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RELIGIOUS AND THEOLOGICAL. KITTO'S CYCLOPEDIA OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE. By John Kitto, D.D., F.S.A., Editor of "The Pictorial Bible," &c., &c. Assisted by numerous able Scholars and Divines, British, Continental and American. Illustrated by Maps, Engravings on Steel, and 554 Engravings on Wood. 2 vols., royal 8vo, 1878 pages, half-calf. Price reduced to $6 00.

This is the only complete Edition published, and furnishes to the Biblical scholar what no abridgement or smaller work can.

"We regard it as a most important and practically useful contribution to the cause of sound Biblical learning, and have no doubt that it will soon take the place, in the estimate of scholars, of every compilation of the kind. The enlistment of so many scholars in the production of a single work, each one presenting, in a brief compass, the results of a life-time of research, in precisely the matters where he is most at home, could not fail of enriching it with an amount of learning and scholarship to which, of course, the work of no single mind, however great, could pretend."-Biblical Repository.

VINET'S HOMILETICS; or, The Theory of Preaching.

By A. Vinet, D.D. Translated and Edited by Thomas H. Skinner, D.D., Professor of Sacred Rhetoric and Pastoral Theology, in the Union Theological Seminary of New York. 524 pages, duo. $1 25.

"The most elaborate, profoundly philosophical, and, we may add, splendid work on the Theory of Preaching to be found in any language."-Puritan Recorder.

* "A rich and valuable book. * **Though confined to Preaching, as its chief subject, it surveys the wide domain of eloquence, discussing its numerous topics with eloquence, power, and grace of diction."-Christian Observer.


the Evangelical Ministry. By A. Vinet, D.D. Translated and Edited by Rev. Dr. Skinner. With Notes and an additional Chapter by the Translator. $1. "The great principles which should regulate an evangelical ministry are stated in a pointed, apothegmatic style, peculiar to the best French writers, and which, with other excellences, have associated the name of Vinet with that of Blaise Pascai."-Presbyterian Review.

"There is no book of this class with which we are acquainted, in which the relations and the duties of a minister are so thoroughly and so happily presented."-New Englander. JAHN'S BIBLICAL ARCHEOLOGY.

Translated from the

Latin, with Additions and Corrections, by Thomas C. Upham, Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy, &c., in Bowdoin College. Fifth Edition. $2. Every Biblical student, as well as every minister of the Gospel, should possess this work. No man can be a good interpreter of the Bible without a familiar knowledge of Biblical Archæology. It contains the substance of what Ugolinus has spread over thirty-four folio volumes, and is itself the source of nearly all the later treatises on Biblical antiquities.

namely, Genesis, 2 vols., $1 75;
cents; Judges, 1 vol., 75 cents.
Although Professor Bush, since the original publication of these volumes, has em-
braced peculiar views of Christianity, the books themselves remain in all their original
intrinsic value, and contain no traces of his present theological sentiments.

By Rev. George Bush, D.D. 7 vols., duodecimo,
Exodus, 2 vols., $1 50; Leviticus, 1 vol., 75
The books are well illustrated.

In these Notes a service has been performed for the exposition of those portions of the Old Testament similar to that rendered by Mr. Barnes to the New.

The following are among the notices which appeared on their first publication: "We have been reading with great satisfaction and much instruction, Professor Bush's "Notes on Genesis." Rarely have we met with a commentator who combines more happily the learning of the student with the spirituality of a Bible expositor, than the writer of these volumes."-New York Observer.

(On Bush's Joshua and Judges)-" Thoroughly critical, and yet highly practical; profound, and yet clear; elevated and yet simple, full without redundance, and evangelical without cant."-B08ton Recorder.

Single Copies of any of I. & P.'s Publications are sent pre-paid on receipt of price. A discount is made to CLERGYMEN and THEOLOGICAL STUDENTS, who buy a number of volumes.

DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUES of all L. & P.'s Books are sent pre-paid.

321 Broadway, New York.



BARNES'S MISCELLANIES. A collection of the best Essays and Reviews of Rev. Albert Barnes, Author of "Notes on the New Testament," &c. Selected and Revised by the Author. 2 vols. 12mo. $2.

The thousands who have read and admired those well-known volumes, "Barnes's Notes," will welcome these choice efforts of his pen, which are now first collected. The principal journals of our country, and especially the Religious Press, are strong in their praises of these attractive volumes. From a score of notices we select briefly. "It is to these productions, as we think, more than to his many volumed 'Notes on the Bible, that Mr. Barnes is indebted for his reputation and standing as a theological and literary writer. And no reputation among our living or receat theologians is on the whole more enviable than that of Albert Barnes.-N. Y. Independent.

- They are the fruits of accurate and extensive scholarship, careful composition, and an earnest purpose of usefulness. Their style is terse and vigorous; their spirit catholic and evan-. gelical. We earnestly recommend them.-Christian Herald.

HICKOK'S SCIENCE OF MIND.-Empirical Psychology; By L. P. Hickok, D.D., Vice

or, The Human Mind as Given in Consciousness. President of Union College. $1 25.

HICKOK'S MORAL SCIENCE. A system of Moral Science. By Laurens P. Hickok, D.D.

These works are adapted to Colleges and Academies, the systematic arrangement being made subservient to the mental discipline of the student, at the same time that it directly facilitates the acquisition of the sciences themselves. They are already the standard Text-Books in many Colleges and Academies. Highly appreciative, reviews have appeared in the Bibliotheca Sacra, New York Evangelist, Putnam's Magazine, The Christian Intelligencer, Puritan Recorder, &c., from which we have only room for the following notices of the "Moral Science."

"This valuable treatise of Dr. Hickok exhibits and tends to cultivate a true manliness of spirit, a sense of personal honor, an abhorrence of pusillanimity. The author is independent in his reasonings as well as in his style. He has his own system, and he defends it in a kind manner, but with an honorable self-reliance. It is, as all who know Dr. Ilickok may well suppose, an able treatise, and deserves the study of all clergymen, moralists, and general scholars.”—Bibliotheca Sacra.

"It is a profound, self-consistent, and truly splendid treatise. Its style is eminently lucid and consise, and the whole work possesses unostentatious yet extensive erudition, elevated views, and a scientific method, which place it, as we think, immeasurably in advance of any extant treatise on this profound and all-important theme."-New York Evangelist,

540 pages.

COUSIN'S PSYCHOLOGY, including a Critical Examination of Locke on the Understanding, &c. Fourth Edition, enlarged. Translated and Edited by C. S. Henry, D.D. Highly commended by The Edinburg Review, Sir William Hamilton, &c. Price $1 25. HITCHCOCK'S ELEMENTARY GEOLOGY. By Edward Hitchcock, D.D, LL.D., President of Amherst College, and Professor of Natural Theology and Geology. A new edition, revised, enlarged, and re-stereotyped (1854), and adapted to the present advanced state of the sciences. With an Introduction, by John Pye Smith, D.D., F.R.S, and F.G.S. 416 pages. $1 25.


From Gideon A. Mantell, LL.D., F.R.S., F.G.S., &c., London, Author of the “Wonders of Geology," &c.

Your Treatise on Geology is an admirable work. It has been my carriage companion for some Kime." From Professor B. Silliman, LL.D., of Yale College.

"I am convinced of its high value, and shall recommend it in my lectures."

"There is not in our language so neat and compressed, yet so clear and correct, an account of the wonders of Geology."-North American Review.

"Incomparably the best elementary treatise before the public, both for its practical form and its embrace of the latest scientific discoveries."-Religious Herald, Hartford, 1854.

Rer. Professor Buckland, D.D., F.R.S., in his Address before the London Geological Society, commends this as an excellent work.

Single Copies mailed pre-paid on receipt of above price, and at half price TO TEACHERS, for examination and introduction, if approved.

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"And it came to pass, when they had brought them forth abroad, "that he said, Escape for thy life; look not behind thee; neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed."-GENESIS XIX. 17.

In the brief and simple history of the early ages of the world, contained in the books of Moses, there are several signal instances of divine judgments, overwhelming the workers of iniquity. One of the most memorable of these, is the destruction of Sudom, and the neighboring cities, by a storm of fire from heaven. The spot now covered by the Dead Sea, was once a fruitful and wellwatered plain; "even as the garden of the Lord." It was the dwelling-place of Lot, who was righteous before God. But the men of Sodom were wicked, and sinners before the Lord exceedingly. Having purposed to destroy the city and its inhabitants, he sent two of his angels to bring Lot forth from the place, and save him from the approaching desolation.

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When the morning arose, the angels hastened Lot, saying, 'Arise, lest thou be consumed in the iniquity of the city." And while he lingered, they laid hold upon his hand; the Lord being merciful to him; and they brought him forth, and set him without the city; and He said, "Escape for thy life; look not behind thee; neither stay thou in all the plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed."

When the sun was risen upon the earth, the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah fire and brimstone from heaven, and overthrew the cities of the plain, and all the inhabitants.

The sudden and remediless ruin of these devoted cities, is a

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