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OCT. 31, 1892.



SECTION I. The board of commissioners of savings banks shall consist of three commissioners appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the council, subject to removal in like manner, each of whom shall be sworn, and shall hold office for the term of three years, unless sooner removed. Upon the occurrence of a vacancy before the expiration of a term, an appointment shall be made for the remainder of the term. The governor shall designate a member of said board to be the chairman thereof. The annual salary of the chairman of the board shall be thirty-five hundred dollars, that of the other commissioners three thousand dollars each.

SECT. 2. The board shall be allowed two thousand seven hundred dollars a year for clerical assistance, and also the actual expenses incurred in travelling in the discharge of its official duties. SECT. 3. The commissioners shall visit once in every year, and as much oftener as they deem expedient, every savings bank and institution for savings incorporated by authority of this Commonwealth, and when such institutions are connected with a national bank they shall make such arrangements with the national bank examiner, if possible, that their visits shall be simultaneous. At such visits they shall have free access to the vaults, books and papers, and shall thoroughly inspect and examine all the affairs of each of said corporations, and make such inquiries as may be necessary to ascertain its condition and ability to fulfil all its engagements, and whether it has com

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The board may
summon and ex-
amine officers,
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plied with the provisions of law. They shall preserve in a permanent form a full record of their proceedings, including a statement of the condition of each of said corporations.

SECT. 4.

Either of the commissioners may summon all trustees, officers or agents of any such corporation, and such refusing to obey other witnesses as he thinks proper, in relation to the affairs,

summons, or

obstructing commissioner.

1866, 192, § 3. 1876, 231, $3.

Shall examine bank on request of five officers, or creditors, etc. 1866, 192, § 4. 1876, 231, § 3.

by, when bank is
insolvent, or in
a hazardous


1866, 192,


1876, 231, 3.

Schedule of effects to be made, sworn to

and delivered to

transactions and condition of the corporation, and for that purpose may administer oaths; and whoever refuses, without justifiable cause, to appear and testify when thereto required, or obstructs a commissioner in the discharge of his duty, shall be punished by fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding one year.

SECT. 5. Upon the certificate under oath of any five or more officers, trustees, creditors or depositors of any such corporation, setting forth their interest and the reasons for making such examination, directed to the commissioners and requesting them to examine such corporation, they shall forthwith make a full investigation of its affairs in the manner before provided.

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SECT. 6. The commissioners, if upon such examination any such corporation appears to be insolvent, or its condition such as to render its further proceeding hazardous to the public or to those having funds in its custody, shall apply, or, if such corporation appears to have exceeded its' powers or failed to comply with any rule, restriction or condition provided by law, they may apply to a justice of the supreme judicial court to issue an injunction restraining such corporation, in whole or in part, from further proceeding with its business until a hearing can be had. Such justice may, with or without previous notice, issue such injunction, and, after a full hearing, may dissolve or modify it or make it perpetual, and may make such orders and decrees according to the course of proceedings in equity to restrain or prohibit the further prosecution of the business of the corporation as may be needful in the premises; and may appoint one or more receivers to take possession of its property and effects, subject to such directions as may from time to time be prescribed by the court or a justice thereof.

SECT. 7. When receivers are so appointed, the treasurer of the corporation shall make a schedule of all its property; and

receivers and a its treasurer, board of investment, and other officers transfer


commissioners. Officers may examined

under oath. 1878, 253, § 5.

ring its property to the receivers shall make oath that said copy thereof to schedule sets forth all the property which the corporation owns or is entitled to. The treasurer shall deliver said schedule to the receivers and a copy thereof to the commissioners, who may at any time examine under oath such treasurer, board of investment or other officers, in order to determine whether or not all the property which the corporation owns or is entitled to has been transferred to the receivers.

SECT. 8. The commissioners, or one of them, shall at least once in every year, and as much oftener as they deem expedient, examine the accounts and doings of all such receivers; and shall carefully examine and report upon all accounts and reports of receivers made to the supreme judicial court and referred to the commissioners by the court; and, for the purposes of this section, shall have free access to the books and papers relating to the transactions of such receivers, and may examine them under oath relative to such transactions.

SECT. 9. The commissioners, if in their opinion any such corporation or its officers or trustees have violated any law in relation to savings banks, or institutions for savings, shall forthwith report the same, with such remarks as they deem expedient, to the attorney-general, who shall forthwith institute a prosecution for such violation in behalf of the Commonwealth. SECT. 10. The commissioners, whenever in their opinion any such receiver has violated his duty, shall present the facts to the supreme judicial court.


SECT. II. All savings banks or institutions for savings, incorporated under the authority of this Commonwealth, may exercise the powers, and shall be governed by the rules, and subject to the duties, liabilities, and provisions contained in the following sections, so far as the same are consistent with the provisions of their respective charters; and any such corporation may, by vote at its annual meeting or at a meeting called for the purpose, accept any provision of said sections which is inconsistent with its charter.

SECT. 12. The general court may make other or further regulations for the government of such corporations, or may take away their corporate powers; and every such corporation and

to examine the


Commissioners accounts, et annually.

1878, 253, §§ 1,

2, 3.

To report vio

lations of law.

1866, 192, § 7. 1878, 253, § 6.

1876, 231.

To report vio

lations of law

by receivers. 1878, 253, § 4.

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G S. 57, $$ 102,

103, 155.

1876, 203, § 27.

Officers of such corporations.

its officers shall be subject to examination by any committee of the general court appointed for the purpose, who may examine into the doings of the corporation, and shall have free access to its books and vaults. An officer of such corporation, or other person having charge of its books and property, who refuses or neglects to exhibit them to such committee, or who in any way obstructs its examination thereof, shall be punished by fine not exceeding ten thousand dollars, or imprisonment not exceeding three years.


SECT. 13. The officers of every such corporation shall con1876, 203, §§ 2, 3. sist of a president, one or more vice-presidents, a board of not less than nine trustees, a treasurer, clerk, and such other officers as it may find necessary for the management of its affairs. The president, vice-president and trustees shall be chosen from the members, and no person shall hold any office in two such corporations at the same time. Such officers shall be sworn, and shall hold their several offices until others are chosen and qualified in their stead, except in the cases hereinafter provided otherwise.

bond, and duty
of trustees and
board concern-
ing same.
1889, 180.

1886, 93.

Choice and appointment of officers. Vacancies.

Not taking oath

SECT. 14. The treasurer shall give bond for the faithful discharge of his duties to the satisfaction of the trustees, and shall file with the commissioners of savings banks an attested copy of his bond, with a certificate of the custodian of the bond that the original is in his possession. The treasurer shall notify said commissioners of any change thereafter made therein. If a treasurer fails within ten days from the date thereof to file a copy of his bond, or to notify the commissioners of any change therein as required by this act, he shall be liable to a penalty of fifty dollars. The commissioners shall keep a record showing when said bonds expire and the changes so notified, and, whenever in their judgment it is necessary for the security of the depositors, shall require a new bond in such amount and with such sureties as they may approve. The treasurer of each savings bank or institution for savings shall give a new bond as often as once in five years.

SECT. 15. The officers of every such corporation, except the treasurer, shall be chosen at its annual meetings, to be holden at such time as the by-laws direct, anything in its charter to the

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