Songs, by the Ettrick shepherd

William Blackwood, 1831 - 311 páginas
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Página 16 - Blithesome and cumberless, Sweet be thy matin o'er moorland and lea! Emblem of happiness, Blest is thy dwelling-place — O to abide in the desert with thee! Wild is thy lay and loud, Far in the downy cloud, Love gives it energy, love gave it birth. Where, on thy dewy wing, Where art thou journeying? Thy lay is in heaven, thy love is on earth. O'er fell and fountain sheen, O'er moor and mountain green, O'er the red streamer that heralds the day, Over the cloudlet dim, Over the rainbow's rim, Musical...
Página 14 - Athol, lad wi' the philabeg, Down by the Tummel, or banks o' the Garry ; Saw ye our lads, wi' their bonnets and white cockades, Leaving their mountains to follow Prince Charlie ? Follow thee ! follow thee ! wha wadna follow thee ? Lang hast thou loved and trusted us fairly : Charlie, Charlie, wha wadna follow thee, King o...
Página 53 - Drops down, an' thinks nae shame To woo his bonny lassie When the kye comes hame. See yonder pawkie shepherd, That lingers on the hill, His ewes are in the fauld, An' his lambs are lying still; Yet he downa gang to bed. For his heart is in a flame, To meet his bonny lassie When the kye comes hame. When the little wee bit heart Rises high in the breast, An' the little wee bit starn Rises red in the east, O there's a joy sae dear, That the heart can hardly frame, Wi...
Página 51 - Come all ye jolly shepherds That whistle through the glen, I'll tell ye of a secret That courtiers dinna ken : What is the greatest bliss That the tongue o' man can name ? 'Tis to woo a bonnie lassie When the kye comes hame.
Página 43 - Andrew, we canna compel ye, But ye ken as weel as a body can tell ye, If these gang to heaven, we'll a' be sae shockit, Your garret o' blue will but thinly be stockit.
Página 96 - Twas on a Monday morning Right early in the year, That Charlie came to our town — The Young Chevalier! As he was walking up the street The city for to view, O, there he spied a bonie lass The window looking thro...
Página 119 - WEEL befa' the maiden gay, In cottage, bught, or penn ! An' weel befa' the bonny May That wons in yonder glen ! Wha lo'es the modest truth sae weel, Wha's aye sae kind, an
Página 223 - Then calmly aneath the hand o' death Breathe its sweet soul away. O dinna break, my poor auld heart, Nor at thy loss repine, For the unseen hand that threw the dart Was sent frae her Father and thine ; Yet I maun mourn, an...
Página 97 - An' Charlie, he's my darling, My darling, my darling, Charlie, he's my darling, The young Chevalier. As he was walking up the street, The city for to view, O there he spied a bonie lass The window looking through, An' Charlie, &c. Sae light's he jumped up the stair, And tirl'd at the pin; And wha sae ready as hersel
Página 221 - Wi' the raptured kiss an' the happy smile, An' the dance o' the lightsome fay, An' the wee bit tale o' news the while That had happen' d when I was away. I hae naebody now, I hae naebody now To clasp to my bosom at even, O'er her calm sleep to breathe the vow, An' pray for a blessing from heaven An...

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