The Tabernacle, The Priesthood, and The Offerings

Solid Christian Books, 2014 M03 3 - 508 páginas

 His teaching was remarkable, not only for its clearness and depth, but also for its close adherence to Scripture, thus proving how much he lived in communion with God. The great central truths of Salvation through the cross of Christ, and of the Second Coming of the Lord, were ever present to his mind, and pervaded all his teaching. Fearless in his denunciation of what he believed to be error; intensely solemn in his warnings of the power and the consequences of sin; an unflinching standard-bearer of the gospel of God's grace, and yet most tender in ministering the truth of God to stricken ones—he was the means of strengthening the hands of many a feeble one, and of preserving from the snares of the adversary many of God's people.

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