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plate, stocks, securities and valuable papers of any kind, and other personal property, for hire, and to let out receptacles for safe deposit of personal property, and each trust company of the class first above specified may also for hire examine titles to real estate, procure and furnish information in relation thereto, and guarantee or insure the title to the real estate to persons interested in such real estate or in mortgages thereon against loss by reason of defective title or of other incumbrances upon such real estate.

Am'd ch. 337 of 1898.


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Chapter XXIV of the General Laws of New York, Taking
Effect June 15, 1896, Codifying, Revising and Repealing
Parts of the Revised Statutes and One Hundred

and Fifty-one Separate Statutes, with a
Complete Index, and Amendments
to date.

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AN ACT in relation to taxation, constituting chapter twentyfour of the general laws.

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:


The Tax Law.

Article 1. Taxable property and place of taxation. (§§ 1-4.) 2. Mode of assessment. (§§ 20-41.)

3. Equalization of assessment and levy of tax. (§§ 50


4. Collection of taxes. (§§ 70-94.)

5. Collection of nonresident taxes. (§§ 100-109.)

6. Sales by comptroller for unpaid taxes and redemption of lands. (§§ 120-143.)

7. Sales by county treasurers for unpaid taxes and redemption of lands. (§§ 150-158.)

8. State board of tax commissioners, state board of equalization. (§§ 170-177.)

9. Corporation tax. (§§ 180-203.)

10. Taxable transfers. (§§ 220-242.)

11. Procedure. (S$ 250-264.)

12. Laws repealed; when to take effect. (§§ 280-281.)


Taxable Property and Place of Taxation.

Section 1. Short title.

2. Definitions.

3. Property liable to taxation.

4. Exemption from taxation.

5. Taxation of lands leased or sold by the state.

6. No deduction allowed for indebtedness fraudulently



Section 7. When property of nonresidents is taxable.

8. Place of taxation of property of residents.

9. Place of taxation of real property.

10. Taxation of real property divided by line of tax


11. Place of taxation of property of corporations.

12. Taxation of corporate stock.

13. Stockholders of bank taxable on shares.

14. Place of taxation of individual bank capital.

Section 1. Short title. This chapter shall be known as the tax law.

§ 2. Definitions. 1. "Tax district" as used in this chapter, means a political subdivision of the state having a board of assessors authorized to assess property therein for state and county taxes.

2. "County treasurer" includes any officer performing the duties devolving upon such officer under whatever name.

3. The terms "land," "real estate" and "real property," as used in this chapter, include the land itself above and under water, all buildings and other articles and structures, substructures and superstructures, erected upon, under or above, or affixed to the same; all wharves and piers, including the value of the right to collect wharfage, cranage or dockage thereon; all bridges, all telegraph lines, wires, poles and appurtenances; all supports and inclosures for electrical conductors and other ap purtenances upon, above and under ground; all surface, underground or elevated railroads; all railroad structures, substructures and superstructures, tracks and the iron thereon; branches, switches and other fixtures permitted or authorized to be made, laid or placed in, upon, above or under any public or private road, street or grounds; all mains, pipes and tanks laid or placed in, upon, above or under any public or private street or place for conducting steam, heat, water, oil, electricity, or any property, substance or product capable of transportation or conveyance therein or that is protected thereby; all trees and underwood growing upon land, and all mines, minerals, quarries and fossils in and under the same, except mines belonging to the state.

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