has in press "A Bibliography of Economics," embracing the more important English, French, German, and Italian authorities on general economic literature.

"The Theory of Evolution and Social Progress," by Prof. Joseph Le Conte, s '51, was printed in the Monist for July.

The August Review of Reviews prints "A Character Sketch of Theodore Roosevelt," '80, with portrait and illustrations.

Wm. Brewster, '79, has edited Minot's "Land-birds and Game-birds of New England," adding a list of species not found in the original.

Pres. W. DeW. Hyde, '79, of Bowdoin, has recently published "Outlines of Social Theology."

A. McF. Davis, s '54, has made “ An Analysis of the Early Records of Harvard College, 1636-1750," printed as No. 50 of Harvard Library Bibliographical Contributions.

C. K. Bolton, '90, prints " A Descriptive Catalogue of Posters, Chiefly American," in his collection.

"Tales of the Fairies and of the Ghost World, Collected from Oral Tradition in South-west Munster," is the latest work of Jeremiah Curtis, '63. (Little, Brown & Co.: Boston.) The Massachusetts Anti-DoubleTaxation League has published, and is circulating, "Double Taxation in Massachusetts; a full Exposition of the Injustice and Inexpediency of Parts of the Taxation System in Massachusetts," by R. H. Dana, '74.

S. R. Miner, '88, has printed his address, "Queen Esther at Wyoming," on the occasion of the 116th anniversary of the massacre.

Thomas Cushing, '34, has recently published an interesting sketch of Chauncy Hall School, Boston, with a catalogue of teachers and pupils. The School was founded in 1828 by G. F. Thayer, h '55, and Mr. Cushing's account comes down to 1894. He was himself connected with the school for forty-five years, thirty-nine of which he was its principal.

Prof. E. C. Pickering, s '65, has reprinted from The Astrophysical Journal articles on " Discovery of Variable Stars from their Photographic Spectra,” and “T Andromedae. Eclipse of Jupiter's Fourth Satellite, Feb. 19, 1895." From the same journal are reprinted "Stars having Peculiar Spec

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Lewis Hancock, '78, has appeared in pamphlet form.

F. J. Stimson, '76, contributed to the June Political Science Quarterly “The Modern Use of Injunctions," an address delivered by him to the Young Men's Democratic Club of Mass.

W. F. Ganong, '87, now an instructor at Smith College, reprints from the Bulletin of the New Brunswick Natural History Society "An Outline of Phytobiology, with Special Reference to the Study of its Problems by Local Botanists, and Suggestions for a Biological Survey of Acadian Plants."

Prof. Paul H. Hanus has reprinted from the School Review, for May, 1894, his article on "University Inspection of Secondary Schools and the Schools Examination Board of Harvard University."

Dr. W. L. Phelps, p '91, is editing a volume of Chapman's plays for the "Mermaid Series."

F. A. Fernald, '82, is "editor and publisher" of " Our Language, devoted to Speling-riform niuz and dhi diskushun ov kweschunz in alfabetiks." This journal, "publisht munthli, at 3 Bond St., New York," is in its sekund volume ; "dhi klub rêt is Ten kopiz for $4.00 or Fàiv kopis for $2.00. No charj for postêj is mêd widhin dhi Postal Union." The editor announces that "dhi speling ov dhis pêper iz not propôzd for jeneral adopshun. It iz yûzd hîr for prezent konvînyens and wil bî supersîded hwen a môr nîrli perfekt môd haz bin agrid upon."

"A Midsummer Night's Dream," edited by H. H. Furness, '54, is announced by J. B. Lippincott Co.

A second edition has appeared of "On the Wooing of Martha Pitkin," by C. K. Bolton, '90.

Charles Scribner's Sons announce

"Lotus-Time in Japan," by Henry T. Finck, '76; and "The Making of the Nation," by Gen. Francis A. Walker, h '83.

Contributions to the projected English Dialect Dictionary from this side of the water should be sent through the American Dialect Society, of which Mr. E. H. Babbitt, '86, Columbia College, New York city, is secretary.

The following articles by Prof. J. H. Wigmore, '83, have recently appeared: American Law Review, Nov.-Dec., 1894, "American Naturalization and the Japanese;" Harvard Law Review, Dec., 1894, "The Tripartite Division of Torts;" Proceedings of the American Bar Association for 1894, " A Principle of Legal Education."

Prof. S. Waterhouse, s '53, has reprinted his address on "The National Need of an Immediate Construction of the Nicaragua Canal," delivered by him before the Transmississippi Commercial Congress.

E. P. Dutton & Co. have published "Herald Sermons," by George H. Hepworth, t '55.


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Atlantic Monthly. (June.) "Mars-The Water Problem," Percival Lowell, '76. — (July.) "The Ship of State and the Stroke of Fate," Wm. Everett, '59; "An Architect's Vacation - Rural England," R. S. Peabody, '66; A Philosopher with an Eye for Beauty," R. B. Hale, '91; The Song of the Veery," H. van Dyke, h '94; "The Elizabethan Sea Kings," John Fiske, '63; "Mars Canals," P. Lowell, '76.—(August.) “E. R. Hoar," Sonnet, D. E. Ware, '52; "French and English Churches," R. S. Peabody, '66; " Mars - Oases," P. Lowell, "76; "Pres. Polk's Diary,” J. S. Schouler, '59; "The Wrongs of the Juryman,” H. N. Shepard, '71.

Century Magazine. (June.) "The New Swift, "77; "Tribulations of a Cheerful Public Library in Boston," Lindsay Giver," W. D. Howells, h '67. — (July). "Bryant and the Berkshire Hills," Arthur Lawrence, '63.

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Charities Review. (April.) Charity Work of Harvard," Raymond Calkins, '90; "Excise and Charity in Buffalo," Frederic Almy, '80. (May.) "Some Discursive Remarks on Charity," C. J. Bonaparte, '71.

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Educational Review. (May.) "CorreD. Appleton & Co. announce the lation of Science and History," W. S. Jackman, '84.-(June.) "Need of Geopublication of “The Art of Newspa-graphy in the University," W. M. Davis, per-Making," by Charles A. Dana,

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$ '69.

Forum. (May.) "Can We Revive the Olympic Games ?" Paul Shorey, '78; McMaster's "History of the People of the United States," A. B. Hart, '80.- (June.) "Growth of American Nationality," F. A. Walker, h '83; “A Rational Correlation of School Studies," J. M. Rice, s '62; "College Finances - The Best Investment," C. F. Thwing, '76; "The Great

Libraries of the United States," Herbert Putnam, '83.-(August.) "The Twentieth Century," H. B. Brown, L. S., '59.

N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register. (July.) "Chief Justice of the United States, or Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States," W. A. Richardson, '43.

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