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THE THE war with Spain raised new and difficult problems for the editors of all periodicals. It was obviously an opportunity to suffer a large loss or secure a large gain in circulation, and the hard question was how to deal with it so as to have the gain rather than the loss. We have good reason to believe that the course followed by the editors of MCCLURE's was not an unwise one. In the last four months-May, June, July, and August the circulation of the Magazine has increased 428,357 copies over that for the corresponding months of last year, an average increase per month of 107,089 copies.

It is not our design, in dealing with the war, either to compete with the newspapers in gathering and publishing the current news of the war, or to anticipate the labors of the historian by presenting a history of it. Our design is, however, as shown in this and previous numbers of the magazine, to publish carefully written articles by actual participants in the most notable and important events. Thus, in the present number, we give accounts of the destruction of Admiral Cervera's fleet from two exceptionally well-qualified observers who were on the flagships of Admiral Sampson and Commodore Schley throughout the engagement. In the August number, we published Colonel Rowan's account of his own hazardous journey across Cuba on a secret mission from the government. In the October number, we shall have a participant's dramatic account of the life and movements of the army in the investment and capture of Santiago.

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reached directly. The editions of these books will be about ten times as large as the usual first printing of new books, and the readers of both periodicals will be supplied at proportionately low prices.


In the November number will begin the second part of Miss Tarbell's "Life of Lincoln." The period covered in this work is that of Lincoln's Presidential career, beginning with the campaign of 1860, when he was first elected, and ending with his assassination in 1865. The point of view of the work is entirely different from that of other lives of the great Civil War President. It will not be a history of the times. It will not attempt to trace the campaigns and describe the battles of the war. It will be, rather, a study of the man Lincoln, depicting his personal relations to all the leading men in public life and in the army and navy, as well as his relations to the common soldier and to the plain people. It will show him in his daily life at the White House and in his summer cottage at the Soldier's Home, and describe his visits to battlefields, hospitals, camps, and forts.


We are sure that our readers are interested in Rudyard Kipling's works, and we are glad to announce that our Book Department will soon publish a new volume by Mr. Kipling, entitled "The Day's Work. It will contain nearly all the short stories he has written during the last five years, revealing him in his most mature and strongest work. Other early publications by the Book Department will be "The Lady of Castell March," by Owen Rhoscomyl, which is the first of an interesting series of Dollar Novels; General Nelson A. Miles's "Military Europe;" and several important books on nature study, with colored plates, including one by the author of "Bird Neighbors," entitled" Birds that Hunt and are Hunted," with nearly fifty colored plates; a" Butterfly Book," by Dr. W. J. Holland, superbly illustrated in colors; and "Flashlights on Nature," by Grant Allen.




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