Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia, Volumen79

D. Bottom, Superintendent of Public Print., 1885
Some vols. also contain reports of cases in the General Court of Virginia.

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Página 200 - That the freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic governments.
Página 392 - In other words, as the rule is now more briefly expressed, "parol contemporaneous evidence is inadmissible to contradict or vary the terms of a valid written instrument.
Página 82 - No association shall make any loan or discount on the security of the shares of its own capital stock, nor be the purchaser or holder of any such shares, unless such security or purchase shall be necessary to prevent loss upon a debt previously contracted in good faith...
Página 84 - The remedy must be plain; for, if It be doubtful and obscure at law, equity will assert a jurisdiction. It must be adequate; for, if at law it falls short of what the party is entitled to, that founds a Jurisdiction in equity.
Página 66 - And equity protects a parol gift of land, equally with a parol agreement to sell it, if accompanied by possession, and the donee, induced by the promise to give it, has made valuable improvements on the property. And this is particularly true, where the donor stipulates that the expenditure shall be made, and by doing this makes it the consideration or condition of the gift.
Página 82 - ... purchaser or holder of any such shares, unless such security or purchase shall be necessary to prevent loss upon a debt previously contracted in good faith; and stock so purchased or acquired shall, within six months from the time of its purchase, be sold or disposed of at public or private sale; or, in default thereof, a receiver may be appointed to close up the business of the association, according to section fifty-two hundred and thirty-four.
Página 219 - A distinction Is to be noted between civil and criminal cases In respect to the degree or quantity of evidence necessary to justify the jury in finding their verdict for the government...
Página 126 - That all power is vested in, and consequently derived from, the people; that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.
Página 393 - In regard to receipts, it is to be noted that they may be either mere acknowledgments of payment or delivery, or they may also contain a contract to do something in relation to the thing delivered. In the former case, and so far as the receipt goes only to acknowledge payment or delivery, it is merely prima facie evidence of the fact, and not conclusive, and therefore the fact which it recites may be contradicted by oral testimony.
Página 160 - He must take care, and make due inquiries, or he may not be a bona fide purchaser. He is bound, not only by actual but also by constructive notice, which is the same in its effect as actual notice. He must look to the title papers under which he buys and is charged with notice of all the facts appearing upon their face, or to the knowledge of which anything there appearing will conduct him. He has no right to shut his eyes or his ears to the inlet of information, and then say he is a bona fide purchaser...

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