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To those Gentlemen who freely give two Guineas for a Turtle Dinner at the Tavern, when they might have a more wholesome one at Home for ten Shillings, this Work is humbly dedicated by


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THE art art of Cookery boasts an origin coeval with the creation of man; but in its early stages we must suppose that it was directed only to the wants and necessities of mankind. In process of time, invention was employed in rendering animal and vegetable substances more inviting to the palate, with a view to add pleasure to the natural necessity of eating. And that this was the origin of refined Cookery cannot be questioned. Apicius seems to have cultivated the art with great assiduity; being in his own person a Gourmand of quality. There were three persons of that name, all lovers of good eating; but Cælius Apicius, who lived in the time of Tiberius, is the one who

has left us the history of Roman Cookery.Of this book, the best edition was printed in London, in the year 1705, with notes by Dr. Martin Lister, Physician to Queen Anne. It contains a variety of Sauces, as well as an account of the choicest Dishes served up at the tables of the Roman Nobility; but which, according to our notions of good eating, are no better than what may be seen in the kitchen of a Hottentot. I cannot learn much of the Grecian Cookery beyond the Black Broth of Lacedæmon; which probably was the same as Sheep's-head Broth, well known and deservedly admired by the inhabitants of our sister kingdom; and long may it, and Roast Beef, be the pride and glory of this happy island. Dishes simple in themselves, and easily prepared, mark the manners and morality of a nation. When England discards Roast Beef, and Scotland ceases to pride herself on Sheep's-head Broth and Oatmeal Porridge, we may fairly conclude that the nations are about to change their manly and national characters. It may be objected to me, that I am endeavouring to accelerate this degeneracy; but, in truth, I have no such intention: my design is, to be of use to Gentlemen of the Medical Line, by

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