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you to enthrone Christ, as the Father hath done? As the Father hath set the Lamb in the midst of the throne of glory, so have you set him in the midst of the throne of your heart? Is he, that is in the midst of the throne of God, in the midst of the throne with you? Surely, Unto you therefore which believe he is precious" [or an honour], as the word may be read. (1 Pet. ii. 7.) And they put this honour upon him, even to set him in the midst of the throne. O my dear friends, let me tell you that by this you may try and examine yourselves, and prove your ownselves whether Christ be in you; if he be in you at all, he will be in the midst of the throne. You are not fit for a communion table, and at your peril be it if you go, and yet some other thing than Christ hath the throne of your heart; if self be in the midst of the throne, if the world be in the midst of the throne, if your lusts be in the midst of the throne, Christ is not in you. It is true, the heart of the believer, while here, is not quite free of sin, and self, and the world; they may fight for the throne, and many times they may seem to win the throne of their heart; but sure I am, they never got peaceable possession of the throne of their heart. The believer is free from peace with sin, though he is never free from war with sin in this world. His league with it is broken, he can never consent to its rule and government any more; and hence, whenever sin usurps the throne, like Adonijah, then the believer enters his protest against it before the King of kings, saying, Lord, hast thou not said, that Solomon shall reign?" Hast thou not promised, that grace shall reign, and that sin shall not have dominion? O down, down with this usurper, and let Christ have his own proper room and place, which is the midst of the throne. Hath virtue come from the throne of the Lamb to enable you to enthrone Christ in the midst of your heart? Hath he the throne of your esteem, the throne of your delight, the throne of your affection? Felt you ever any virtue coming down from the throne of Christ, to dethrone sin, and to draw your heart up to the throne of God? Did you ever find so much grace descending from the throne, as to make your hearts ascend to the throne? And is it the view of the Lamb's being there, that fires your heart, and makes it flame upward to the very midst of the throne where he is? Again,

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Lastly, To sinners that hear this doctrine of the Lamb's being in the midst of the throne.

i. Come and see this great sight the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne. If the question be. Where is the Lamb? The answer is, In the midst of the throne. But if the question again be, Where is the throne that we may see it, and the Lamb in the midst of it? We answer, God's throne of glory is properly in heaven; but his throne of grace is really on earth, as well as in heaven; it is erected in the church, and in this gospel dispensation, declaring that God is in Christ reconciling the world to himself. A God in Christ is a throne of grace everywhere, and a glorious throne everywhere is the place of our sanctuary. (Jer. xvii. 12.) Hence when the apostle says, "Let us come boldly unto the throne," he does not mean locally climbing up to heaven, but believingly approaching to God in Christ, as held forth in the gospel of his grace. Why, then, as Christ is in the midst of the throne, so the throne is in the midst of this house.

QUEST. "What will we see, if we come and see the Lamb in the midst of the throne?"

ANSW. You will see that the throne of God is patent to sinners, because the Lamb is there; and that there is access with boldness from all quarters, at every side of the throne, because the Lamb is in the midst of it. The blood of the Lamb encircles the throne, and sprinkles the mercy-seat; and therefore guilty sinners may come, through his guilt-expiating blood. Here you will see the most dreadful attributes of God divested of all their dread and terror, and appearing amiable. Infinite holiness, and infinite justice, are awful attributes, and both are upon the throne of God, but the Lamb is in the midst of them; holiness is gratified, justice is satisfied, every attribute is glorified; "Mercy and truth meet together, righteousness and peace kiss each other;" and all harmo. niously conspire, because the Lamb is in the midst of them. The mildest attributes would be dreadful to sinners, if the Lamb were not in the midst of them; but the most terrible attributes are amiable and lovely, when you see the Lamb in the midst of them.

Here you will see the most terrible dispensations of God smiling in your face, when you see the Lamb in the midst of them; for, though clouds and darkness are round about him, yet righteousness and judgment are the habitations of his throne. He that rides in heaven by his name JAH, and makes the clouds his chariots, as he sits in the midst of his throne; so he sits in the midst of the cloudy and dark dispensations of our day, to order and over-rule. Black clouds are over the church of Scotland, and the government, as it is in the hands of men, is all in disorder and confusion, and turned up-side-down; but, if you see the Lamb in the midst of these dispensations, you will see that the government is upon his shoulders; and that not only justice and judgment are the habitation of his throne, but that justice and judgment sit with mercy and grace; and God hath some glorious design on foot, however terrible to his enemies, yet merciful to all the followers of the Lamb.

In a word, here you will see all the glory of God, when you see the Lamb in the midst of the throne. O the throne of glory is a throne of grace, because the Lamb is there; the throne of justice is a throne of mercy, because the Lamb is there; the throne of

infinite holiness is accessible to guilty sinners, because the Lamb is there. O come and see.

ii. O sinner, who hath been married to the devil hitherto, married to your lusts, married to the world; O man, woman, whether old or young, are you willing to come and be the bride, the Lamb's wife? as the word is. (Rev. xix. 7.) Let none dare to go to the marriage supper of the Lamb, to the communion table, until once they have given their heart and hand to the Son of God, ard joined in marriage with the Lamb; and, O may this be a marriage day. It is a great part of our work to court a bride for the Lamb, and then to lead her to the table; and, O may drawing power come from the throne, to draw out many hearts after him! O sinner, may the Son of God, the Lamb of God, come to court your heart, saying, "My Son give me thine heart; behold me, behold me; come to me, that you may have life." What for a match would you have? Would you not be well married, and happy in such a Husband to all eternity.

1. Are you for an honourable match, a royal match? O here is the King of kings, the Lamb in the midst of the throne; The Head of all principalities and powers.

2. Are you for a rich and opulent match? Here is the Lamb in the midst of the throne, in whom are hid unsearcheable riches, and all the fulness of the Godhead; everlasting treasures of grace and glory.

3. Are you for a bountiful match? O there is none like the Lamb in the midst of the throne for a generous spirit, willing and ready to lay out all his riches, that out of his fulness you may receive, and grace for grace.

4. Are you for a beautiful match? Behold the Lamb in the midst of the throne, the King in his beauty; he is white and ruddy, and altogether lovely. No wonder, for he is the brightness of his Father's glory; all the glory of God shines in his face. Some of God's glory shines in the works of creation, the sun, moon, and stars; some of it in the works of providence; but all the glory of God is here. He is the temple of God, and there doth beauty shine. (Psalm xcvi. 6.)

5. Are you for a loving, as well as a lovely match? Behold the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne is a mirror of love, without all dimension: "O the height and depth, the length and breadth of his love!" He loved and prayed for his enemies that murdered him; and how then must he love his friends that will match with him? Again,

6. Are you for a beloved match, who is valued and esteemed of all whose love and esteem is worth the regarding? O the Lamb

in the midst of the throne is beloved of all the holy angels, they admire and adore him; he is beloved of all the saints in heaven and earth. They say, This is our Beloved; he is beloved of God the Father, who says, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased;" he is hated of none but the devil and his wicked



7. In a word, are you for an immortal match? Well, here is the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne; he lives for ever and ever "I am he that was dead, and am alive; and, behold, I live for evermore." The best friends here in this world are mortal, and

may leave you in a moment; but the Lamb is the King eternal, immortal; he lives for ever, and he can make you live for ever and ever. O mortal worms, whose bodies will be laid in the dust in a few days or hours, and who have nothing but a thin wall of flesh between you and eternity, are ye for a match that can abundantly jointure you for another world, and portion you for eternity? Is this a despicable bargain? Are your lusts and idols, and perishing vanities of a world a better bargain? Nay, you dare not say it for your life. This Christ, accept or reject him as you will, is worth ten thousand worlds.

8. Are you for a match that can pay all your debt to law and justice, that can supply all your wants, that can heal all your diseases, that can bear all your burdens, sanctify all your crosses, sweeten all your afflictions, subdue all your enemies, manage all your concerns, and make you happy for ever? Then come and match with the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne. O great proposal! Wonder men and angels, at this gospel proclamation! Be astonished, O heavens and earth!

What was the Gadarenes, blasphemy, but their preferring their swine to our Lord Jesus Christ, when he was upon the earth, and not yet upon the throne? But greater is your blasphemy, O sinner, if you prefer your swinish lusts to our glorious Lord, now exalted to the throne. What! prefer the swine, that are in the midst of the dunghill, to the Lamb in the midst of the throne! O base, brutish, mad, and devilish blasphemy.

Well, I hope your judgment is persuaded of this, that such a Christ is preached to you as is worthy of all acceptation; but, O sirs, since the judgment may be informed and gained, while yet the heart is not engaged; therefore, though faith come by hearing, yet bare hearing will not do without the heart-drawing power of the Spirit which is before the throne; and therefore, this being the pure crystal river, that proceeds out of the throne of God and of the Lamb, (Rev. xxii. 32,) that this river of drawing influences of the Spirit may run down among you, I will put the best rope in your hand that I know for bringing down this blessing; it is even the Lamb's own sweet promise, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." (John xii. 32.) Where observe, 1. The persons concerned. 2. The promise. And, 3. The condition of it.

i. The persons concerned, all men. There is an All among sinful men, that Christ the second Adam hath to draw to him; these were given of the Father to him, and they shall come. (John vi. 37.) Yea, these he must bring to him. (John x. 16.) He must draw them, and they shall hear his voice. But, lest any should hereupon say, Perhaps I am not among the number of the second Adam's all, that he is to draw; perhaps I am excluded by the secret council, or hidden decree of God from all eternity. Therefore, I will tell you what may satisfy you fully upon this point, that the Lamb, that is now in the midst of his Father's throne, was in the midst of his Father's counsels from all eternity; the Lamb was at that council table. Therefore, let not the thoughts of the eternal decree be terrible and dreadful to you; for the Lamb was upon the concert, and therefore nothing passed at that council to the prejudice of any poor sinner, that would venture his soul upon

the blood of the Lamb. It was concerted there, that the ground and object of faith should be no hidden counsel, no past decree, but a present openly-declared truth; namely, that the Lamb is in the midst of the throne, and that whosoever will might come to him, and him that comes he will in no wise cast out; and, therefore, if you venture your life and salvation upon the Lamb that is at present upon the throne of grace, you have nothing either past or future to fear; neither any past decree, or any future wrath. And now, by this free preaching of Christ to you all, God is accomplishing his glorious decree, that you may be for ever happy upon your acceptance, or for ever inexcusable upon your refusal.

ii. The promise, which is, "I will draw all men unto me." In case any should say, "There is indeed a free proclamation and a good bargain; but I have a reluctant as well as a deceitful heart; I cannot bring up my heart to close with Christ, and make up the match." Why, here is the encouraging promise, "I will draw;" that is, I will send the Spirit to draw out your heart, to make it rise and mount, like a flame, towards the throne, where the Lamb sits. "But if I do not find this drawing power, what encouragement have I to look for it?" Why, observe,

iii. The condition of this promise, "If I be lifted up from the earth." Not an uncertain condition, depending upon us; but a sure condition, depending upon himself: "If I be lifted up, or when I am lifted up." Now, the condition is performed; Christ was not only lifted up upon the cross, but now he is lifted up to the throne. Now, Christ said, "If I go to the Father, I will send the Spirit;" (John xvi. 8;) if I go to the throne, I will send down the Spirit in his drawing influences. And now, may you not plead, "Lord, the condition is performed, the time is come, thou art lifted up, thou art upon the throne; therefore, let the crystal river run down out of the throne of God, and of the Lamb?" Is this the language of your heart and soul? "Lord, draw, draw; thou art the Lamb in the midst of the throne, draw my heart to thee, according to thy word?" Is your heart burning or beating, saying, "O I am the blackest, the vilest sinner that ever matched with such a glorious One; but yet I find my heart beating and burning within me, saying, O to be drawn; O to have the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne to erect his throne in the midst of my heart, and to rule there in the midst of his enemies; and to be all in all to me, for wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption to me?" Why, then, we may say, your heart is the throne, and the Lamb is in the midst of the throne. And, if the drawing power of his Spirit hath made up the match between him and you, we are warranted to lead you next to the marriage supper, where "the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne shall feed you."

[Some passages towards the end of this Sermon, that speak strongly of an offered Christ as well as a preached Christ, have been slightly abridged. We are not told to offer, but to preach the gospel to every creature.-ED.]

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