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ever. You are despisers of Christ, who are lying still in your sin and unbelief, and care nothing for mounting. See a remarkable word, 1 Cor. x. 9. "Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted, and were destroyed of serpents." If you do not mount, with the eye of faith, towards Christ, the mystical brazen serpent, you will be destroyed with worse serpents than the Israelites were. He will let loose the old serpent, the devil; he will let loose the young serpent, your conscience, upon you; and both these will tear you to pieces to all eternity; besides, the fiery serpent of God's everlasting vengeance. If you do not mount, God will cast you down into the dungeon of hell, to live among all these serpents, as long as God lives. Think not these to be words of course, man, woman; I am not jesting with you; nay, I declare to you, in the rame of the everlasting God, that if you do not mount up to Christ, you shall down to hell with the devil. (Matt. xxv. 30.) "The unprofitable servant shall be cast into outer darkness, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Rev. xiv. 10.) They shall have no rest." Consider this, all ye that forget God, and forget to mount up to him.




2. A word of comfort to the mounting soul. Are you a mounting eagle? Then you shall be blessed in your outgoing and in-coming; God's blessing will be in your house: For he blesseth the habitation of the just:" you will be blessed in your prayers and duties: "For the prayer of the upright is his delight." The word will be blessed to you; it will be a river of life to comfort you, poor believing eagle, when you droop your wings. The sacraments are blessed to you; the communion table is a foretaste of the fruit of the vine, which you shall drink for ever new in your Father's kingdom, where you shall be for ever with the Lord. You are happier than the tongues of men and angels can tell. And as the mounting soul is blessed, so he is safe. As long as he is mounting, he is out of the reach of this world's misery; safe against death itself; yea, safe against the wrath of God. You are above all this, for you are mounted up to the love of God, and that is above his wrath. O believer, if you be mounting, keep up your head, and be always mounting, till you come to the throne of God and of the Lamb. O mount, mount, mount, till you come to heaven, to the top of the tree of life, where the birds of Paradise shall sing, "Hallelujah, to him that

sits upon the throne, and to the Lamb for ever and ever." The eagle is never in danger but when she is on earth. We are never in danger when we are in Christ but till we fly down to the earth. Therefore, seeing God hath renewed your strength to mount up as on eagle's wings, O soar aloft; look down with a generous disdain upon the world and the vanities thereof, and keep your heart up in heaven. 3. A word of counsel to the hovering soul. Perhaps there are some hovering sinners and some hovering saints here.

i. As for hovering sinners that never yet mounted, they have some thoughts of mounting; but some objections come in their way, and they are in a hover.

OBJECT. "O," say you, "you are desiring us to go about a duty we are not able to do; alas! I am a poor thing, not able to fly up to heaven. How is that possible to me that want the wing of faith and love?

ANSWER. 1. Up you must go, or else down to the bottomless pit. God commands you to mount; and if you be not able, consider whence your inability flows; the fall brake your wings: "For God made man upright, but he found out many inventions." Thou hast disabled thyself in Adam, therefore God may condemn thee.

2. The reason why you do not mount up, is, because you are wilful: "You will not come to me that you might have life." (John v. 40.) Your weakness flows from your wilfulness. If the weakness of your will were taken away, then you would mount up with ease.

3. Do what you can to fly up. If you cannot fly, endeavour to run without wearying; if you cannot run, endeavour to walk without fainting; if you cannot walk because of your broken leg, then will you creep to the Physician with it, and hold out the broken leg, the withered arm to him; if you cannot creep, will you cry to him: "He hath not said to the (seeking) seed of Jacob, seek ye me in vain;" if you cannot cry, will ye look to him: "Look to me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth;" if you cannot look to him, will you long for him; for, "He satisfies the longing soul." Sigh and sob, and groan, after him. And if, after all, you think you can do nothing, because of your absolute weakness, then, O will you wait on the Lord, and you shall renew your strength; wait on him in the use of means. Lie at the pool, and you cannot tell how soon

you shall get strength to mount: "Wait, I say, on the Lord."

OBJECT. "Alas!" say some," my mounting time is gone, my day of grace is past. I have been a long hearer of the gospel, and many a call have I slighted; I fear Christ will never take pains on me, to make me mount up to heaven." ANSWER. To you I would say, 1. O, how dare you meddle with God's decree? I said something to this already. Mind this is a stratagem of Satan, to keep you from coming to Christ. I have read that the devil said once to a man, "You need not serve God any more, for you will not win to heaven." The man was troubled at this; but what was his answer? "If I cannot win to God in heaven, I shall have as much of God as I can on earth." O man, you will cheat the devil effectually, if you tell him in earnest, I will take all of God that I can now, though I should never get any more of him.

2. Are you not waiting on God in ordinances, and sor rowing at your heart, that you have sinned so much, and slighted Christ so long? Then your day of grace is not past; it is yet time to mount: "Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation." O, young sinner, old sinner, time with you may be gone before you hear another gospel call. Death will dismount you from these high privileges in a little, and then you shall never mount again; but sink, sink, sink for ever in fire and brimstone.

ii. There may be some hovering saints here, who know what it is to have mounted some-time-a-day, but now they are fallen down again; gladly would they mount, but many things hinder them from mounting.

OBJECT. 1. “Alas!" say some, "the woful world keeps me from mounting; the losses, and crosses, and temptations of the world are a clog. Whenever I go home, I will meet with something that will draw me down by the heels again, as it were.

ANSWER. O believer, be not discouraged, but set a stout heart to a steep mountain; oppose the love of the world as much as you can, and see vanity written on its forehead. You know that commnnion with God is better than all the enjoyments of this life. Cast off these things that trouble and afford vexation to you; O let not the world get into your heart. If the world mount up in your heart, it will indeed draw you down, that you shall not mount

up to heaven. Beware of your graceless friends; their carnal walk and conversation may rob you of all spirituality in half-an-hour, and spoil a good communion in two minutes. O Sirs, be as little in their company as you can; and when you are obliged to be with them, yet let your heart be always mounting, and giving a stolen look to Christ. But, perhaps, there are other things in the world also that keep you from mounting, and keep you down with discouragement. You see things going all wrong in the church; grievances lying heavy upon us, zeal decaying, and iniquity abounding, and the like. O how can I get mounted up under such discouragements ? As to all which, I shall only say, you have the more need to mount up to heaven, that you see things so far wrong here below. OBJECT. 2. "But O," say you, "there is another thing that hinders me from mounting. I have a stone in my heart that bears me down; the dead weight of corruption that draws me downward. How can I mount with such a rock on my back, such a heavy, stony heart in my breast.

ANSWER. O believer, that art groaning under the sense of your heart-evils, will you go to God with your stony heart? None can cure the spiritual gravel but God himself; he can cut the stone out of the hard-hearted sinner, and he hath promised to do it: "I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh." (Ezek. xxxvi. 26.) 0, Sirs, go and tell him, that it bears you down when you would mount up to heaven, and seek to have the stony heart softened in the blood of Christ; for Christ's blood is a heart-softening blood; look to him whom you have pierced, and mourn. If you but mount up with your eye to him, it will melt your stony heart; and then the melted heart will be a mounting heart. "Alas!" say you, "I have a worm at my heart; iniquity prevails against me, and this is a heavy thing that bears me down, sorely down; and, I think, it will wear me down to hell. Mine iniquities are a burden; they sink me down, terribly down into the mire. But what shall I do? I will never win up, I think, from under this burden." Poor soul, cast your burden upon Christ; "God laid on him the iniquity of us all. Cast thy burden on the Lord, and he will sustain thee." Doth the guilt of sin burden you? Look to him who is made of God to you righteousness. Doth the power of sin burden you? Look to him who is made of God to you sanctification:

"Come unto me, all ye that labour, and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

OBJECT. 3. "0," say some, "there is another thing that hinders me from mounting up; the devil steps in between me and heaven, between Christ and me, and so I cannot get mounted; he assaults me sore with many sad temptations, he scares me from duty, and tempts me to sin."

ANSWER, Poor believer, be comforted; it seems you are not on Satan's side; it seems you are come out of his camp; and therefore he assaults you so sore. Meantime, O endeavour to mount up notwithstanding of all temptations; for, within a little, "God shall bruise Satan under your feet.” (Rom. xvi. 20.) The believing eagle shall get day about with the devil, and tread upon this old serpent. Again, tell me, hast thou not wings to fight against the devil, as they say the eagle doth! When any come to take her young, then she fights with her wings. So do you fight with the wing of faith; that is the shield that quenches the fiery darts of the devil. The devil's darts cannot pierce the believer's wing of faith. Fight with the wing of love; love is a strong wing, like coals of fire, it hath a most vehement flame; this fire of love will burn the devil's darts that he throws at you; the love of Christ will constrain you to resist him boldly. But, alas !" say you, "for all that, I cannot fight; my faith is feeble, and my love is faint." Then I only say to you, O poor soul, go to Christ. Christ is like the old eagle that helps the young ones; yea, Christ takes the young cagles on his wings. "As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings, so the Lord alone did lead him; and there was no strange god with him." (Deut. xxxii. 11, 12.) "I bare you on eagles' wings, and brought you to myself." (Exod. xix. 4.) Christ will carry you on his wings; and for your encouragement, know that he hath fought with the devil already, and overcome him; he hath overcome principalities and powers; yea, by death he hath destroyed him that had the power of death, that is, the devil.


OBJECT. 4. And lastly, "Alas!" say you, "there is another thing yet that hinders me from mounting. I would not think much of the common enemies of my salvation, sin, Satan, and the world. I know they will do their utmost to keep me out of heaven; but, oh! God himself

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