J. Ollivier, 1845 - 423 páginas
An account of Kinglake's travels to Turkey, the Middle East, and Egypt.

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Página 340 - And the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea upon the dry ground: and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left.
Página 276 - His going forth is from the end of the heaven, And his circuit unto the ends of it : And there is nothing hid from the heat thereof.
Página 326 - Upon ancient dynasties of Ethiopian and Egyptian kings — upon Greek, and Roman, upon Arab, and Ottoman conquerors — upon Napoleon dreaming of an Eastern Empire — upon battle and Pestilence — upon the ceaseless misery of the Egyptian race — upon keen-eyed travellers — Herodotus yesterday, and Warburton to-day — upon all, and more, this unworldly Sphinx has watched, and watched like a Providence with the same earnest eyes, and the same sad, tranquil mien.
Página 304 - ... this space was concentrated the pluck of ten battalions. He had a really noble voice, and this he could modulate with great skill ; but he had also the power of quacking like an angry duck, and he almost always adopted this mode of communication in order to inspire respect. He was a capital scholar, but his ingenuous learning had not 'softened his manners,' and had ' permitted them to be fierce
Página 256 - ... and the hills, and the valleys are sand, sand, sand, still sand, and only sand, and sand, and sand again. The earth is so samely, that your eyes turn towards heaven — towards heaven, I mean, in the sense of sky. You look to the...
Página 121 - Domenichino, so sweetly distracted betwixt love and mystery, but of a good, business-like, practical prophetess, long used to the exercise of her sacred calling. I have been told by those who knew Lady Hester Stanhope in her youth, that any notion of a resemblance betwixt her and the great Chatham must have been fanciful ; * but at the time of my seeing her, the large commanding features of the gaunt woman, then sixty years old or more, certainly reminded me of the statesman that lay dying in the...
Página 81 - I will let the words stand, as a humbling proof that I am subject to that nearly immutable law which compels a man with a pen in his hand to be uttering every now and then some sentiment not his own.
Página 277 - I had lived to see, and I saw them. When evening came I was still within the confines of the Desert, and my tent was pitched as usual, but one of my Arabs stalked away rapidly towards the West without telling me of the errand on which he was bent. After a while he returned; he had toiled on a graceful service; he had...
Página 396 - ... she is a city of hidden palaces, of copses, and gardens, and fountains, and bubbling streams. The juice of her life is the gushing and ice-cold torrent that tumbles from the snowy sides of Anti-Lebanon. Close along on the river's edge through seven sweet miles of rustling boughs and deepest shade, the city spreads out. her whole length ; as a man falls flat, face forward on the brook, that he may drink, and drink again ; so Damascus, thirsting for ever, lies down with her lips to the stream,...
Página 402 - There are no other flowers. Here and there, there are patches of ground made clear from the cover, and these are either carelessly planted with some common and useful vegetable, or else are left free to the wayward ways of Nature, and bear rank weeds, moist-looking, and cool to your eyes, and freshening the sense with their earthy and bitter fragrance.

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