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OBJECT of the publication, p. i. Cranmer's Printed Works,

ibid. His Manuscripts, p. ii. His Letters, p. iii. His Miscel-

laneous Remains, p. vi. His Book on Henry VIII.'s marriage

to Catharine of Arragon, ibid. His Opinion on the Papal Su-

premacy, p. ix, on the constitution and authority of General

Councils, p. xi. His Speech in Convocation 1536, p. xii. Arti-

cles of 1536, p. xiv. Draft of additional Articles in the Chapter

House at Westminster, p. xv.
Institution of a Christian

Man, p. xvii. Annotations on the King's Book, p. xviii.

Conferences with the German protestants in 1538, p. xx.

Thirteen Articles supposed to have been then agreed on, p.

xxii. Act of the Six Articles, p. xxv. Translations of the

Bible, p. xxvii. Cranmer's Preface to the Great Bible of

1540, p. xxviii. Commission for compiling Articles of Faith

in 1540, p. xxix. Seventeen Questions and Answers on the

Sacraments, p. xxxii. Erroneous opinions maintained in them,

p. xxxiii. Necessary Doctrine and Erudition, &c. p. xxxvii.

how far approved by Cranmer, p. xxxviii. English Litany,

1544, p. xl. Farther Reformation designed by Henry VIII.

p. xli. Extent of that actually effected by him, p. xlii. Cran-

mer's Speech at Edward VI.'s Coronation, p. xlv. Notes on

Justification, p. xlvi. The Homilies, p. xlvii. their alleged in-

consistency with the Necessary Doctrine, p. xlviii. Discus-

sion respecting the Mass, p. 1. Order for the Communion in

English, p. li. Edward VI.'s First Service Book, p. lii.

Ordination Services, p. liii. Story of Cranmer's having drawn

up a more perfect Book of Prayer, ibid. His Catechism,

liv. Confutation of Unwritten Verities, p. lv. Marquis

of Northampton's Divorce, p. lvi. Articles of Visitation,

p. lix. Insurrections in 1549, p. lxi. Answer to the Devon-

shire rebels, p. lxiv. Sermon on Rebellion, p. lxvi. Con-

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[blocks in formation]

Mortlake, 4 May.

False reports respecting Cranmer-Examination and con-
demnation of Frith and Andrew Hewet for denying the cor-
poral presence-Ambassadors gone to France-Hawkyns' pre-
ferment doubtful-Money sent to him.

p. 27.


In favour of Humfry Stockewith.

*XXII. TO HIS CHANCELLOR. Croydon, 8 July. Variance be-

[blocks in formation]
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