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Tobacco is very injurious to the young and no child which uses it is ever a good scholar. It dwarfs the body and lessens the mental power when first used by the young it makes them feel sick, stupid and drowsy, and gives them a yellowish or sallow look. It hurts the action of the heart, persons using it are hardly ever if ever healthy. Tobacco is a drug of very great power, a drop oil extracted from it placed on a dogs tongue will kill him nearly as quick as sprucid asic.


Tobacco is a drug of very great power a drop of oil exacted from it placed on a dog's tongue would kill him nearly as prusic asid.

Tobacco when used by young is always injurious. It oftens duarfs the body and always lessens the mental powers. No child usuing it is ever as good a scholar as he otherwise would be.

Tobacco also causes diseases of mouth and throat.

Passing to consider the schools where text-books are used for a longer or shorter time, the character of the papers presented seems to depend more on the general character of the school and the ability of the pupil than on the númber of years spent in the study of alcohol.

If we select a number of schools in which the subject is studied from text-books one, two, three, or more years, we shall find the best papers presented will cover essentially the same facts in all the schools. On the other hand, the average papers, after one year's use of the book, may be better than other schools will furnish after five or six years' study. For example:

A.-Text-book one year; two lessons a week.



Alcohol at first acts as a stimulant, but when the stimulant has spent its force it leaves the body in a very weak condition It paralyzes the nerve centres, and causes a fatty deposit around the heart and enlargement of the liver. When alcohol is first taken into the system it quickens the action of the heart and afterwards leaves it very weak so that it cannot perform its work properly Continued use of alcohol produces delirium tremens which sometimes ends in death. The appetite for alcohol may be inherited In persons who use it the nerves are so weak that they cannot resist the temptation to drink.

B.-Text-book one year; four lessons a week.


When a person first tastes any alcoholic liquor, as a rule, they do not like it; but they often try it again just to see if they don't like it. Gradually they learn to like it. Some persons drink to such excess that their whole system is saturated with liquor and it would kill them to go without.

Alcohol weakens the muscles and makes them flabby. When alcohol is first taken into the system it exhilarates the person and makes them lively; but it soon produces a stupor. Alcohol weakens the heart, so that it is not able to perform its work thoroughly. It eats out the coats of the stomach, and of course the stomach is not able to perform its work of digesting the food thoroughly, thus causing indigestion. Nothing will quench the thirst of a man who drinks alcohol but alcohol.

C.-Text-book two years; two or three lessons a week, with written examina


Alcohol drys the blood, weakens the mind, deadens the nerves, causes sickness, sores, cancers and in every way weakens and poisons the body. It has a great craving for water and therefore it takes the most necessary thing from our body. It weakens the blood-vessels so much that the blood, which flows with much force when alcohol has been taken into it, burst them, this causing death. The blood often stagnates in the blood-vessels near the skin, causing it to have a red appearance.

It weakens the mind, causing the victim to stagger. It also puts one in such a way as to murder, steal and to even worse things. The man does know he is doing anything because the alcohol has weakened his mind so much that he does not think.

The liver, stomach, lungs, and intestines are weakened and poisoned more or less.

The teeth have a 'soiled appearance, and the gums are spungy. The breath also has a disagreeable odor.

The habit of drinking alcoholic drinks often leads to insanity.

D.-Text-book five years; two lessons a week during last two years.


Alcohol in any form, is very injurious to the body. Young children should never use it, because it checks their groath. It weakens the brain, and makes them seem very stupid at times.

People who begin to use it, and think it will do them no harm, find out in after years that it has power over them, and they cannot control their appetite. It also makes them have an uncontrolable temper.

Alcohol hurts the stomach very much. Without realy giving strength, they give a feeling of strength and confidence. Their sensibilities become lively Alcohol often causes paralysis and insanity, and often enlarges the small bloodvessels. People who use alcohol have very impure blood.

E.-Text-book three years; two lessons a week; written examinations.


Alcohol is the fermentation of fruits and grains. The different liquors made from it are cider, beer, wine, whisky, brandy, and gin. Alcohol is a clear colorless fluid and is lighter than water. Alcohol could not be a food for the body because it does not nourish the body. The alcohol makes the person dry and want to drink a good deal after using it. It also takes water from other parts of the body where it is needed. It turns the blood to water, and it does not satisfy the hunger because hunger needs solid food to satisfy that, and it does not help to digest the food. It does not keep the body warm as some persons think -it does It flushes the face, deadens the body and makes the face red and bloated. Alcohol poisons the stomach and bowels. When the person first commences to use this for a drink it makes him sick to his stomach, and the food does not agree with them. And after awhile the stomach gets diseased and flamed and the person dies. Alcohol might be looked upon as a medicine and never should be used for any other use. It is a real poison and if persons regarded it so the better their health would be. It is a cause of thousands of peoples death and nervous diseases. And children inherit bad habits, and are likely to be weak minded.

F.-Text-book three years; weekly lessons.


When alcohol is first taken, it goes first to the stomach, where it does its first harm. It begins to absorb the gastric juice, so that there will not be enough to mix the food. Then it is carried into the blood, which it poisens. Then it does a great harm in the brain. It destroys the nerves centered there, and so the person that takes the poisen, does not feel the cold or heat as he ought. The alcohol in the blood, makes the flesh look bloated and discolored. Sometimes persons grow crazy from the effect of strong drink. So, we see what a great harm it does.

G.-Text-book five years; semiannual written examinations.


Alcohol is a stimulant and narotic. It causes disease of stomach and congests the blood-vessels. It impairs the appetite for food It delays and impairs digestion. It thins or coagulates the blood It collects in the brain and causes death. It affects men of all temperments It causes delirium-tremens if taken into the system frequently

Alcohol makes you lose your self-control. It draws water from the nerves and injures them It quickens the beating of the heart and wears it out. It hastens circulation. It leads to crime of all sorts. It injures the thought-producing power. It causes paralysis. It causes insanity.

H.-Text-book five or six years; two or three lessons a we


Alcohol is a poison, which has great effect upon the body. It injures the brain so it cannot think properly, it burns the stomach, so that it cannot digest the food, it makes the heart beat faster, and if it is drank continually it will finally kill a person, it also poisons the blood.

I.-Text-book six years; weekly lessons; class marking; term examinations.


Alcohol is very injurious to the human system. It effects every part of it. It stops the growth of the bones. It makes unhealthy fat on the muscles so that they cannot work with much force and are not so elastic. It enters the stomach and does great harm there. It separates the pepsin from the gastric juice and makes sores all over the stomach. It gets into the blood and makes it impure, and also injures the blood vessels. In the lungs it injures the thin membrane or lining to the them and makes the breath smell bad. The heart is a muscle so that it injures that in much the same way as other muscles and also makes it work harder.

The nerves and brain are also injured. Alcohol deadens the nerves and often people will do things when intoxicated that they would think very wrong when sober. Alcohol also causes consumption instead of curing it as some people think. If children have drinking parent they often weak and sometimes idiots. Alcohol is used by some people because they think that it will warm them but it does not only for a little while then they are colder than before. It has been found that people can work better without alcohol than with it.


(a) The effect of alcohol is that of a narcotic; it destroys character, destroys the vital functions of the body & has the effect of a slow poison.

(b) The action of the heart is increased & "fatty heart" is often the result. (c) The lungs are affected by having more work & the influence of bad surroundings.

(d) The bones are affected by having their growth stunted by poor blood & the injuring of the pieroistum,

(e) The blood as the life fluid is affected by a loss of red corpuscles, the minute bodies which carry oxygen, & from this loss comes a disease known as Aneamia; Of course there is a large increase of fat which is entirely useless.

(f) The effect upon the brain in slight does; as a glass or two at a fashionable ball, is to increase or stimulate the action of the cerebrum. In larger doses the nerves are deadened or the person is hateful & finally sleeps it off. In a regular spree Delirum Tremins is often the result.

(g) All the senses are deadened.

() The pepsin in the gastric juice is separated from it, & sinks to the bottom of the stomach, stopping digestion till more can be thrown in & digestion completed. The lining is also irrated to the extent of cancers & sores.

(i) The liver becomes of an immense size, swollen, or "hob-nailed." Also a bad secretion of bile.

(j) An extra growth of the connective tissue is caused in the muscles.

The last two papers are from a school where the instruction has been most thorough and systematic, and continued through the longest period; probably in no town in the State has more time been given to the subject.

These are specimens of the best papers; from them the others shade down to almost zero; for example, in schools where a text-book has been studied for five years many of the pupils can write but two or three lines:

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Alcohol has a bad effect on the system. It makes the head feel thick and heavy and also stupefies.


Alcohol is a stimulant and narcotic, it interfers with digestion, causes congestion of the blood vessels, and if you once take it you will want it all the time. Food is delayed by Alcohol.


Alcohol weakens the muscles. Alcohol affects the nerves. Alcohol affects the brain.


Tobacco injures the spinal cord. Tobacco injures the brain. Tobacco injures the blood.

In many of the country schools the amount of information retained and realy for use is very small. The poorer scholars, whose deficiency is marked by faulty English, are often stronger in their expressions than the more cultivated pupils:


All liquor contanes alcharhall. It poisions the syliava and the gastrit juice when it mixes withe the food it stops the works and the food layes in the stomacke, which causes it to ache. When the juice mixes with the blood it poisons it. Next the man is sick with blood poison and dies and the people wonder what made him have that.


Alcohol is another very injurious thing to the body. It is very injurious to the heart especially and there are a great many men that die from the use of alcohol sooner than those that don't. Some men go crazy from the use of alcohol or they are called delireum tremans, and a great many men the have used alcohol have become ministers and their advice to boys or anybody not to use alcoholic drink's.

Alcohol is very bad for the stomach and is good for the head ack and it is a strong smell and It will stop any one from fainting.


It will gradually eat away the flesh. If any one drinks it, it will pickel the inside of the body.


The effect of tobacco on the sistem it deadens the brain and the user it is said to have a sore heart which in the gets clogded and they die quicker than if they did not use it. it softens the brain.

In schools where the text-book is begun early, I have sometimes called for papers from the sixth grade, a class which has used books for two or three years. Here the amount of information retained is usually scanty, and in crude form. The following are the best papers from school I, sixth grade:


Alcohol weakens the body and makes the heart beat too fast, it also makes the blood-vessels enlarge and weakens the walls of the blood-vessels.

Alcohol makes a man have a red face because when the blood-vessels enlarge they show out..

When alcohol is taken into the system it makes poor circulation. The brain wants good blood but when alcohol is taken it does not receive it. When alcohol is taken the brain cannot send the messages so well. Livinstone found that in Africa that the men could do better without it and could endure more heat. And in the Artic Regions the explorers can do better without it because when they take alcohol they do not know so much and can do great deal better with

out. A man said once that he would not have any alcohol used in his factory because they did not work so well, and if any did use it he would discharge them. Alcohol also makes the muscles weak and fat so that they cannot work so well.

If a person once takes some alcohol he will keep wanting more because his appetite for it is so strong.


When a man drinks the first glass he cannot stop but wants more It burns his stomach and fills the blood vessels so full with the watery substance that they cannot bear the strain so sometimes an artery breaks and death occurs instantly.

About one-fifth of all the water that is in the body is in the head around the soft fibers of the brain and the alcohol mixes with it and takes it away from where it is needed. It deadens his nerves so that the messages do not obey and he does not know what he is doing. Many people are in prison for murder or some other wicked thing because they are under the influence of licquer.

A story is told of a great murderer who was about to kill a baby when the little creature looked up in his face and smiled so he did not like to kill it, so he took a glass of brandy and he did not care.

Insurance men will not insure the lives of licquer sellers because they are most always beer drinkers.

Some times when a person is dying the doctor gives him alcohol to make his heart beat faster till he can give him some other medicine and thus som times save his life.

From school H, sixth grade, the following are the best:

The effects that alcohol has on the body is that it poison the blood, and hardens the albuem of the brain, just as it hardens the egg as if it was boiled, and it does harden the brain, so that we can not think as we could if we did not drink the alcohol, and it hurts the heart because it makes the heart beat to fast because heart wants to drive it out quick, and this wears the heart out, and so we know alcohol does harm to the body.

Alcohol poisons the blood and hurts the brain so it is not able to think well, It poisons the heart and lungs it makes people stuid and they don't don't walk straight. And it makes them have diseases

Sometimes it makes the heart stop beating and then they die. Alcohol makes them so stuid that they do not know what they are doing part of the time.

Alcohol makes bad blood and bad blood makes poor bones. Alcohol makes them unhealthy and so shortens their lifes. When people first begin to drink alcohol it seems bitter, but they keep on and so get used to it.

I have culled the following statements of the effects of alcohol on the stomach and brain from a large number of papers. Most of them are from the better class of papers, as the poorer scholars make few specific statements: "It separates the pepsin from the gastric juice, and makes sores all over the stomach;" "Destroys the fine membrane that lines it:" "Inflames the lining of the stomach" Inflames the sides, and changes the pinkish lining to a bright red:" "By taking the gastric juice from the stomach, so the stomach has no juice to aid in digesting the food;" "Inflames the membrane, and causes sores to come inside:" "It uses up all the tissues lining around the stomach, and it uses all the saliva in the body so that we cannot digest the food;" "Will make the lining of the stomach fat:" "The pepsin in the gastric juice is separated from it, and sinks to the bottom of the stomach :" "Takes the gastric juice of the lining and turns the lining into fat:" "Irritates the lining, and takes the water from the gastric juice:"The alcohol in the system lies at the bottom of it until the glands can pour in enough gastric juice to dissolve the alcohol;" "Burns the Stomach so as to raise little blisters on the inside of it:"Eats the lining ;" "Burns off the coating:" "Makes cancers come in the system:""Makes the lining of the stomach tough" "His stomach becomes black, and covered with cancers. The moderate drinker's stomach is not quite so black;" "Hardens the mucuous membrane, so that the digestive juice can not get through;" "Makes the gastric juice flow fast, until it becomes so weak it can not perform its part;" "Causes the stomach to be dry and hard;" "It draws the pores of the stomach

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