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Mandatum de Nominibus Beneficiatorum et Beneficio

rum. Ibid. p. 857'.

Statutum de Numero Procuratorum curiæ Cant. confirmatum a T. C. Ibid. p. 858 ".

Constitutionem de moderato Apparatu Escarum. Ibid. p. 862x.

Mandatum pro Orationibus

p. 868 y.


pro Cessatione Pluviæ. Ibid.

Epistolas varias. 1. M. Bucero post mortem Fagii, MS. C. C. C. C. Misc. ii. p. 27. Epistolæ duæ ad M. Parkerum. Ibid. Misc. i. 391. quarum una extat Strype, in Vita Parker. p. 28. Epistola Lat. Jo. Vadiano, 1537. super Controversia de Cœna Domini orta. Strype, in Vita Cranmer. App. No. xxv. Epistolæ VI. extant ad finem Responsionis ad Gardinerum, Lond. 1580. fol. Epistolæ duæ ad Regiet altera ad Doct. Martin et Story, ex carcere Oxon. Pr. primæ. "It may please your Majesty," 1556. 8°. Epistola ad Edwardum Principem. Fox, 1395. Epistola ad Concilium sacrum, e carcere Oxon. Fox, 1464. Epistolæ XVII. Anglicæ et III. Latinæ, extant apud Strype, in Vita Cranmer. in Append. et in libro ipso VI. ejus Epistolæ 2. Protestationem contra Juramentum Papæ præstitum. Strype, in Vita Cranm. Append. No. v.a

Three Discourses of Faith, Justification, and Forgiveness of Injuries, occasioned upon his Review of the King's Book, entitled, The Erudition of a Christian Man. Strype, Cranm. App. No. xxvI.b

Other Discourses: De Consolatione Christianorum contra Metum Mortis; item, Exhortation to take Adversity and Sickness patiently. Ibid. No. xxxII.C

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Answers to the XV Articles of the Rebels, Devon. 1549. Ibid. No. XL.d

Notes for an Homily against the Rebellion. Ibid. No. XL1.e Speech at the Coronation of King Edward. Strype, in Vita Cranmer. p. 144f.

Articles in the Visitation of the Diocese of Canterbury, 2 Edw. VI. Pr. "First, whether parsons, vicars, &c." Extant in Collect. Canon. Sparrow 8.

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List of Cranmer's Writings, from Mr. Todd's Life of Cranmer, vol. ii. p. 519.

A LONG Speech in the House of Lords in 1534, discussing the propriety of a General Council, and denouncing the Authority of the Pontiffa.

A Speech in Convocation in 1536, defending the Opinion of Alexander Aless concerning the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper b.

Answers to Questions concerning Confirmation, 1537c. Considerations submitted to King Henry in order to a further Reformation, 1537 d.

Injunctions given at his Visitation of the See of Hereford, 1538 e.

Preface to the Translation of the Bible, in 1539, first printed in 1540 f.

Articles intended to be the Doctrine of the Church of England, 15405.

Answers to Seventeen Questions concerning the Sacraments, previously to the publication of the Necessary Doctrine, in 1543 h.

Three brief Discourses on his Review of the Necessary

a [Vol. ii. p. 11. Burnet speaks of another discourse by Cranmer about the same time, on the power of bishops, and the authority of a Christian prince to make them do their duty; but expresses his fear that it is lost. Reformat. vol. i. p. 359.]

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Doctrine, entitled, Faith, Justification, and Forgiveness of

Injuries i.

Other Annotations on this Review k.

Parts of three other Discourses against the fear of Death, and on patience in Sickness and Adversity1.

Collection of Passages from the Canon Law, to show the necessity of reforming it, about the year 1544 m.

Speech to Edward the Sixth at his Coronation, 1546-7 n. Speech in Convocation to the Clergy, 1547°.

The Homilies on Salvation, Faith, and Good Works, 1547 P.

Answers to Questions concerning the Mass, 15479.

Additions to the Translation of Justus Jonas's Catechism, 1548 r.

Against Unwritten Verities, 1548 s.

Articles to be inquired into at his Visitation, 1548 t.


Preface to the Book of Common Prayer, entitled, " Con"cerning the Service of the Church," 1548-9 ".

Answers to the Fifteen Articles of the Devonshire Rebels, 1549 x.

Notes for a Homily on the subject of Rebellion, 1549 y. Defence of the True and Catholic Doctrine of the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ, 1550 z. Vindication of the Defence in Answer to Bishop Gardiner and Dr. Smith, 1551 a.

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Disputation at Oxford, 1554d.

Speech before the Papal Commissioners, 1555e.
Appeal to a General Council, 1555-6 f.

Speech at his Martyrdom, 1555-65.

d [Vol. iv. pp. 4, 67.] f[Vol. iv. p. 121.]

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[The above are described by Mr. Todd as having been printed entire or in part. "Of his papers which have been saved," he proceeds to state, some are in the library at Lambeth Palace, more in that of "Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; some in that of the State Paper "Office of the realm, with several of his letters; more, of the latter de"scription especially, in the British Museum; a large collection of his "letters also in the Chapter House at Westminster; some at Geneva "and at Zurich; some that were in possession of the late Dr. Gloucester "Ridley; and some in the library of Emmanuel College, Cambridge." Among the works not now to be found, Mr. Todd mentions, besides those in the lists of Bale and Tanner,

"Reasons against the Six Articles." See Preface, p. xxvi. "Confutation of eighty-eight Articles, devised and proposed by a Con"vocation in Henry's reign." See Foxe, Acts, &c. vol. iii. P. 647; Strype, Cranmer, pp. 75. 395; Memorials, vol. i. p. 354.]

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