Reflections on Commercial Life: An Anthology of Classic Texts from Plato to the Present

Patrick Murray
Routledge, 2014 M06 11 - 500 páginas
Reflections on Commercial Life, an anthology of writings, from the ancient Greeks to contemporary thinkers, provides students, scholars, and general readers an opportunity to develop a more self-conscious and critical relationship to commercial life. Selections are drawn from seminal works of high intellectual and literary quality. Through an inquiry into history, nature, and outcomes, this volume offers the opportunity to explore, as never before, alternatives to modern commercial life.

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On Studying Commercial Life with bibliographies
Chapter 1 Plato
Chapter 2 Aristotle
Chapter 3 ST Thomas Aquinas
Chapter 4 ST Thomas more
Chapter 5 John Locke
Chapter 6 Bernard Mandeville
Chapter 13 John Stuart Mill
Chapter 14 Thorstein Veblen
Chapter 15 Georg Simmel
Chapter 16 Max Weber
Chapter 17 Marcel Mauss
Chapter 18 Georges Bataille
Chapter 19 Simone Well
Chapter 20 Friedrich A Hayek

Chapter 7 David Hume
Chapter 8 Adam Smith
Chapter 9 James Madison
Chapter 10 Friedrich Schiller
Chapter 11 GWF Hegel
Chapter 12 Karl Marx
Chapter 21 Hannah Arendt
Chapter 22 Daniel Bell
Chapter 23 Jean Baudrillard
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Patrick Murray is Chair of the Philosophy Department at Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, and the author of Marx's Theory of Scientific Knowledge (1988).

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