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Right Worshipful Master Secretary, I commend me Chapter heartily to you. And these be to desire you to be good Westmin- master unto my servant Nevell, this bearer, which hath been Crumwell's a suitor long time, to his great loss, hinderance, and utter Corre- undoing, in the matter of Wilton Abbey, unless your chaspondence. Original. ritable favour may be to him showed. And as far as I can


perceive, the matter again him surmised, was done of malice
and of no just cause; wherefore I am the more desirous to
write unto you in his favour, trusting that you will be the
better unto him at this my desire; and that he may have
your favourable letters unto the Abbess there, whereby he
be restored unto his office according to his patent, with-
out any further suit in the law. And he shall be at all
times ready to stand to all such order as shall please you to
take therein. From Knoll, 15th day of January.

Your own ever assured,

To the Worshipful and my very
loving friend Master Secretary

to the King's Grace.

Thomas Cantuar.




Right Worshipful Master Secretary, I commend me hearChapter tily to you likewise praying you to have in your good reWestmin- membrance the contents of such my letters, as I of late sent Crumwell's unto you, for the King's Grace's letters to be obtained and Corre- directed to the Lord Deputy of Calise, and other his Grace's spondence. Original. Counsellors there, in the favour of two such chaplains of


mine, as I intend to send thither with all speed, to preach the word of God; whom I would have sent thither before

been preferred to Strype's; but the point is exceedingly doubtful. If Strype is correct, these two Letters were probably written in January 1534.]


* [Cecil Bodenham. See Letter L.]

this time, if I might have had the said letters, for which this bearer doth only repair unto you for expedition therein, whom I pray you to dispatch as soon as ye may. From Knoll, the 22. day of January.

Your own assured ever,
Thomas Cantuar.

To the Worshipful and my very loving friend Master Crumwell, Secretary to the King's most noble Grace.


41. b.

In my right hearty wise I commend me unto you. And Harl. MSS. whereas I understand, that the Prior of the Charter House 6148. fol. within the Isle of Axholmey hath a certain suit unto you, I heartily desire you, ye will, the rather at this my request, show unto him your convenient favour in all such his affairs and suits as he now hath with And for to recompense the same, I will be ready at all times to show unto you like pleasure accordingly.



In my right hearty manner I commend me unto you. Harl. MSS. 6148. And whereas you have always heretofore exhibited and fol. 47. b. showed favourable and special friend [ship] unto your poor tenant Jackson, and now of late, for that the said Jackson being oppressed with poverty and by divers casualties fallen into decay, is grown much in your debt, ye have distrained the goods of the said Jackson, and made reenter again into your farm, which is not alonely to the utter destruction and undoing of the said poor man, but also great lett and hinderance to you in the obtaining a full satisfaction and payment of your duty: This shall be heartily to desire and pray you, that at the contemplation of these my letters, ye y [See Letter ccx.]

will be contented not alonely to give and grant unto the said Jackeson, (finding you sufficient sureties, as well for the payment of your yearly rent, as also for the payment of five pounds yearly over and above the said yearly rent, until the arrearages be fully satisfied and paid,) according to the tenor of the old lease, the occupying of his farm for the terms of xxiiii. years, but also permit and suffer him to have now at Candlemas the sale of his corn, and other profits which be risen of the said farm; and thus shall you not alonely do for me a right singular pleasure and gratuity, which I would be glad to requite hereafter at all times accordingly, but also bind the poor man, his wife, and children to pray for you during their lives. And thus fare you well.

Harl. MSS. 6148. fol. 47. b.

[blocks in formation]

Wellbeloved, I commend me heartily unto you all. Likewise praying you to be good masters unto John Jackeson your farmer, that he may have a new lease of your farm for xxiiii. years, to him and his assigns, according to the tenor of your former lease in all points and clauses. And for such debts as he oweth unto you, he shall and will find sufficient sureties to pay you at days, after the rate of five pounds a year, until the same whole debts be fully contented and paid, over and above the yearly rent for the farm; if it may please you thus to do for my sake, the poor man shall not alonely pray for you, but find such surety as well for the payment of the old debts as for the yearly farm, as shall be a good mean to you for the recovery of all that which is owing; and how ye shall be minded herein I pray you to ascertain me by your letters. From Lambeth.

Harl. MSS. 6148.

fol. 49.


Brother Prior, in my right hearty wise I commend me unto you. And where this bearer Thomas Hogeson, my

servant, hath certain business and affairs to be done in those your parties, I require you for my sake, that if he shall need of your favour herein, he may have recourse unto you for the same; for the which at all times I will be ready to requite it unto you.


6148. fol.

In my right hearty wise I commend me unto you: like- Harl. MSS. wise desiring you for my sake, that you will bear such your 49. favour unto this bearer, Tho. H. my servant, as thereby he may the rather bring to pass such his business and affairs, as at this time he hath to do in your parties; and for the same I will be ready at any time to show you like pleasure accordingly.


49. b.


I commend me unto you. And where certain of your Harl. MSS. parochians were lately afore me at Knoll for certain 6148. fol. crimes and causes, as ye do know, and to some of them Christ. I have enjoined certain penance, as by a book enclosed Rememwithin these my letters you shall at large perceive; I there- Nov. 1820. fore will and require you, that upon Sunday, which shall be the last day of February x, ye see that the said persons do their penance penitently, according to the purport of the said book, and that you certify me duly thereof by this bearer my servant, of whom ye shall receive a monition for all such persons as can and will gainsay to the purgation of John Manyng, assigned to be made according to the contents of the said monition. Wherein [and] in all other the premises, I will that you do your diligent endeavour as shall beseem you. [1535.]

* [Sunday fell on the last day of February in 1535, which may therefore be assumed to be the year in which this Letter was written. Nicolas, Notitia Historica.]




Right Worshipful Master Secretary, I commend me heartily to you. And where for the honesty and good serWestmin- vice of my servant Thomas Barthelet y, I do tender his prewell's Cor- ferment, and cannot, as I would gladly, do for him unless he were disposed to be a secular, which, as I perceive, he intendeth not; I therefore minding to do for him otherwise

ster; Crum


ence. Ori



Harl. MSS. by my friends as I may, being also now, as often times fol. 49. b. heretofore, bold upon you, to desire you to supply my necessities when I cannot compass the same myself, do by these my letters commend and present him unto you, with no less good heart and mind than ye presented him unto me, praying you heartily to accept him to your service at my hand, and for my sake to set him to such beneficial exercise as ye shall think meet for him, as he and his may pray for you wherein I trust he shall do such service as shall always be acceptable and to the contentation of your mind. And how ye shall be minded herein, I pray you to declare to the bearer hereof. From Knoll, the first day of March.

Your own ever assured,

To the Right Worshipful and my very
loving friend Master Secretary to the
King's Highness.

Thomas Cantuar.




Right Worshipful Master Secretary, in most hearty wise Chapter I commend me unto you. And as I understand ye have Westmin- sent for Dr. Bengerz of Wingham, so it is, that yesterday, ster; Crum. well's Corthe 13th day of March, I received a letter from my brother, respondence. Original.

y [See Letter LXXIX.]

7 [Probably the same person who was afterwards sent to the Tower under the Act of the Six Articles. Burnet, Ref. vol. iii. p. 289.]

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