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Cameron Jibril Thomaz,also known as his stage name 'WIZ KHALIFA.
You have inspired me by listening to the music you make ,its fire.I mean listening to you everyday your songs just puts me in the
happiest mood i could possibly say.My brother listen to you everyday non stop ,you wouldnt understand how much loves you and from what i can say is that he's got some talent.He's much of a guitarist but from what i see he's more likely into you and SNOOP DOGG kinda like everybody in TAYLOR GANG* so am i.If there was ever one wish i had that wish would be to talk to you & tell you everything i've always wanted to and i know i cant see or talk to you and it hurts but i understand because your busy.I just wish you could talk to me ,ight enough from me haha im off for a joint.But i hope you get to see this message and maybe give me a message on facebook my name is Teina Katipa pls message me straight away if you see this n let me know what you thought about x I love you always xx Stay fly 

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado


Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

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