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The AMERICAN CHURCH MONTHLY is now nearing the completion of its first year of publication. It has been a period of experiment and experience. The war has brought with it practical difficulties. But a certain degree of success has been attained and we look back with some justifiable pride on the list of articles and contributors during the past ten months.

The Editorial Council has hitherto been responsible for the character of the magazine, but beginning with the March issue, the


will be the editor. The Council will continue its interest and aid.

The office in future will be at II West 45th Street, Edwin S. Gorham as Business Manager, where mail in future should be addressed. Please renew subscriptions at once.

If you are not a subscriber, will you not help support this valuable publication by at once sending in your subscription?

If you are a subscriber, will you not try to interest your friends?

Or, if they so desire, new subscribers may take advantage of one of our combination offers: THE AMERICAN CHURCH MONTHLY and THE LIVING CHURCH for $4.25 (to the Clergy, $3.75). THE AMERICAN CHURCH MONTHLY and THE WITNESS for $2.50.

We shall be glad to send circulars and sample copies to any address.

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8vo. Cloth. Copious Index. 950 pp.


Two volumes.

$5.00 net.

This work had the unique honor paid to it of being commended to the Universal Episcopate in an Encyclical signed by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Littlejohn, Bishop of Long Island, the Rt. Rev. Dr. Seymour, Bishop of Springfield, and the Rt. Rev. Dr. Coleman, Bishop of Delaware.

The Great War, when it ends, will bring the world face to face with many problems calling for a solution. The most insistent of these problems will be the religious ones.

From writers from every front, we hear that religious experiences never pressed the consciences of the soldiers as they have in this war.

Christians are realizing, as they never did before, their great brotherhood. Prejudices begotten of ignorance have melted away. English soldiers seeing roadside crosses in France are asking for their re-erection in the lanes and byways of England. When the war is over the men now at the front will be asking for the reasons of a divided Christendom. Should the Allies win, the fate of Austria will be in the balance. Austria is now the only Papal country in Europe. The claims of the Pope will call for more careful examination than ever.

Dr. Lowndes' great work is acknowledged to be the most convincing and scholarly presentation of the Anglican side of the controversy between Rome and ourselves on the question of Anglican Orders.

Another great value of the Vindication is that it is known and highly valued by Eastern Theologians, as is shown by Archbishop Nicolai's commendation, as also by the fact that in the semi-official pamphlet on "the Validity of Anglican Orders from the Orthodox standpoint," by Professor Androutsos, it is extensively quoted.


AMERICAN CHURCH LAW. A Guide and Manual for Rectors, Wardens and Vestrymen of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Thoroughly Revised and Brought into Harmony with the Constitution and Canons of 1910 and the Statute Laws and Canons of the Several States and Dioceses. By the Rev. EDWARD AUGUSTINE WHITE, D.C.L., Presbyter of the Diocese of Newark, sometime Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law. A. D. 1911. 318 pp., with Index. $2.00 net. Postage 20 cts.

Invaluable work for Rectors, Vestrymen, and intelligent laymen of the Church. PREFACE TO the New EDITION In sending forth the Second Edition of American Church Law I cannot forbear to express my thanks to the many Bishops, Clergy and Laymen of the Church for their kind recognition of this effort to give them an exposition of their legal rights and duties.

Since the publication of the First Edition, the Constitution and Canons of the General Convention have undergone a radical revision. Many changes have also been made in the Constitution and Canons of the several Dioceses, and in the Statute Laws affecting the Church of the various States. The present Edition has been thoroughly revised and corrected to conform to these changes.

THE WORKS OF THE REV. J. G. H. BARRY, D.D. Rector of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, New York.

Meditations on the Creed. 512 pp. Second thousand, $2.00

"A few more books like this and the reproach of intellectual sterility can no longer be cast on the American Church."- Living Church.

The Self-Revelation of Our Lord. Meditations on the SelfRevealing Titles applied by our Lord to Himself. "I am the Way," etc. 334 PP....


The Christian's Day. A Book of Meditations for Daily Life of a Christian.

12mo, cloth, 257 pp..

A New Popular Edition, paper cover.



This is one of Dr. Barry's most helpful books. He has chosen this title, because the Meditations deal with matters that enter into the everyday life of the Christian, such as Prayer, Meditation, Repentance, the Christian's Relations to Others, his Work, Pain, Discipline. These subjects are all treated in the illuminative manner that is characteristic of the Author.


M.A. 186 pp..

Every Churchman's Encyclopedia. Exactly the book we have long wanted."REV. DR. MILO H. GATES.

"Your book has already filled a place left vacant on my shelves- and I fancy also vacant in the libraries of all the clergy."- The Rt. Rev. JAMES DE W. PERRY, JR., D.D., Bishop of Rhode Island.

"I have been longing for some such book LANDER, D.D., LL.D., Bishop of Pennsylvania.

"The Rt. Rev. P. M. RHINE

"This little book gives the kind of instruction which is so greatly needed, and it gives this in the spirit which cannot fail to commend it.”—From the Rev. WM. T. MANNING, D.D.

"I know of no other book of instruction which should have wider distribution.”Rev. DANIEL J. ODELL.


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The American Church Monthly

is for sale at the following places:

E. S. Gorham, 11 West 45th St.


Church Literature Press, 2 Bible House

Brentano's, Fifth Ave. and 27th St.

R. W. Crothers, 122 East 19th St.
Sunday School Commission, 73 Fifth

BALTIMORE: Lycett's, 317 North Charles St.

BOSTON: Old Corner Bookstore, 27 and 29 Bromfield St.
CHICAGO: A. C. McClurg & Co., 218 South Wabash Ave.

PHILADELPHIA: George W. Jacobs & Co., 1628 Chestnut St.
ROCHESTER, N. Y.: Scranton, Wetmore & Co.

MILWAUKEE: The Young Churchman Co., 484 Milwaukee St.
WASHINGTON: Woodward & Lathrop, Inc.

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