"Our Sentry Go"

R. F. Seymour, 1924 - 342 páginas

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Página 112 - Remember that you are the chosen people! The Spirit of the Lord has descended upon me because I am the Emperor of the Germans ! I am the instrument of the Almighty, I am his sword, his agent.
Página 124 - HER Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, his Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, his Majesty the King of the French, his Majesty the King of Prussia, and his Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias...
Página 125 - ARTICLE VII. Belgium, within the limits specified in Articles I, II, and IV, shall form an Independent and perpetually Neutral State. It shall be bound to observe such Neutrality towards all other States.
Página 171 - THERE is a hill in England, Green fields and a school I know, Where the balls fly fast in summer, And the whispering elm-trees grow, A little hill, a dear hill, And the playing fields below. There is a hill in Flanders, Heaped with a thousand slain, Where the shells fly night and noontide And the ghosts that died in vain, — A little hill, a hard hill To the souls that died in pain. There is a hill in Jewry, Three crosses pierce the sky, On the midmost He is dying To save all those who die, —...
Página 174 - Day, you have longed for the Day That lit the awful flame. 'Tis nothing to you that hill and plain Yield sheaves of dead men amid the grain; That widows mourn for their loved ones slain, And mothers curse thy name. But after the Day there's a price to pay For the sleepers under the sod, And Him you have mocked for many a day — Listen, and hear what He has to say: "Vengeance is mine, I will repay.
Página 113 - Toutes les rues seront occupées par une garde allemande, qui prendra dix otages dans chaque rue, qu'ils garderont sous leur surveillance. Si un attentat se produit dans la rue, les dix otages seront fusillés.
Página 123 - ... events in English education, was also the year of the agreement signed by Great Britain, Belgium, Austria, France, Prussia, and Russia, guaranteeing the perpetual neutrality of Belgium, and the integrity and inviolability of her territory. Of the twenty-four articles of that agreement the seventh reads: "La Belgique, dans les limites indiquees aux Articles i, ii, et iv, formera un fitat independant et perpetuellement neutre. Elle sera ternue d'observer cette meme neutrality envers tous les autres...
Página 125 - Article are considered as having the same force and validity as if they were textually inserted in the present Act, and that they are thus placed under the guarantee of their said Majesties.
Página 202 - I see him often, and with great pleasure mixed with commiseration. He is as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known, and of that liberty which is to go to all, and not to the few or the rich alone.

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