An Investor's Notes on American Railroads

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1886 - 172 páginas

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Página 157 - ... contained in this Act shall be deemed and taken to mean all corporations, companies, or individuals now owning or operating, or which may hereafter own or operate any railroad, in whole or in part, in this State, and the provisions of this Act shall apply to all persons, firms and companies, and to all associations of persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, that shall do business as common carriers upon any of the lines of railroad in this State, (street railways excepted) the same as to...
Página 167 - American Orations. From the Colonial Period to the Present Time. Selected as specimens of eloquence, and with special reference to their value in throwing light upon the more important epochs and issues of American history. Edited, with introduction and notes, by the late Alexander Johnston, Professor of Jurisprudence in the College of New Jersey.
Página 149 - The General Assembly shall not remit the forfeiture of the charter of any corporation now existing, or alter or amend the same, or pass any other general or special law for the benefit of such corporation, except upon the condition that such corporation shall thereafter hold its charter subject to the provisions of this Constitution.
Página 136 - State court at any time before the trial or final hearing of the cause, stating the facts and verified by oath, be removed for trial into the next district court to be held in the district where it is pending.
Página 140 - In deciding who are parties to the suit the court will not look beyond the record. Making a State officer a party does not make the State a party, although her law may have prompted his action, and the State may stand behind him as the real party in interest.
Página 151 - State board of education ; one for two years, one for four years, and one for six years...
Página 156 - States of competent jurisdiction, to a fine of not less than one thousand dollars nor more than five thousand dollars, or imprisonment for a term not less than one year nor more than three years, or both such fine and imprisonment ; Provided.
Página 155 - All such schedules purporting to be printed and published as aforesaid, shall be received and held in all such suits, asprima facie the schedules of said Commissioners, without further proof than the production of the schedules desired to be used as evidence, with a certificate of the Railroad Commission that the same is a true copy of the schedule prepared by them for the railroad company or corporation therein named...
Página 152 - State, and doing business in this State, shall charge, collect, demand or receive more than a fair and reasonable rate of toll or compensation, for the transportation of passengers or freight, of any description, or for the use and transportation of any railroad car upon its track, or any of the branches thereof, or upon any railroad within this State, which it has the right, license, or permission to use, operate, or control, the same shall be deemed guilty of extortion, and upon conviction thereof...
Página 159 - Commissioners. wilfully and unlawfully hinder, delay or obstruct said Commissioners in the discharge of the duties hereby imposed upon them, shall forfeit and pay a sum of not less than one hundred, nor more than five thousand dollars, for each offense, to be recovered in an action of debt in the name of the State.

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