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Date of issue of
final certificate of
incorporation, by
Secretary of State.

of principal

of original

Change of

May May

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Date of
filing cer-
of change.

[blocks in formation]
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27, 1888

New York city.



27, 1888

Turin .........



26, 1888




[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]




Date of filing
preliminary cer-

Saratoga Imperial Spring Company, Limited..
Sandy Creek Oil and Gas Company, Limited..
Storm King Pants Co., Limited..
Shinnecock Iron & Cottage Company, Limited.
Shaver Telephone Company of Westchester
county, Limited..

Soden Mineral Springs Company, Limited...
St. Elizabeth's Hospital Company, Limited.
Standard Explosives Company, Limited..
Shaw Elevator and Channel Chute Company

Tesla Electric Company

Turin Canning and Pickling Co., Limited..
Tappan Zee Hotel Company, Limited..
Thomas Lumber Company, Limited.
Tuxedo Park Association....

Bottling and selling mineral waters, etc
Drilling for natural gas, oil, salt, etc.

Change of location of principal office.......


19. 1888
20, 1888

Maintaining telephone


10, 1888


Purchase of mineral springs and sale of waters Sept.
Conducting hospital, etc..

21, 1888



5, 1888


Building elevators and chutes..


5, 1888


Dealing in electrical inventions, etc..


11, 1888

Canning and pickling fruits and vegetables.


10, 1888

Keeping hotel and business connected with.


16, 1888

Conducting general lumber business.


7, 1888

Troy Public Works Company, Limited.
United Agency Company, Limited..

Doing work and furnishing materials..


17, 1888


United States Cremation Company, Limited.
Universal Information Exchange.

Giving information, dealing in books, paint

ings, etc........

Western Loan and Securities Company,

Wiebush & Hilger, Limited

Whitesboro Canning Company, Limited...
Willson and Adams Company..
Waterloo Organ Company.

Washington Street Opera House Company,

Williamsport Dry Goods Company, Limited....
Wendell Music Company, Limited.

Wight and Company, Limited.
Willard Metal Company........

Dated at ALBANY, December 31, 1888.

Conducting hardware business..
Canning fruits, vegetables, etc..
Manufacturing and dealing in bldg materials, etc
Manufacturing organs and musical instruments


Erecting and conducting opera house..
Carrying on dry goods and millinery business...
Carrying on music store business......
Dealing in property and securities, etc...
Dealing in lace curtains and upholstery.
Dealing in metals, machinery, etc.




5, 1888 17, 1888

Nov. Dec.

3, 1888

New York city.



6, 1888 28, 1888

New York city.


New York city.

[blocks in formation]




Dissolution of certain incorporated, authorized


Almond Academy, sale of...

Annual appropriations to be made for...

Cambridge Washington Academy, transfer of property of.

Dividends to, appropriation for..

[blocks in formation]

Incorporation of, by Regents of University.

529 725

Ogdensburg, act in relation to, amended...

220 267

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Actions at Law.

Motions for new trial upon judge's minutes, Code amended

262 327

New York city, causes, preferred and passed, in courts of record in, relative to. 272 335
Partition actions, sales in, distribution of unclaimed moneys from
Partition actions, unknown heirs in, presumption of death of...

39 41

40 42

Summary proceedings to remove monthly tenants in N. Y. city and Brooklyn..
Summons, service of, in, by publication, Code amended..
Villages, actions for injuries against, maintenance of

357 471

195 230

440 608


Adams Basin.

Waste-weir from Erie canal at, construction of..

228 275


Albany, armory at, erection of

67 65

Brooklyn, armory for Twenty-third Regiment at, erection of

253 301

Cohoes, armory at, erection of, act amended..

176 207

National Guard, expenses of, appropriation for..

569 771

National Guard, expenses of, in centennial celebration in New York city.

37 40

National Guard, statement of expenditures of, to be filed by.

569 771

Old Guard of New York city, annual report of, to

293 368

Postage and stationery for office of, appropriation for..

569 767

Records of New York volunteers, procurement of missing, etc..

570 789

Regimental losses in American Civil War, distribution of Book of, by

419 575

Rifle range for National Guard, provision for

540 736

Saratoga Springs, armory at, erection of .

72 69

Saratoga Springs, armory at, erection of.

523 718

State arsenals and armories, repairs of, appropriation for

570 789

State camp, improvements at

547 741

State naval militia, establishment of

492 663

Walton, armory at, improvements in

231 277

War claims, services and expenses in prosecuting, appropriation for

570 789

See also "



Inventory of decedents' estate, property set apart in, for widow and children.
Powers of, act extending, amended..

406 555

487 660

Public administrator, New York city, release of certain property by.
Public administrator, repayment of moneys paid into treasury by
Successors to, appointment of, Code amended...

546 741

570 780

503 672

Trust funds, investment of, by, in stocks or bonds of cities.

65 63


Minor children, adoption of, by adult persons, act amended....

Agents and Wardens of State Prisons.

Appointments and removals by..

Oath of office and official bond of

Powers and duties of ...

Prisoners, discipline and instruction of..
Prisoners, labor of, how conducted, etc
Salary and expenses of, fixed..............


Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva.
Improvements and services at, appropriation for..
Maintenance fund, reimbursement of, appropriation for..
Salaries, repairs and expenses of, appropriation for...
Agricultural Museum.


[blocks in formation]

Agricultural Societies.

County societies, donations for...

Farmers' institutes, maintenance of, appropriation for..
State Society, appropriation for

State Society, moneys paid by racing associations, appropriated to.
Western New York, may borrow money for indebtedness, etc..

[blocks in formation]

Armory in, erection of, appropriation for.....

Assessment for expense of certain work and improvements in.

Board of contract, etc., assessment of expense of certain work by.
Canal basin, improvement of..

City charter amended.


City charter amended....

Common council, journal of, charter amended as to.

569 769

570 788

569 769

93 92

102 104

214 261

569 768

67 65

425 581

425 581

568 760

114 118

196 231

114 118

Normal School at, appropriation for.....

569 776

Normal School at, appropriation for..

570 793

State street and certain approaches to Capitol, repaving of, etc.

114 118

Street improvements in, charter amended as to..

196 231

Streets in, repaving of, proceedings in case of, charter amended as to..
Taxes, assessment and collection of, act of 1850 amended.
Water-works, payment to, for water for Capitol.

114 118

429 587

570 783

See also "CAPITOL."

Albany County.

Charges against, contracting and paying, act to regulate, amended...
Cohoes, bridge over canal at Ship street, completion of..
Cohoes, city elections, charter amended as to..

[blocks in formation]

Cohoes, school expenses, moneys for, charter amended as to.
Cohoes, State armory at, act for erection of, amended .....
Cohoes, tax for lighting streets in

53 54

176 207

451 616

Supervisors, tax sales, reimbursement of purchase-money upon.
Supervisors to raise tax for armory site at Cohoes..
West Troy, commission to pave certain streets in
West Troy, sewerage act amended.....

[blocks in formation]

Paupers, alien, removal of, appropriation for....

Women married to, descendants of, enabled to hold real estate, etc...

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

American Museum of Natural History, New York City.

Appropriation for

569 776

89 87

Building in Central Park occupied by, completion of, etc.


Fox creek, channels of, and ditches tributary to, improvement of..

[blocks in formation]

Dogs, taxation and registration of, etc...

Horses, mules, etc., associations for insuring, incorporation of.
Infectious diseases of, carrying out act as to, appropriation for
Sheep, damages from killing of, by dogs, payment and recovery of

Order upon motions for new trial upon judge's minutes, appeal from
Security upon, Code of Civil Procedure amended as to


Appropriation Acts.

Albany, armory in, appropriation for

.... 352 466

465 636

466 637

454 621

570 690

466 638

262 327


501 671

67 65

Annual appropriation act

Annual supply bill....

Baldwinsville, State dam upon Seneca river at, repairing of..

569 762

570 779

151 175

Black river, reservoir on, above Forestport pond, completion of..

Black Rock harbor, dredging of..

[blocks in formation]

Canals, superintendence and maintenance of

Cayuga inlet, bridge across, at Ithaca, building of, act amended

Centennial of inauguration of first President of United States, celebration of. 37
Chittenango creek, fishways in dam across, construction of.....
Commission to revise statutes of State, compensation and expenses of.
Common school fund, deficiency in revenue of.......

Court of Appeals, Second Division, salaries and expenses of.

Electrical apparatus, etc., for execution of criminals, procurement of
Erie basin, Buffalo, dredging of.......

309 381

13 12


166 198

289 357

243 290



214 261

534 732

436 604

[blocks in formation]

122 144

Fox creek, and tributaries of, improvement of.

352 466

Genesee river, Rochester, protection of bank and highway along

565 758

Gettysburg, tablets to commemorate services of soldiers, erection of, at.

126 155

Government, support of, annual appropriation act for....

569 762

Havana, basin at, construction of..........

568 761

Holley, culvert under old canal at, repairing of, etc...

152 176

Hudson river, fishway in certain dams across, building of

486 660

Hudson river, improvement of.

106 109

Hudson river, mole in front of Houghtaling Island in, erection of..
Hudson River State Hospital, improvements and maintenance of.
Manlius Centre, bridge over State ditch near, repairing of..

278 841

138 165

570 784

Monuments to memory of soldiers in battle of Gettysburg, erection of.
Normal and Training School, Plattsburgh, establishment of...
Northern New York Institution for Deaf-mutes, improvements at.
Ohio basin, Buffalo, dredging of..........

420 576

517 696

496 667

122 144

Printing, legislative and committee, appropriation for certain.
Racing associations, money paid into treasury by, appropriated.
Regimental Losses in American Civil War, purchase, etc., of Book of.
Rifle range for National Guard, purchase of land for...

171 202

93 92

419 575

540 737

Appropriation Acts - Continued.

Saratoga Springs, armory in, appropriation for..
Saratoga Springs, armory in, appropriation for..

Seneca river and Old Bear race, Waterloo, improvement of.

Sherburne, State embankment at, repairing of.

State Camp, improvements at

State Commission in Lunacy, to carry out provisions of act as to...

State Meteorological Bureau and Weather Service, establishment of, etc..
State prison, commissioners to select site for, expenses of ....
State prisons, materials for manufacturing, purchase of....
Statutes of State, as to felonies and misdemeanors, compilation of..
Supply bill, annual...........

Supply bill of 1888, item for Normal School at New Paltz, amended
Table of expiration of sentences, purchase of ..
Vinegar act, enforcement of..

Walton, State armory at, improvements in

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

State Board of Mediation and Arbitration, appropriation for...
State Board of Mediation and Arbitration, appropriation for....


Albany, erection of, re-appropriation and additional appropriation for..
Cohoes, erection of, act amended..

Hoosick Falls, repairs of, appropriation for..

Oswego, painting and repairs of, appropriation for..

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Saratoga Springs, erection of, and improvement of site for, appropriation for. 525
Saratoga Springs, erection of, re-appropriation and additional appropriation for.
Schenectady, improvement and repairs of, appropriation for.

Sixty-fifth Regiment armory, fitting up rooms of, appropriation for
State armories, repairs of, appropriation for..

Syracuse, painting and repairs of, appropriation for..

Thirteenth Regiment armory, erection of, and acquisition of lands for..

Thirty-second Regiment armory, furnishing of...
Twenty-third Regiment armory, erection of..
Walton, improvement of...

[blocks in formation]

Clerk of, appointees of, act amended..


Cronin, Philip T., Member of, contested election expenses of.

Officers and employees of, designated, act amended...

570 789

570 789




[blocks in formation]

Officers and employees of, salaries and compensation of, fixed, act amended..
Resolutions by, for certain printing, legalized

Speaker of, mileage and expenses of, as Commissioner of Land Office..



Albany, improvements in, assessment of expense of certain.
Brooklyn, arrears of, charter amended as to

Long Island City, charter amended as to..

Oswego, local assessments in, charter amended as to.

Peekskill, sewers in, expense of constructing certain, assessment of.

State property, assessments for local improvements on, appropriation for.
Troy, real property of, assessments on certain, legalized..

Utica, charter amended as to....

Villages, annual assessments by trustees, incorporation act amended.
Villages, sewers in, assessments for, incorporation act amended..

96 96

549 744

569 767

425 581

368 489

548 742

388 536

116 119

570 780

111 114

215 262

246 295

186 217

See also" TAXES."


Angelica, village assessors, charter amended as to...

465 636

Auburn, powers, duties and salary of........

482 656

Buffalo, board of assessors, charter amended as to.

480 655

Canton, village assessors, duties of, charter amended as to.

434 602

Dogs, taxation of, rate of, etc.....

466 637

Long Island City, powers, duties and salary of.

548 742

Oswegatchie, assessment-rolls in, duties of, as to..

457 628

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