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Fair women, blest with Beauty's prize—

Whose witching charms e'en Old Time sparesWill tell you this: The secret lies

Within the soap-of course its PEARS'

Pears' is the most economical of all soaps. It does not crumble after using; it does not become soft. It wears to thinness of a wafer, and the thin piece may be moistened and stuck on top of a fresh cake. Used in this way not a article of soap is lost. There is no waste in Pears' Soap. It is a clean soap, and it is a necessity lasts longest, and it is "a balm :

of people use it.

a comfort and a luxury. Pears' is the soap that orts of stores sell it, especially druggists; all sorts

Established ov

-20 International Awards.

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