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Ogden, Utah; F. L. Olmsted, care of J. A. Browning, 29 W. 55th St., New York, N. Y.; T. D. B. Johnson, 402 Larimer Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.; Dr. W. S. Beaumont, 23 Alveston St., Jamaica Plain; A. E. Pervere, 621 Broadway, New York, N. Y. : C. E. Curry, care of Geh. Prof. Dr. Ludwig Boltzmann, Academie der Wissenschaften, Vienna, Austria; H. B. Crowl, 1006 Torrey Building, Duluth, Minn.; Geo. T. Phelps, 16 Linnaean St., Cambridge; Rev. F. M. Brooks, 40 Ocean Ave., Lynn; T. C. Frenyear, Gloversville, N. Y.

Class had died since the first triennial, Chestnut St., Boston; Chas. W. Luck, and that 24 had been married. The Class voted to have a third triennial dinner, instead of a decennial. A brief summary of the treasurer's report is as follows: Total subscription to the Class Fund, $7,842. Sundry additions (including income, $800.99), $2,084.59. Total fund, $9,926.59. Total paid in, $8,569.59. Subscriptions lapsed by death, $52.00. Amount due and unpaid, $1,305, divided among 60 open accounts, on 7 of which no payment has been made. Total expenditures, $2,961.06. Balance available, $5,608.53. The Class money is invested in savings banks of Boston and vicinity. -The number of members present in Cambridge on Commencement Day was the largest since graduation. Including members of '89 and other Classes and their guests, not fewer than 250 men called at 12 Hollis between the hours of 12 and 2.

Addresses noted by the Secretary since the last issue of the Graduates' Magazine: R. DeC. Ward, 415 Beacon St., Boston; H. P. King, 435 Exchange Building, Boston; H. F. Atkins, 204 N. 3d St., St. Louis, Mo.; E. M. Duff, Grand Rapids, Mich.; L. F. Snow, 1489 Westminster St., Providence, R. I.; Jas. S. Stone, 61 Chestnut St., Boston; R. E. Townsend, R. 38, 113 Devonshire St., Boston; A. F. Adams, 230 South Common St., Lynn; Dr. W. P. Derby, 421 Marlboro' St., Boston; J. P. Morgan, care of J. P. Morgan & Co., New York, N. Y.; Dr. G. W. W. Brewster, 24 Marlboro' St., Boston; C. S. Martin, 102 E. 57th St., and 168 Chambers St., New York, N. Y.; E. W. Hawley, 319 12th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn.; G. W. Waterman, 615 The Rookery, Chicago, Ill.; L. Hulley, Bicknell Univ., Lewisburg, Pa.; S. R. Dunham, 29 A


Jos. W. LUND, Sec.

40 Water St., Boston.

About 50 men attended the Class dinner at the Winter Place Hotel, Boston. The Secretary presided. — J. T. Crawley has gone to Honolulu, Sandwich Islands. - Frederick Seward Bates died at Colorado Springs, Colo., May 18. After graduation he entered the Medical School, but was forced to leave by the disease which caused his death. — E. V. Morgan has accepted the chair of History in Adelbert College, of Cleveland, O. — C. K. Bolton, librarian of the Public Library at Brookline, read a paper on "Genealogical Research in Libraries" before the meeting of Massachusetts librarians.



12 Ashburton Pl., Boston. All members of the Class are earnestly requested to send in their reports at the earliest possible time. Any one who has not received a communication from me dated Boston, July 17, 1895, will please send immediately, and I

shall be pleased to attend to the matter.-F. G. Morgan is traveling in Europe and is at present in Paris. -F. R. Clow has been appointed professor of History in the State Normal School, Oshkosh, Wis.-A. W. Weld's address is 7 Exchange Pl., Boston. -F. W. Burlingham is practicing law with Frank O. Lowden in Chicago; address No. 184 La Salle St.-J. P. Lee has written a book on "Golf in America." -J. M. Howells has been in Paris for the last few years studying at the École des Beaux Arts, rue Bonaparte. — H. S. Johnson is pastor of the First Baptist Church, Pittsfield; address 13 Church St., Pittsfield.-F. S. Rogers is traveling in Europe.-G. Laurie Osgood is interested in a mill at Chiltonville, near Plymouth.-O. S. Hill spent last year in Athens, Greece, at the American School of Classical Studies. His present address is 8 High St., Dorchester.-F. R. Bangs is in the law office of Richard M. Saltonstall, Sears Building, Boston.-L. M. Stockton is in the office of Causten Browne & Co., Patent Lawyers, 82 Water St., Boston.-C. L. Slattery taught, this past year, at Groton School.-G. H. Chittenden has an important position at Mr. Hopkinson's School in Boston.-H. White has been teaching at the Cheltenham Military Academy, Ogontz, Pa. — Otis Everett, a member of the Class during '88 and '89, is connected with the Third National Bank of Boston, No. 53 State St.

Andrew Oliver, Jr., who has been studying a year in the Graduate School, has accepted a position at the Pomfret School, Conn. His permanent address is 27 Brimmer St., Boston. Among the young instructors at Harvard, the Class of '91 is represented by F. D. Chester, in Semitic Languages; F. N. Robinson, in Eng

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lish; and J. Cummings, in Political Economy. All three of these hold the degree of Ph. D., the two former from Harvard, and the latter from the University of Chicago, where he was formerly an instructor.-G. W. Priest is an expert leather chemist, having studied at the Mass. Institute of Technology; address, Watertown.-J. P. Putnam's address is Worcester. — G. H. Stone is pursuing his medical studies at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, Eng., and is also taking the examinations for the London University degree. He has spent several years in travel and study.—A. V. Woodworth is studying Sociology in Freiburg, Germany. He was granted a fellowship by the University Board of Regents in New York; address, care of Brown, Shipley & Co., London, Eng. -Henry B. Washburn has been traveling in Germany and Italy and will take a trip to Greece. - The Rev. A. A. Berle delivered the Fourth of July oration in Boston. - John Watson Lawrence was lost at sea from the steamship La Bourgogne May 27, while returning from Europe with his brother, Townsend Lawrence, '94. He was seen to fall overboard while snatching at his hat, which had blown off. After leaving college he went into business with his father in New York. Last winter the grip and overwork forced him to go abroad for his health. He was a member of the Porcellian Club in college and of the Knickerbocker Club in New York. Hayden Richardson is in the wholesale drug business in St. Louis, Mo. J. R. Jenkins, who was recently ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Lawrence, has accepted a call to be assistant minister at Trinity Church, Columbus, O.-C. F. Winslow has received the degree of A. M.-H. M.

Saville, who last year graduated from the General Theological Seminary, New York, is assistant at St. Martin's Episcopal Church, New Bedford. F. C. Babbitt, originally of '91, after ward with '90, took the degree of Ph. D. at Commencement. The following '91 men this year received the degree of LL. B. from Harvard; G. S. Fiske, F. P. Sears, J. A. Blanchard, C. C. Blaney, H. I. Cummings, F. L. Jerris, and L. K. Morse. Sears enters the office of Solomon Lincoln, '57, of Boston; he was admitted to the Bar in April. The degree of M. D. was conferred upon E. A. Codman, H. T. Baldwin, F. P. Denny, and C. R. L. Putnam.



Waldoboro, Me.

The triennial dinner, held at the Vendome, in Boston, on June 25, was a great success. Between 165 and 170 members of the Class were present, and the reunion proved to be extremely jolly. Music was furnished by Baldwin's Band, and the members of the old '92 Freshman Glee Club led in the singing. The chairman of the Class Committee, T. W. Lamont, presided. The toast-master was A. M. White, Jr.; the poet, M. D. Follansbee; and the chorister, Frederick Bruegger. The "class cradle," a beautiful silver loving cup on which were some appropriate verses written by H. J. Coolidge, was presented to Frederick W. Johnson, who received it on behalf of his son, Sydney Warren. Speeches were made by N. Rantoul, A. R. Crandell, A. R. Benner, Chas. Walcott, L. F. Berry, Samuel Adams, J. H. Rhoades, Jr., J. S. Cranston, J. H. Goddard, R. C. Robbins, and W. C. Forbes.-H. N.

Chandler is vice-president of the Baker Underwear Co., Peekskill, N. Y.A. P. Briggs is with the WarrenScharf Asphalt Paving Co., 81 Fulton St., New York, N. Y.-F. L. Whittemore's address for the next two years is care of Brown, Shipley & Co., Founder's Court, London, E. C., England.-M. E. Ingalls, Jr., is in the law office of Stetson, Tracy, Jennings & Russell, Mills' Bldg., 15 Broad St., New York, N. Y.-F. H. Stewart has a law office at 10 Tremont St., Boston.-W. S. Campbell is practicing law at Room 50, Equitable Building, Boston. The address of J. H. Hunt, who is studying for the Ecole des Beaux Arts, is 3 rue Soufflot, Paris, France. -J. W. Ames is in the office of McKim, Mead & White, architects. His address is No. 160 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.-E. B. Adams has been admitted to the Colorado bar, and is practicing at Colorado Springs.-R. B. Greenough and F. S. Newell in June secured appointments on the staff of the Mass. General Hospital; Wm. Thorndike got an appointment to the City Hospital.-A. H. Woods is spending some months in Germany.-C. J. Brotherton has become a member of the firm of Brotherton & Brotherton, attorneys at law, Lima, O.— A. M. Lythgoe is in Bonn, Germany. His address is in care of Baring Brothers, London.-H. N. Lee is living in Seattle, Wash., his address being 416 Cherry St. - Wm. MacDonald represented Bowdoin College at the centennial celebration of Union College in Schenectady last June. -F. Colby Lucas is teaching in the Hyde Park High School, Chicago, Ill. — W. D. Orcutt is secretary and asst. treasurer of the reorganized University Press Corporation, Cambridge. - R. Ross

Perry, Jr., has been admitted to the bar in the District of Columbia. He has spent the past summer in Europe. - V. M. Porter was a member of the St. Louis (Mo.) commission which recently revised the jury lists of the city.-J. W. Rankin is teaching English in the Central High School, Hazelwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. -F. H. Williams is treasurer of the F. P. Little Electrical Construction and Supply Co., of Buffalo, N. Y. His address is No. 135 Seneca St.-A. R. Benner has been in Europe during the summer.



390 Harvard St., Cambridge. The subscription dinner of the Class was held at the Thorndike, Tuesday evening, June 25. Only 26 members were present. G. K. Bell acted as toast-master. The speaking was extemporaneous and informal. - The Class report will soon be issued. — C. S. Hawes has been abroad as tutor for six months. He will enter the Medical School in the fall.-C. W. Purrington is engaged this summer with the U. S. Geological Survey in a reconnoissance survey of the gold mines of Alaska. -F. W. Watters is agent for the Thomas Coal Co., Fall River. -H. P. Nowell is president of the Home Manufacturing and Process Co., Concord, N. H.-T. H. Shastid is established as a specialist on diseases of the eye, ear, throat, and nose, at Galesburg, Ill. —Arthur Blake is in the Inspection Department of the Boston Board of Fire Underwriters, Boston.-H. W. Patterson, M. D., '95, College of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., is a physician at the Newark, N. J., City Hospital.-O. L. Watkins is acting State agent for Ginn & Co. in Indiana during a year's leave of ab

sence from Thiel College, where he has been professor of Mathematics since graduating.-G. H. Alden is a Fellow in History at the University of Chicago, and is studying there under Prof. von Holst.-J. I. Cochrane is teaching natural sciences at Westminster School, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. — J. P. Hale is studying architecture with Haydel & Shepard, New York, N. Y. -H. L. Teetzel's address is 366 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. — M. H. Guerin is with the law firm of Morris, Krous & Moyer, Unity Building, Chicago. He was admitted to the Bar in June last. Robert Emmet is at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. - Edgar T. Scott is studying law at the University of Penn.-J. W. Richards is with E. P. Dutton & Co., book publishers, 31 West 23d St., New York. His address is care of that firm.


E. K. RAND, Sec.


G. C. Lee, Jr., is with Lee, Higginson & Co., brokers, Boston. - A. F. Cosby received the degree of LL. B. from the Columbian University Law School of Washington, D. C., and won second prize for essays. He is in the law office of Worthington & Heald. — F. K. Cooke, for the past year instructor in Mathematics at the Rugby School, Kenilworth, Ill., has become associate master with a half interest in the school. - W. T. Stuchell has been studying law at Leland Stanford University. - The Rev. Percy Gordon was last year assistant minister at Emmanuel Church, Boston. He is now in charge of the Episcopal Church at Geneva, Switzerland. -T. E. Sherwin is in the railroad business. -G. C. Niles is studying law. — A. H. Whitridge is studying medicine.

Marston's School, Baltimore, Md. An essay of his entitled, “Was Swift married to Stella?" has appeared in the Anglia. - Stone & Kimball publishers, Chicago, besides publishing the Chap-Book, have issued some forty volumes the past season, including works by many of the best known writers of to-day.- Information about temporary members of the Class and special students associated with the Class will be found in the Class Report. The few graduate members who have not yet written their Class Lives should, if they wish copies of the report, send for fresh blanks at once.



D. F. Black is abroad; address 19 von W. Leslie has been appointed to Oxford St., Liverpool, Eng.-A. S. the classical headmastership of Mr. G. Taylor is studying architecture.H. P. Fairbanks is with W. B. Kendall & Son, 100 Water St., New York, N. Y.-C. H. Holmes is with Stone & Kimball, Chicago, Ill.-P. H. de Mauriac is engaged in the cotton business at New Bedford.-J. L. Tryon is lay assistant at St. Bartholomew's, Cambridgeport. — H. A. Cutler is with Douglass & Minton, lawyers, 314 Broadway, New York, N. Y.-L. F. Foss is with the Berkshire Life Insurance Co., 40 Water St., Boston.-W. A. D. Short is in the electrical engineering business with G. W. Furbeck, 135 Pine St., Chicago, Ill.-J. W. Glidden is at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The following men have been the past year at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York: F. A. Dorman, R. Furman, P. R. Turnure, E. Long, Jr., C. Herrman. - M. Osteimer is at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. -A. L. Endicott is with C. F. Hovey & Co., Boston.-B. F. Linfield will teach again at Adams Academy, Quincy.-G. B. C. Rugg is reporter for the Boston Journal.-J. D. M. Ford will teach French at Harvard next year. He has recently written several articles for Johnson's Encyclopaedia.-W. J. Whitney has been appointed professor of History at Drury College. A. M. Pinkham has been teaching at Margaret Academy, Virginia.-W. T. Holmes is at the Union Theological Seminary, New York, N. Y.-L. M. Greenman is preaching at E. Charleston, Vt.-D. W. Lane is treasurer of the New England Metal Screen Co., 38 Bedford St., Boston.-O. A. Lemke is manager of a wholesale produce commission house at 249 S. Water St., Chicago, Ill. —A.

437 Marlboro' St., Boston. The following members of the class will teach this year: N. A. Barker, in the Brooklyn Latin School, Brooklyn, N. Y.; F. H. Bartlett, English, Latin, and Mathematics, at Pomfret School, Pomfret, Conn.; W. E. Cate will be principal of the High School at Littleton; J. H. Chase, Mathematics, and J. E. Crocker, Classics, at the Cascadilla School, Ithaca, N. Y.; W. K. Brice at St. Mark's School, Southborough ; G. I. Clapp and F. R. Hodge, in the public schools of Milton; C. R. Colburn will be principal of the High School at West Superior, Wis.; J. A. De Cou at Oakwood Academy, Union Springs, N. Y.; M. B. Fanning, at the Powder Point School, Duxbury; W. W. Fisher, at the Collegiate School, 241 West 77th St., New York, N. Y.; S. R. Hooper, in the Wadleigh School, Winchester; W. W. Rockwell, English, in the Hill School, Pottstown, Pa. ; H. L. W. Snell, in the Casa Piedra Ranch School, Ojai Valley, Nordhoff, Cal.;

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