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nual Conferences, let the various allowances agreed upon in the second section be made up; but each Annual Conference shall have full power to determine, by a full vote of all the members present and voting, who among the superannuated and supernumerary preachers, and the widows and orphans of deceased preachers belonging to the Conference, shall be claimants on the funds of said Conference, and what amount each claimant shall receive from year to year. But in no case shall an allowance be made to any travelling preacher who has travelled in any circuit where he might, in the judgment of the Annual Conference, have obtained his full quarterage, if he had applied for it; and if at any Conference their remain a surplus after making up all such allowances, the Conference shall send such surplus forward to that Conference they judge to be the most necessitous.

6. Every Annual Conference has full liberty to adopt and recommend such plans and rules as to them may appear necessary the more effectually to raise supplies for the respective allowances. Each Annual Conference is authorized to raise a fund, if they judge it proper, subject to its own control, and under such regulations as their wisdom may direct, for the relief of the distressed travelling, superannuated, and supernumerary preachers, their wives, widows, and children, as also for missionary purposes.

7. It shall be the duty of each Annual Conference to take measures, from year to

year, to raise moneys in every circuit and station within its bounds, for the relief of its necessitous superannuated and supernumerary ministers, widows, and orphans. And the Conference shall annually appoint a committee to estimate the several sums necessary to be allowed for the extra expenses of such necessitous claimants, who shall be paid in proportion to the estimates made and the moneys in hand.

8. To defray the expenses of the delegates composing the General Conference, a collection shall be taken up in each circuit and station some time previously to the sitting of the Conference, and the sums so collected shall be brought up to the General Conference, and applied to the object herein contemplated in proportion to the expenses of the several delegates.


Of Building and Renting Houses for the Use of the Travelling Preachers.

Quest. What advice or direction shall be given concerning the building or renting of dwelling-houses for the use of the married travelling preachers?

Answ. 1. It is recommended by the General Conference to the travelling preachers, to advise our friends in general to purchase a lot of ground in each circuit, and to build a preacher's house thereon, and to furnish it with, at least, heavy furniture, and to

settle the same on trustees appointed by the Quarterly Conference, according to the Deed of Settlement published in our form of Discipline.

2. The General Conference recommend to all the circuits, in cases where they are not able to comply with the above request, to rent a house for the married preacher and his family, (when such are stationed upon their circuits respectively) and that the Annual Conferences do assist to make up the rents of such houses as far as they can, when the circuit cannot do it.

The Stewards of each circuit and station shall be a standing committee, (where no trustees are constituted for that purpose,) to provide houses for the families of our married preachers, or to assist the preachers to obtain houses for themselves when they are appointed to labour among them.

3. It shall be the duty of the Presiding Elders and preachers to use their influence to carry the above rules respecting building and renting houses for the accommodation of preachers and their families into effect. In order to this, each Quarterly Conference shall appoint a committee, (unless other measures have been adopted,) who, with the advice and aid of the preachers and Presiding Elders, shall devise such means as may seem fit to raise moneys for that purpose. And it is recommended to the Annual Conferences to make a special inquiry of their members respecting this part of their duty.

4. Those preachers who refuse to occupy the houses which may be provided for them on the stations and circuits where they are from time to time appointed, shall be allowed nothing for house rent, nor receive anything more than quarterage for themselves, their wives, and children, and their travelling expenses. Nevertheless, this rule shall not apply to those preachers whose families are either established within the bounds of their circuits, or are so situated that in the judgment of the Stewards, or the above-mentioned committee, it is not necessary, for the benefit of the circuit, to remove them.



1. THE support of missions is committed to the Churches, congregations, and societies, as such.

2. It shall be the duty of each Annual Conference, where missions have been or are to be established, to appoint a standing committee, (which shall keep a record of its doings, and report the same to its Conference,) whose duty it shall be, in conjunction with the President of the Conference, to make an estimate of the amount necessary for the support of each mission and mission school, in addition to the regular allowance of the Discipline to preachers and their

families from year to year: for which amount the President of the Conference for the time being shall draw on the Treasurer of the Society in quarterly instal


3. It shall be the duty of each Annual Conference to form within its bounds a Conference Missionary Society, which shall appoint its own officers, fix the terms of membership, and otherwise regulate its own administration. But it shall pay all its funds into the treasury of the parent society.

4. It shall be the duty of each Presiding Elder to bring the subject of our missions before the Quarterly Conference of each circuit and station within his district, at the first Quarterly Conference in each year; and said Conference shall proceed to appoint a committee, of not less than three nor more than nine, (of which the preacher in charge shall be chairman,) to be called the Committee on Missions, whose duty it shall be to aid the preacher in charge in carrying into effect the disciplinary measures for the support of our missions.

5. It shall be the duty of the preacher in charge, aided by the Committee on Missions, to provide for the diffusion of missionary intelligence in the Church and congregation.

6. It shall be the duty of the preacher in charge, aided by the Committee on Missions, to institute a monthly missionary prayermeeting, or lecture, in each society. or

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