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THE following, among other properties, are considered as new, and peculiar to this System:

1. The assistance afforded the learner by the association of ideas, and by the almost complete exclusion of characters purely arbitrary.

2. The total exclusion of compound characters, as repre sentatives of single letters; and this, without any accession of difficulty in decyphering.

3. An abbreviated and perspicuous method of expressing vowels occurring as the first letters of words.

4. A copious collection of abbreviations for entire words, rendered easy of attainment by classification and association.

Printed by R. and A. TAYLOR,
Shoe-lane, London,

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The following passage from the beginning of ADAM SMITH's Wealth of Nations, is rendered in Shorthand (as a specimen) on Plate V. The words and syllables in italic small capitals are expressed by some of the abbreviations in Plate III. The italic small letters are omitted in the Shorthand.

THE greatest improvements IN THE productive powers of labour, AND THE greater part of THE skill, dexterity, AND judgment, WITH WHICH IT IS ANY where


directed, or applied, seem to HAVE been THE effects OF THE division of labour.


THE effects OF THE division of labour, IN THE GENERAL business of society, will BE more easily UNDERstood, BY considering IN what manner IT operates in some PARTICULAR manufactures. Ir is commonly supposed To Be carried furthest IN some very trifling ONES; NOT PERHAPS THAT IT really is carried further


IN THEM than IN OTHERS OF more importance: but IN THOSE trifling manufactures WHICH ARE destined To supply THE small wants or but a small number of peo◄ ple, THE WHOLE number of workmen must necessarily be small; AND THOSE employed IN EVERY branch of THE Work CAN OFTEN be collected INTO THE same


workHOUSE, AND placed AT ONCE UNDER THE view OF THE spectator. IN THOSE great manufactures, on THE CONTRARY, WHICH ARE destined To supply THE great wants OF THE great body oF THE people, EVERY different branch oF THE work employs so great a number of workmen, THAT IT IS impossible ro collect THEM ALL INTO THE same workHOUSE. WE CAN seldom see more AT ONE time, than THOSE employed IN ONE single branch: though IN such manufactures THEREFORE, THE work MAY really BE divided INTO


a much greater number of parts, than IN THOSE OF a more trifling nature, THE division IS NOT near so obvious, AND HAS ACCORDINGLY been much less observed.

To take AN example, THEREFORE, FROM a very trifling manufacture, but ONE IN WHICH THE division OF labour Has been very OFTEN taken notice OF, THE trade OF THE pinmaker, a workman NOT educated To THIS business (WHICH THE division or labour HAS made a distinct trade), NOR acquainted WITH THE USE OF THE machinery employed IN IT (TO THE invention OF WHICH THE same division of labour has probably given occasion), COULD scarce, PERHAPS, WITH HIS utmost industry, make ONE pin in a day, AND certainly COULD NOT make twenty. But IN THE WAY IN WHICH THIS business IS NOW carried oN, NOT ONLY THE WHOLE Work Is a peculiar trade, but it is divided INTO a number of branches, OF WHICH THE greater part ARE likewise peculiar trades. ONE man draws OUT THE wire; ANOTHER straights IT; a third cuts ir; a fourth POINTS IT; a fifth grinds IT AT THE top For receiving THE HEAD; TO make THE HEAD requires two On three distinct OPERATIONS; To put it ON IS a peculiar business; To whiten THE pins IS ANOTHER; IT IS even a trade BY ITSELF TO put THEM INTO THE paper; AND THE important business of making a pin is, IN THIS manner, divided INTO ABOUT eighteen distinct OPERATIONS, WHICH, IN some manufactories, ARE ALL performed BY distinct HANDS, though IN OTHERS THE sante man will sometimes perform two or three oF THEM.


Printed by R. and A. TAYLOR,
Shoe-lane, London.

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