The Growth of English Law: Being Studies in the Evolution of Law and Procedure in England

Stevens and sons, limited, 1911 - 260 páginas
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Página 136 - there was a society of men among us, bred up from their youth in the art of proving, by words multiplied for the purpose, that white is black and black is white, according as they are paid.
Página 96 - ... wanderers over the face of the earth, with their hand against every man, and every man's hand against them.
Página 12 - That I will truly and honestly demean myself in the Practice ' of an Attorney [or Solicitor, as the Case may be,] according to the best of my Knowledge and Ability.
Página 137 - Contra, if the great predominant character of a port be that of a port of naval military equipment, it shall be intended that the articles were going for military use, although merchant ships resort to the same place, and although it is possible that the articles might have been applied to civil consumption...
Página 2 - ... and if any such attorney be hereafter notoriously found in any default of record, or otherwise, he shall forswear the court, and never after be received to make any suit in any court of the King.
Página 127 - I think, not tenable to the extent in which it has been thrown out ; for though in the ordinary state of things he is a stranger to the cargo, beyond the purposes of safe custody and conveyance, yet in cases of instant and unforeseen and unprovided necessity, the character of agent and supercargo is forced upon him, not by the immediate act and appointment of the owner, but by the general policy of the law...
Página 152 - Whereas the inquiry after truth in courts of justice is often obstructed by incapacities created by the present law, and it is desirable that full information as to the facts in issue, both in criminal and in civil cases, should be laid before the persons who are appointed to decide upon them, and that such persons should exercise their judgment on the credit of the witnesses adduced and on the truth of their testimony...
Página 105 - York.2 1 S. and B. Webb, English Local Government: The Parish and the County (London, 1906), p.
Página 160 - The failure of the person charged, or of the wife or husband of such person, to testify, shall not be made the subject of comment by the judge, or by counsel for the prosecution.
Página 62 - Gracious heaven! if I am doomed to be wretched, bury me beneath Iceland snows, and let me feed on blubber; stretch me under the burning line, and deny me thy propitious dews; nay, if it be thy will, suffocate me with the infected and pestilential air of a democratic club-room; but save me from the desk of an attorney.

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