Bushby's Manual of the Practice of Elections for the United Kingdom: With an Appendix of Statutes, the Rules of Procedure ...

Stevens and Haynes, 1874 - 147 páginas

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Página lxxxiv - Every officer, clerk, and agent in attendance at the counting of the votes shall maintain and aid in maintaining the secrecy of the voting, and shall not...
Página cxx - A description or citation of a portion of an Act is inclusive of the words, section, or other part, first or last mentioned, or otherwise referred to as forming the beginning, or as forming the end, of the portion comprised in the description or citation.
Página l - Every Person who shall, directly or indirectly, by himself or by any other Person on his Behalf, make any' such Gift, Loan, Offer, Promise, Procurement, or Agreement "as aforesaid, to or for any Person, in order to induce such Person to procure, or endeavour to procure, the Eeturn of any Person to serve in Parliament, or the Vote of any Voter at any Election : 4.
Página cv - A voter who has inadvertently dealt with his ballot paper in such manner that it cannot be conveniently used as a ballot paper, may, on delivering to the presiding officer the ballot paper so inadvertently dealt with, and proving the fact of the inadvertence to the satisfaction of the presiding officer, obtain another ballot paper in the place of the ballot paper so delivered up (in this act called a spoilt ballot paper), and the spoilt ballot paper shall be immediately cancelled.
Página li - ... or by any other person on his behalf, receives, agrees, or contracts for any money, gift, loan or valuable consideration, office, place, or employment, for himself or for any other person, for voting or agreeing to vote or for refraining or agreeing to refrain from voting at any...
Página lxxxiii - ... and shall not communicate, except for some purpose authorised by law, before the poll is closed, -to any person any information as to the name or number on the register of voters of any elector who has or has not applied for a ballot paper or voted at that station, or as to the official mark.
Página l - ... knowingly pay or cause to be paid any money to any person in discharge or repayment of any money wholly or in part expended in bribery at any election...
Página li - ... or by any other Person on his Behalf, receive, agree, or contract for any Money, Gift, Loan, or valuable Consideration, Office, Place, or Employment, for himself or for any other Person, for voting or agreeing to vote, or for refraining or agreeing to refrain from voting, at any Election: 2.
Página lxxxii - After the close of the poll the ballot boxes shall be sealed up, so as to prevent the introduction of additional ballot papers, and shall be taken charge of by the returning officer, and that officer shall, in the presence of such agents, if any, of the candidates as may be in attendance, open the ballot boxes, and ascertain the result of the poll by counting the votes given to each candidate, and shall forthwith declare to be elected the candidates or candidate to whom the majority of votes have...
Página 149 - to repeal so much of two Acts made in the tenth " and fifteenth years of the reign of His present " Majesty as authorises the Speaker of the House of " Commons to issue his warrant to the clerk of the Crown " for making out writs for the election of members to " serve in Parliament in the manner therein mentioned ; " and for substituting other provisions for the like

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