Technology, Innovation and Industrial Economics: Institutionalist Perspectives: Essays in Honor of William E. Cole

Dilmus D. James, John W. Mogab
Springer Science & Business Media, 2012 M12 6 - 153 páginas
Technology, Innovation and Industrial Economics: Institutional Perspectives, inspired by the work of William E. Cole, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, extends his work with essays on technology, innovation and industrial economics from an Institutionalist perspective. The managerial style, innovational practices and industrial setting of the continuous improvement firm are central to several chapters. This volume also features innovation and technology in Latin America, Adam Smith's writing on entrepreneurship and a comparison of American and European Institutionalism. The topics of technology, innovation, industrial organization and industrial policy are being widely discussed and debated in today's literature, but seldom from an Institutionalist perspective. The purpose of this book is to reduce substantially this missing dimension in the ongoing debates on these important issues.

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Industrial Policy and Protectionism in PostWWII Japan
The Role of Organization in Shaping the Technological
The Industrial District and Continuous Improvement
A Strategically Learning Institution
An Opportunistic Interpretation of Adam Smiths Inquiry into
Latin America
Some Possible Differences Between American and European
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