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I* List; of Members of Forty-Second Con-

gress 1-3

II. Passage of the "Salary Act of

1873." 3-20

Legislative History of the Legislative, Execu-

tive, and Judicial Appropriation Bill, so far

as Salaries were concerned, in its progress

through the House—Resolutions offered in

the House by Messrs. W. R. Roberts, Wake-

man, and Ely—Introduction of Salary Bills by

Senators Pool and Hill, and Amendments of-

fered by Senators Robertson, Sherman, Buck-

ingham, Morton, Casserly, Sawyer, Freling-

huysen, Ferry of Michigan, Wright, Stewart,

Hill, Morrill of Vermont, Conkling, Ferry of

Connecticut, Hitchcock, Corbett,Windom, and

Votes on Salary features—Text of the House

Judiciary Committee's Salary Bill and Report

thereon, as reported by Representative B. F.

Butler—Mr. Butler's Resolution instructing

the Committoe on Appropriations to include

the above Salary Bill in the Miscellaneous Ap-

propriation Bill, and Vote thereon—Amend-

ments by Messrs. Negley, Wakeman, and the

Committee on Appropriations—Mr. Butler's

** Salary Bill" substitute for the latter Amend-

ment, and the various Amendatory Motions,

Modifications, and Votes following it—State-

ment and Action of Speaker Blaine—Text of

the Salary Amendment as it left the House—

Amendatory Motions and Votes of non-con-

currence in the Senate—The Committee of

Conference—Text of the Conference Report
and votes in both Houses on agreeing thereto.

III. Repeal of the « Salary Act of 1873,"

and Restoration of former Compensa-

tion and Allowances, and Sundry Mile-

age and other Statistical Statements re-

lating thereto 20-39

House Resolution for a Select Committee to

consider the Repeal of the "Salary Bill"—

Bills and Resolutions on the subject intro-

duced in the House—The House Select Com-

mittee on Salaries—Text of Bill and Joint

Resolution reported by said Committee—Text

of Minority Bill—Amendments and Substi-

tutes—Recommittal of the Committee Bill with

Text of Instructions—Second Bill reported by
the Committee—Amendments of Messrs. Kas-
sonand B. F. Butler, and Votes thereon—Text

of Subsequent Amendments and the various

Votes—The Hurlbut Substitute, and Votes by

which it was agreed to—The House Salary Re-

peal Bill in the Senate, and the various Amend-

ments as to Salary and Mileage and Traveling

Allowances there offered, and Votes thereon—

Text of the Salary Bill as Amended by the

Senate, and Vote by which it passed—Return

of the Bill to the House—Final Vote in the

House concurring in the Senate Amendment-

Approval by the President—The several Rates

of Compensation fixed by various Laws, and

the cases in which the same were retroactive,

and for what length of time—Names of Sena-

tors who drew pay under the Retroactive Pro-

visions of the several Laws, amounts drawn,

and dates of same—Names of Senators who

covered into the Treasury amounts due them

under Retroactive Provisions of Law, with

date of such action—A Comparative State-

ment—Mileage paid to Senators in the Thirty-

Ninth and Forty-Second Congresses under the

acts of 1856 and 1866—Effect of the acts of 1873

and 1874—Statement of amounts of Mileage

paid to each of the Representatives and Dele-

gates in the Forty-Second Congress—State-

ment of the amounts for traveling allowances

paid to each Representative and Delegate for

attending the first session of the Forty-Third

Congress—Text of House Bill for the Abolition

of Mileage—Votes on tabling and on final

passage—The Bill in the Senate*

IV. Judicial Decisions and Opinion8.40-5 3

Louisiana Slaughter-House Cases—The Myra

Bradwell Case—The Iowa Liquor Cases.

V. Proposed Amendments to the Constitu-

tion of the United States 53-5 8

By Senators Frelinghuysen, Harlan, Sumner,
Windom, Hamilton of Maryland, Wright,
Stewart; and Representatives John Lynch,

Hibbard, Banks, Coghlan, Porter, Benjamin

F. Myers, Arthur, De Witt, McCrary, Eugene

Hale, Coburn, Creamer, Morrison, and Isaac

C. Parker—Reported by Mr. Morton from Sen-

ate Committee on Privileges and Elections, as

to mode of electing President and Vice Presi-

dent—Votes on propositions to make natural-

ized citizens eligible to offices of President

and Vice President—House Judiciary Com-

mittee Report on the Religious Amendment.

VI. Constitutional Amendments, made

and pending, In the several States..58-84

Arkansas, California, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky,
Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York,
North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas,


VII. Action of the President In the Affair*

of the States of Alabama, Arkansas,

Louisiana, and Texas 85-119

Letters and Telegrams to and from the Presi-

dent, Attorney General, Military Authorities,


Governors, and others—Action of Federal
and State Officials—Opinions of the Attorney
General—Plans of Compromise—Action of the
Courts—Settlement of Complications.

VIII. President Grant's Second Inaugural
Address, and Fourth and Fifth Annual

messages 1155-136

IX. Proclamations and Orders of President
Grant 126-133

Respecting Wages of Labor—Swedish, Norwe-
gian, Japanese, and French Vessels—United
States Officers Holding Civil Office, and Letter
of Explanation—Disorders in Louisiana—Ac-
tion of Great Britain on the Treaty of Wash-
ington—Centennial International Exhibition—
Arkansas Disorders—Action of Newfoundland
on Treaty of Washington.

X. President Grant's Interviews and Let-
ters on Public Affairs 134-138

Currency and Finance—Letters to Claflin and
Anthony, Cowdrey—Denial of a misreported
"threat"—Interview with Boston and New
York Merchants and Bankers—Correspond-
ence with Senator Jones—South Carolina
Affairs—Civil Rights—Decoration Day—Louis-
iana Sufferers.

XI. President Grant's Special and Veto

messages 139-157

Veto of East Tennessee University Bill—Veto
of Manchester Salt Works Bill—Affairs in
Utah—Treaty of Washington and the Fish-
eries—Affairs in Louisiana—Centennial Expo-
sition—Civil Service Commission—Veto of the
Senate Currency Bill, with notes giving text
of "Legal Tender" act of 1862, with its legis-
lative history, including the Stevens, Horton,
and Fessenden amendments and votes thereon;
Conference Reports, &c<; act of June 30,1864,
limiting issue of "Greenbacks"; House reso-
lution of December 18, 18G5, pledging "con-
traction"; act of April 12, 1866, providing for
reduction; act of February 4,1868, suspending
reduction; letter of Senator Morton explain-
ing the Senate Currency Bill; and correspond-
ence between Comptroller Knox and Repre-
sentative Hyde on "unassigned circulation."

XII. President Grant's Cabinet and
Members of tne Forty-Third Con-
gress 158-159

XIII. Financial Propositions, Votes, and
Action 160-187

Senate Distribution Bill—Senate Currency Bill,
with Amendments and Votes in both Houses-
House Currency Bill, with Amendments and
Votes—The various propositions touching
Legal Tenders, Bank-Note Currency, Free
Banking, Reserves, &c, with Votes in Senate
and House—The two Conference Reports-
Separate House Action—House Resolutions
concerning Temporary Loan, Taxation, Public
Debt, and Economy in Public Expenditures.

XIV. The Transportation Ques-
tion ~ 18T-300

Commission to Collect Information, and House
Vote thereon—The House Railroad Bill and
Votes—Resolutions and further action in
Senate and House (as to Power of Congress,

Preliminary Surveys for Water Routes, Ac.}—
Conclusions and Recommendations of the Sen-
ate SelectCommittee—Contemplated Improve-
ments of the Mississippi, Northern, Central,
and Southern Water Routes—Benefits antici-
pated therefrom, and estimated cost.

XV. State Action on Railroads 200-305

Illinois Railroad Act of 1873—Railroad Law of
Wisconsin of 1874.

XVI. The Supplementary Civil Right*
Bill ~ 305-309

The Old House Bill—The Sumner Bill—The
Senate Substitute, and Proceedings thereon in
Senate and House—Amendments and Votes.

XVII.. Woman's Rights 300-311

Female Suffrage Proposition, and Vote in Sen-
ate—Female Attorney Vote in House—State
Action in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamp-
shire, and Rhode Island.

XVIII. Geneva and San Juan
Awards 311-314

Text of Geneva Award—Act for distribution
thereof—Text of San Juan Award.

XIX. Miscellaneous 314-331

Universal Amnesty and Test Oath—Another
Proposed Amendment of the Constitution-
Interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment
—The Utah Bill, with Amendments and Votes
in both Houses—Admission of Colorado—Ad-
mission of New Mexico—Cost of Public Im-
provements in all the States and Territories,
comprehending Public Buildings at Washing-
ton, in the States, and in the Territories; Ma-
rine Hospitals, Light-houses, Ac; and River
and Harbor Improvements on the Atlantic,
Gulf, and Pacific coasts, the Northern States,
and the Western rivers—Action of Congress
on Civil Service.

XX. Statistical Tables 333-338

A. Public Debt of 111e United States.. 232

Statement showing the principal and interest
of the Public Debt at end of fiscal year June
30, 1874; decrease of same during that year;
and during the administration of President

B. Pacific Railway Bonds 333.

Statement showing date of authorization, rate of interest, and duration of the Bonds for each
of the six Pacific Railway companies; amounts
of principal outstanding; accrued and unpaid
interest; interest paid by United States; in-
terest repaid by transportation of the mails;
and balance of interest paid by the United

C. Internal Revenue Table 333

Exhibiting the aggregate receipts from each
State and Territory, from Internal Revenue,
for 1870,1871,1872, and 1873, and the total from
each State since 1863.

I>. Distribution oftbe Currency.234,335
Apportionment of the $354,000,000 national
bank circulation, upon the basis of population
and wealth, as given in the census of 1870;
the amount outstanding July 1, 1874; the
excess and deficiency; amount of national

bank capital paid in; with statistical memo-
randa as to taxes and dividends of national
banks, and touching the various issues under
the act of 1870; with statement by the Comp-
troller as to the effect of the act of 1874.

E. List of Appropriations 225-227

For the fiscal years, ending June 30,1872, made

at the 3d Session 41st Congress, and 1st Ses-

sion 42d Congress—Ending June 30, 1873, at
2d Session 42d Congress—Ending June 30,
1874, at 3d Session 42d Congress—Ending
June 30,1875, at 1st Session 43d Congress.

P. Revenues and Expenditures of the

Government 227

Revenues for the fiscal years ending June 30,

1872 and 1873, under the heads of Customs,

Internal Revenue, Direct Taxes, Public Lands,
Miscellaneous Sources—Expenditures for
same years under the heads of Civil List,
Foreign Intercourse, Navy Department, War
Department, Pensions, Indians, Miscellaneous,

and Interest on the Public Debt. Also, under
the same heads, statements of the aggregate
receipts and expenditures since the formation
of the Government, from March 4, 1789, to
June 30,1873.

G. Presidential Election of 1872, and

State Elections in 1872, 1873, and

1874 228

Popular and Electoral Vote of 1872 by States
—Electoral College Apportionment under
the Census of 1870—State Election Returns of
1872 and 1873, with note giving the returns at

Election of 1874 in Connecticut, Rhode Island,

and New Hampshire.

XXI. State Platforms of 1874: 229-236

Republican: Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana,
Iowa, Maine, Vermont; Democratic: Connec-
ticut, Maine, Vermont; Independent Reform:
Illinois; Independents: Indiana; Anti-Monopo-
lists: Iowa.

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