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building, a fitting monument that will perpetuate the name of its donor throughout many succeeding cycles of time. Mr. McGraw was one of

Cornell University's earliest and most devoted friends. He was a member of the first Board of Trustees and retained his office as long as he lived.

The following tributes were paid to his memory. His intimate and life-long friend, the Hon. Henry W. Sage, said of him:

"Always in feeble health, he was physically unable to attend to the minor details of business, and remitted them wholly to others. He dealt with principles and ideas; boldly grasping the outlines of important projects which commanded his attention, and, his judgment once convinced of their soundness and utility, followed up with all the force of his character any enterprise once entered upon. As he was ripened by years and experience, the results of his great industry were represented by a large accumulation of wealth, no inconsiderable portion of which has been devoted to the benefit of mankind. He was an early and lifelong friend of the late Ezra Cornell, and in full sympathy with his ideas in the founding of Cornell University, and was one of its earliest trustees. His clear, practical head has always been a power in the management of its interests, and his noble gift of the Library Building at a cost of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars is an enduring monument to his generosity and desire to promote the interests of education. In all his relations with men he was kind, affable and sympathetic. In his business, he combined great force and boldness with great caution and sagacity. He was upright, prompt, true, sensitive to the nicest shade of honor." The Faculty passed the following resolutions:

Resolved, That this Faculty hear with sorrow of the death of John McGraw, believing that the community has thereby sustained a great loss and knowing that the University especially has by his removal been deprived of one of its best friends, who always helped it generously with his money and faithfully with his advice and care, planting the seeds of usefulness continually, and leaving, not merely in the gift of the building which we call by his name, but in his example, a noble monument of unselfish interest in human progress.

Resolved, That as a public mark of respect we will attend his funeral in a body, and suspend the usual exercises of the University until after that


Resolved, That we tender to the family of Mr. McGraw, our most respectful sympathy, and request the Secretary to communicate to them a copy of the above resolutions.

At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the First National Bank of Ithaca, the following preamble and resolutions were, on motion of Hon. J. B. Williams, unanimously adopted:

WHEREAS, Death has removed from this Board our honored President, John McGraw, Esq., who, by his faithful counsels, sound judgment, upright dealings and the constant manifestation in word and act of every noble and manly quality, has endeared himself to us all; therefore,

Resolved, That as a token of our respect, and as an expression of our feeling of bereavement, this Board will attend his funeral in a body.

Resolved, That we extend our sympathy to the family of the deceased and join with them in mourning their loss.

The Executive Committee of the Trustees of the University had a meeting to take action regarding Mr. McGraw's death, and passed the following resolutions:

Resolved, That it is with great sorrow that we miss from our circle John McGraw, who from the beginning of the University has worked with us. in the promotion of its interests. His death has separated from us not merely a cheerful, courageous helper, but an experienced, sagacious counsellor. In the day of our small beginnings he was earnest, hopeful and most generous; in dark times he encouraged us with his faith, energy and self-sacrifice, and to all our deliberations he gave the benefit of broadest views of the interests under our care. He was a man of large heart, always awake to the claims of mankind, of great wisdom in business, and of cordial sympathy with every attempt to do good on the soundest principles of practical success.

Resolved, That to his family we offer officially and as friends our assurance of deepest sympathy in the trial they have been called to undergo, and of our faith too that they will find in the memory of him who is gone great and constant comfort.

Resolved, That we will attend in a body the funeral of Mr. McGraw, and that a copy of the above resolutions be sent to his family and the press.



Benjamin Richards was born in White creek, Washington county, N. Y., in 1806. He graduated from Union College in 1825. After his graduation he was for a time tutor in the college, after which he accepted a position in Kenyon College, Ohio. In 1840 he went to Columbia, S. C., where he spent four years as principal of the South Carolina Collegiate Institute. In 1844 he became associate principal of the seminary at Pittsfield, Mass. After a few years of service in Pittsfield, he returned to South Carolina. In 1852 he went to Richmond, Va., where he was engaged in teaching for two years. In 1854 he went to Canandaigua, N. Y., and became one of the principals of the Ontario Female Seminary, at that place, associated with Mr. E. G. Tyler. He remained associated with Mr. Tyler in the conduct and proprietorship of the seminary until about 1868, when Mr. Tyler retired and Mr. Richards became sole proprietor of the institution. He continued in charge of the institution until 1875, when, from causes beyond his control, it ceased to become self-supporting, and was closed. After the closing of the seminary, Mr. Richards continued to reside in Canadaigua, suffering from an infirmity which had troubled him for some years, until his death, which occurred on the 29th of March, 1877.

Mr. Richards was a teacher of rare accomplishments and of unusual success. He was greatly esteemed for the strength of his Christian faith, for the purity of his character, and for his great faithfulness as a teacher, and he left in a remarkable degree the impression of his genial loving spirit upon all who sat under his teaching. He will be remembered with great affection, not only by the community in which most of his public life was spent, but by the many pupils who have gone out from under his instructions into the varied duties of Christian womanhood.



JOHN V. L. PRUYN, LL. D., Chancellor of the University-presiding.
DANIEL J. PRATT, PH. D., Assistant Secretary.

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JOHN W. MEARS, D. D., Chairman, Hamilton College, Clinton.
OTIS H. ROBINSON, A. M., Rochester University, Rochester.
ALBERT N. HUSTED, A. M., State Normal School, Albany.
OSCAR ATWOOD, A. M., Plattsburgh High School.
PROSPER MILLER, A. M., Friendship Academy.

JOHN E. MYER, A. M., Auburn Academic High School.
CHARLES KELSEY, A. M., Cayuga Lake Academy, Aurora.



EDWARD NORTH, L. H. D., Hamilton College, Clinton.
DANIEL S. MARTIN, Rutgers Female College, New York.




JOHN V. L. PRUYN, LL. D., Chancellor of the University.

ERASTUS C. BENEDICT, LL. D., Vice-Chancellor.....

JOHN BIGELOW, Secretary of State...


ELIAS W. LEAVENWORTH, LL. D..........................




ORRIS H. WARREN, D. D..................

Albany. ..New York. ..Albany. Elizabethtown. ..Syracuse. ..Albany.




SAMUEL B. WOOLWORTH, LL. D., Secretary...


DANIEL J. PRATT, PH. D., Assistant Secretary.............Albany.


Union University.-President Eliphalet N. Potter, D. D.; Professors Jonathan Pearson, Maurice Perkins, Wendell Lamoroux, Cady Staley, Lewis Boss.


Hamilton College.-Professors John W. Mears, D. D.; Edward North, L. H. D.; Henry A. Frink.

University of the City of New York.-Professor Benjamin N. Martin, D. D., L. H. D.

St. John's College.-Professors Michael P, Costin, S. J.; George B. Keeney.

University of Rochester.-Professors Otis H. Robinson; William C. Morey.

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St. Stephen's College.-Warden Robert B. Fairbairn, D. D., LL. D. College of St. Francis Xavier.-Professor Patrick F. Dealy, S. J. Manhattan College.-Brother Anthony, Director; Professor C. M. O'Leary, Ph. D.

Cornell University.-Vice-President Wm. C. Russel, LL. D.; Professor Wm. D. Wilson, D. D., LL. D., L. H. D.

College of the City of New York.-Professors Jesse A. Spencer, D. D.; Adolph Werner; Tutor Eustace W. Fisher; Trustee Samuel G. Jelliffe. Rutgers Female College.-Professor Daniel S. Martin.

Syracuse University.-Chancellor Erastus O. Haven, D. D., LL. D.; Professor Alexander Winchell, LL. D.; Trustee J. Dorman Steele, Ph. D. Rock Hill College, Md.-Brother Azarias, Professor.

State Normal School (Albany)--Robert H. Pruyn, LL. D., of Executive Committee; Professor Albert N. Husted; Instructresses Kate Stoneman, Mary A. McClelland.

Cortland Normal School.-Instructresses Mary F. Hendrick, Clara E. Booth.

New York State Library.-Librarians Henry A. Homes, LL. D., Stephen B. Griswold, George R. Howell.

New York State Museum of Natural History.-Director James Hall, LL. D.; Entomologist J. A. Lintner.

New York State Survey.-Commissioner George Geddes; Director James T. Gardner.


Albany High School.-Principal John E. Bradley; Instructors Chas. W. Cole, Austin Sanford, Chas. A. Horne.

Albany Public Schools.-Principals Levi Cass, J. L. Bothwell, P. H. McQuade, Geo. H. Quay (West Albany).

Amenia Seminary.-Principal S. T. Frost.

Amsterdam Academy.-Principal W. W. Thompson.

Bainbridge Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal A. G. Kilmer.
Canandaigua Academy.-Principal Noah T. Clarke, Ph. D.

Cary Collegiate Seminary.-Principal C. H. Kellogg.

Chamberlan Institute.-Principal J. T. Edwards, D. D.

Claverack Academy and H. R. Institute.-Principals Alonzo Flack,

Ph. D., Robert C. Flack.

Clinton Grammar School (Male Dept.)—Principal Isaac O. Best. Cobleskill Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Secretary John Van Voris. Colgate Academy.-Instructor Eugene P. Sisson.

Cooperstown Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal John G. Wight. Corning Free Academy.-Principal A. Gaylord Slocum.

Deposit Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal Mary A. Truesdell. Egberts High School and Cohoes Public Schools.-Superintendent Oliver W. Steves.

Elizabethtown Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal John W. Chandler, Ph. D.

Fort Edward Collegiate Institute.-Principal Joseph E. King, D. D., Ph. D.

Fort Plain Seminary and Female Collegiate Institute.-Principal A. Mattice; Preceptress Kate M. Thomas.

Greene Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal E. W. Rogers; Trustee R. P. Barnard.

Griffith Institute.-Principal Samuel W. Eddy.

Homer Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal Ezra J. Peck.

Hungerford Collegiate Institute.-Principal Albert B. Watkins, Ph. D.; Instructor Orlo B. Rhodes.

Ives Seminary-Principal M. A. Veeder.

Johnstown Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal Wm. S. Snyder. Lansingburgh Academy.-Principal C. T. R. Smith; Preceptress E. Sophia Winter.

Munro Collegiate Institute.-Principal Truman K. Wright.

Nichols Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Trustee George P. Cady.
Oneonta Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal Nathaniel N. Bull.
Onondaga Academy.-Principal Oliver W. Sturdevant.
Owego Free Academy.-Principal Andrew J. Robb.
Peekskill Academy.-Principal Robert Donald.
Plattsburgh High School.-Principal Oscar Atwood.
Pompey Academy.-Principal J. H. Brinsmaid.
Port Byron Free School and Academy.-Principal
Pulaski Academy.-Principal S. Duffy.

Wm. S. Anmock.

Rochester Free Academy.-Principal N. W. Benedict, D. D.

Schenectady Union Classical Institute.-Principal Charles S. Halsey.
Schoharie Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal Solomon Sias.
Sodus Academy.-Principal Elisha Curtiss.

S. S. Seward Institute (Male Dept.)—Principal H. A. Harlow; (Female Dept.)-Mrs. G. Seward, Principal.

Temple Grove Seminary.-Principal Charles F. Dowd.
Troy Academy.-Trustee Francis N. Mann, Jr.

Troy High School.-Principal Henry A. Pierce.

Watertown High School.-Principal W. K. Wickes.

Waterville Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal George R. Cutting. Waverly Union School (Acad. Dept.)-Principal H. H. Hutton. West Winfield Academy.-Principal T. H. Roberts; Instructor C. M. Parkkurst.

Rev. W. McKinney, Port Jervis.

E. A. Corbin, Greenbush.

Julia S. Hoag, Albany.

C. W. Bardeen, Syracuse.

Norman F. Wright, Skaneateles.

Rev. Royal G. Wilder, Kolapoor, India.

S. N. D. North, Morning Herald, Utica

George L. Brockett, Lockport.

William Burnett, Clyde.

Emily Bailey, Albany.

Mary Ann Barton, Troy.

Mrs. Catharine Maloney, Green Island

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